Zorn, John - John Zorn’s Olympiad Volume 2 : Fencing 1978 CD

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Polly Bradfield: Violin
Eugene Chadbourne: Guitar
John Zorn: Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Bb Clarinet
Duck Baker: Guitar
Randy Hutton: Guitar

An amazing archival recording of one of JZ’s ‘game series’ pieces from early in his career.

“Two extremely rare live recordings of the classic Zorn composition “Fencing” from the early days of the Downtown scene. Featuring two realizations: one with Eugene Chadbourne, Duck Baker, and Randy Hutton and the other with Chadbourne, Polly Bradfield, and John Zorn, the music is astonishing—filled with strange sounds, odd juxtapositions, stark silences, sudden explosions, and all held together by a bizarre overarching compositional logic.
Featuring a 16-page booklet replete with photos, scores, and extensive notes and remembrances by Zorn, Chadbourne, Baker, and George Lewis, this is a collector’s dream. Vexing and powerful sounds from the 1978 New York Underground!”
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