Zorn, John/Masada - Masada Live In Middleheim

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''Crossing the Atlantic to meet in Belgium for the first time in almost six months, and going their separate ways less than twenty hours later, Masada's concert in Middleheim was under pressure from the very beginning. Reaching full out intensity in the first thirty seconds of their very first piece, this is Masada at their wildest -- simultaneously out of control and yet intensely focused like a laser beam. 'I felt like a squirrel being draggedbehind a Mack truck.' -- Greg Cohen. Beautifully recorded by the Belgian radio.'' Consisting of Zorn-saxes, Dave Douglas-trumpet, Greg Cohen-bass & Joey Baron-drums, Masada combine Eastern European/Jewish melodies with the instrumentation & feel of the classic Ornette Coleman quartet. A surprising mix that works wonderfully. Recommended. [Tzadik]
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