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"House of Mythology continue their modus operandi in offering exquisitely designed, packaged, forward-thinking music from a wide range of musicians and artists that can be called visionaries, now with the announcement of this album from Zu. Ambition, aspiration and deep soulful explorations are crucial for Zu, who have been broadly questioning and evolving their musical identity for almost two decades, developing their musical vocabulary with every release and collaboration, never allowing their personal and creative freedom to be suffocated by imposed structures and labels. All of their strongest inspirations and artistic reference points have produced a very varied output, evolving (sonically speaking) from one album to another in their respective musical canon. For example, compare say Coil's Scatology and Music to Play in the Dark or Time Machines, or Feeding of the 5000, Christ the Album or Penis Envy by Crass, and last but not least Pink Floyd and their journey across the first four-five albums; one could be forgiven for thinking it almost sounds like different bands. The same can be said for Zu, whose musical language has changed a lot over the years, yet the essence very much remains the same. Perhaps then it will come as no surprise to hear that this musical endeavor stands in stark sonic contrast to their previous albums; the concepts and ideas explored here are definitely not new to Zu though."
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