Zorn, John - Filmworks XII: Three Documentaries

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The popular Filmworks series is a microcosm of the Zorn universe, following his maturing as a composer and his ever-widening musical interests. The music of Volume 12, all recorded in the space of a few weeks (March/April 2002,) is as varied as the films they were written for. A touch of minimalism laces the score to Charles Dennis film on New Yorks East Village dance scene; haunting and childlike, the music for a documentary on outsider artist Morton Bartlett is tenderly scored for voice and cello; finally, guitarist Marc Ribot goes head to head with Chinese pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen for a film on the lives of Shaolin Monks who have come to America to spread the teachings of Buddha through the martial arts. Obsession, culture clash and minimalism from the crucible of John Zorn and his circle of creative musicians. [Tzadik]
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