Zs - Arms

I saw Zs in 2006 and they were really amazing and really difficult; four guys (2 guitars, sax, drums) sit in chairs facing each other with VOLUMINOUS amounts of musical scores in front of them. Using head & hand signals as well as the scores, they played a very, very intense, long, loud music that touched on aspects of rock, punk, 20th century composition, improvisation and lord knows what else. It was definitely rock music, but it never actually 'rocked' and it was like rock music from Jupiter. As I was watching it and being simultaneously unbelievably impressed as well as overwhelmed, I remember thinking that this must be like what it must have felt like to have seen the Phillip Glass Ensemble in 1971, when no one had ever heard music like this before, yet here was this utterly alien music unfolding before your eyes. Phew! This is some seriously BRAVE shit.

"Zs is the New York band (formed in January 2002) working between the worlds of Avant Rock and New Music. Mostly instrumental, the music often explores the extremes of compositional complexity and virtuosity as well as extended repetition. The sound ranges from “brutal chamber music” to bombastic Prog Rock counterpoint to barely audible breathing sounds to mournful jazz drones. Math rock rhythms, insane time signatures, over the top melodies...it's all here."

"(One) of the strongest avant-garde bands in New York. The Zs' songs sputter forth in Morse code dots of percussion and saxophone..."-Ben Sisario, New York Times

"Risking hyperbole, this is a high quality document from one of the more interesting, stimulating and intelligent bands in action today. Highly recommended."-Dusted Magazine

You can hear their music here
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