Zombi - Surface to Air

2006 release from this bass/synths and drums instrumental duo. They are obviously originally inspired from the punk genre, but like many others (Upsilon Acrux, Guapo, Cheer Accident, Ahleuchatistas, etc. etc.), they use elements of old art rock and progressive rock as well. In Zombi's case, there is a heavy dose of (a) Goblin and (b) fat analog synth sounds ala Heldon or (less so) Tangerine Dream. I love that 'fat Heldon' sound of a Moog, and this has lots of it! "There is no other band on the planet right now that sounds like Zombi. Thirty-some odd years ago - which is around the time this Chicago/Pittsburgh duo's synthesizer tone first came into vogue - there was Tangerine Dream; and if you're a fan of the Goblin...horror-movie soundtracks whose weird synthesized tension-and-release is Zombi's closest sonic counterpart, you'll notice the similarities. It's an album that works visually as well as it does aurally, and either way, it's fearsome to behold. 4/5 stars"-Alternative Press, June 2006. [Relapse]
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