tr-Ond and the Suburban Savages - tr-Ond and the Suburban Savages

Debut album by this funny-yet-musically-satifying offshoot of Panzerpappa. The band is: Trond Gjellum (of Panzerpappa) on drums, percussion, vocals and programming, and what I assume must be his suburban savages: Anders K. Krabberød (also of Panzerpappa) on bass guitar, Hans Petter Alfredsen on keyboards and Thomas Meidell (from Tuls and the Trees, Now We've Got Members and The Samuel Jackson 5) on guitars, theremin, programming, synths, glockenspiel, vocals. There's a lot of the sophisticated sound of Panzerpappa, but with a more humorous twist and perhaps a bit more simplicity added in as well. I even heard somthing that reminded me (in a very good way) of the B-52s! Definitely not for those who are humor-impaired!

"The debut album by tr-Ond and The Suburban Savages are finally out after a year of work. The name tr-Ond was used in 2004 for a solo release by drummer Trond Gjellum. During 2005, he contributed a song to the Metronomicon Audio sampler ”2.0”. But tr-Ond and The Suburban Savages today is a band with members from Panzerpappa, The Samuel Jackson 5, Now’ve Got Members and Truls and The Trees, bands that are considered being in the forefront of the experimental pop and rock scene in Norway. The music of tr-Ond and The Suburban Savages have been noticed in the norwegian underground scene, and one writer have characterized the music as: ”It's a sort of mishmash between Brian Eno’s experimental pop, Lars Hollmer’s senimental melodies , Steve Reich’s minimalism and post-rock with a twist. A kind of "progressive" children's music meeting electronica, minimalism and even some world music traces”. Others have described it as:”A mixture of children television melodies, melodic jungle and instrumental Mew/Godspeed You Black Emperor…"

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