Limited Quantities

Featuring Larry Birdsong, Johnny Bragg, Shy Guy Douglas, Thomas Henry, The Buford Majors Band and more.

PROMO. "In the spring of 2006, Spanish sound artist Francisco López led a composition workshop in Montreal. A master of the field recording and its use in acousmatic composition, López asked the participants to share their urban field recordings...

The very obscure 3rd release by this renowned new jazz drummer & composer, surprisingly found on the Finnish 'rock' label Love. Includes Pekka Pory, Tomasz Stanko, Pekka Rechardt & many others.

Digipack has ring wear on front.

We received copies of this title late but, for once, this works in everyone's favor, because this is now completely sold out!


"'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' is the highly anticipated fourth studio album...

CD + CD rom housed in a single digipack suited for one disc.