5.1 and Hi-Res DVD-Audio and Blu-Ray Audio

5.1 and Hi-Res DVD-Audio and Blu-Ray Audio
"This classic album was first released in June 1983 by Charisma Records and four months prior to the release of the album "Genesis" and began life as a series of home demos and was completed at Genesis' The Farm studio. "The Fugitive" featured contributions from Daryl Stuermer on guitars, Mo Foster on bass and drummers Steve Gadd, Tony Beard and Andy Duncan and for the first time Tony Banks sang lead vocals on all of the songs. "The Fugitive" spawned the singles 'This is Love' and 'And The Wheels Keep...

A super-duper deluxe edition of the 1970 art rock classic debut album by Barclay James Harvest.

"Features an additional 33 bonus tracks drawn from new 5. 1 surround sound and stereo mixes from the original multi-track master tapes, BBC radio sessions from 1968 and 1971, and non-album singles along with the 1968 short film Mr. Sunshine.
The set also includes a lavishly illustrated 68-page book with previously unseen photographs and an essay by BJH specialists Keith and Monika Domone...

Third album by this British group that came out of the English progressive movement of the 60's. Their music combines elements of The Moody Blues, to whom they are always compared, but also the more mellow parts of early King Crimson and Genesis. This was their 3rd album, released in 1971 and is yet another strong symphonic rock contender.

“This expanded edition of “…Other Short Stories” comprises 40 tracks and features the original UK stereo mix re-mastered from the original master tapes and...

2016 deluxe 3 disc set of this classic 1974 release by BJH, which includes (a) a new re-master of the original stereo mix, a new remix from the original multi-track tapes, revealing new details and sounds and (c) 5.1 and hi-res files.
Includes a illustrated booklet, many photos and seven bonus tracks!

"The sound they came up with is beautiful, timeless, and very powerful. Shorn of their orchestra, and having to rely on keyboard player Woolly Wolstenholme's amazing ability with the Mellotron...

2016 deluxe 3 disc set of this classic 1977 release by BJH, which includes (a) a new re-master of the original stereo mix, a new remix from the original multi-track tapes, revealing new details and sounds and (c) 5.1 and hi-res files.
Includes a illustrated booklet, many photos and six bonus tracks!

"The album followed in the wake of “Everyone is Everybody Else”, “Barclay James Harvest Live”, “Time Honoured Ghosts” & “Octoberon” for Polydor records and was a Top Thirty album in the UK and...

2003 remaster with 5 bonus tracks, this reissue was coordinated by Mark Powell and the booklet was designed by Phil Smee and includes lots of great photos and information! Originally released October, 1976. "BJH bring to mind so many influences yet rem...

"Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the classic gold selling 1978 album by BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, “XII”. Originally released in September 1978, the album was another big selling release for the band achieving Silver disc status in the UK and Gold in Germany.
The album struck a chord with the record buying public thanks to tracks such as ‘Berlin’, ‘In Search of England’, ‘Nova Lepidoptera’ and more, and its popularity continues to...

This release includes a CD of a new stereo remix, and a DVD with a new 5.1 surround sound mix along with the original 1979 mix, AND an outtake of Five G, all taken from the original 1979 analogue tapes.
Follow-up to the superb debut by Bill Bruford and featuring the same band: Bill-drums, Jeff Berlin-bass, and Dave Stewart. This is a slightly more conventional fusion album than Feels Good To Me, but it suffers not a bit for that, as this 1979 album is one of the best late-period straight-ahead fusion..

“In 2016 the celebrated Hungarian group DJABE and acclaimed solo musician and former Genesis guitarist STEVE HACKETT spent a few days on the magnificent island of Sardinia. Near the Nostra Signore di Tergu cathedral they built a temporary recording studio in the priest’s house. The recordings went well, the artists were deeply inspired by the surroundings.
The 3-day long improvised session was put into shape by Tamás Barabás, who later in Budapest produced a whole album from the multitrack tapes to...

"The album is the result of an improvised session that took place in a church on the island of Sardinia between the musicians from one of Hungary's most acclaimed jazz groups, Djabe and acclaimed guitarist Steve Hackett.
The collaborations between the band and the former Genesis guitarist and acclaimed solo artist began in 2007. Steve Hackett has appeared on the concert stage with Djabe performing both Genesis and Hackett solo material and Djabe compositions. This album is their first collaborative...

“After King Crimson's dissolution in 1974, Robert Fripp embarked on a lengthy sabbatical away from the public eye. His relocation from Great Britain to New York in February 1978 marked his return as a producer, solo artist, and ‘wild card’ collaborator with an impressive roster of artists including Daryl Hall, Blondie, Peter Gabriel, and David Bowie. Fripp's first solo album, Exposure, was released in 1979. A further two solo records, Under Heavy Manners/God Save The Queen and Let The Power Fall followed...

“Ninth in a series of boxed sets collecting King Crimson/Robert Fripp material from 1969 to 2008, this is the single largest set in the series and one of the most comprehensive boxed sets devoted to a single period of an artist’s career released to date
Features the complete collection of Robert Fripp’s studio and live solo material from 1977-1983
Covers the period from the first Exposure sessions to the end of The League of Gentlemen and final Frippertronics concerts.
Steven Wilson mixes...

“Live Frippertronics performances taken from recordings in New York City between July and August 1981
Mixed and Produced by David Singleton from audio restored by Alex R. Mundy
DVD features the material in 24/48 hi-res stereo and DTS-HD Surround Sound (quad, 4.1)
This is the Frippertronics album that should have come out in 1982. The forty years that have passed have done nothing to diminish the power of the music. The material appears on both discs with the DVD offering the audio in hi-res.

After In A Glass House, Giant and their record label made a concerted effort to 'break the band' in the USA, and the band toured here constantly. Signing with Capitol, they released 3 great studio albums that gave the band a slightly more rockified and accessible face, without losing a whit of the complexity of their earlier work.
Free Hand was their seventh album and was the middle one of that trio and it is one of many extremely fine works in their catalog. It rocks like hell and incredibly...

Audiophile 24/88.2 recording and stereo/multi-channel mix. Playable on any CD player.

"I have probably listened to a track from this album or the whole album every week since 2007. The CD travels with me to audio dealers and hi-fi shows. The recording is crystalline and showcases the magnificent cymbal prowess of Paul Motian who keeps rhythm like no other drummer. The recording highlights the fantastic fingerwork of Gordon Grdina on his electric guitar, and especially on his oud. And the...

“A rather excellent album by Fripp and The Grid who have worked together frequently over the years. It begins as pure guitar drone, drifting into pleasant ambient, and by Leviathan the drums begin to appear in mix, approaching Fire Tower this has turned into blissful downtempo dub-techno, and so it continues to the end. Very much one long composition cut up into 9 parts, an album that deserves attention and to be listened to all the way through (just like good old progressive music, be it house or rock).”

“Following the tremendous success of 2017’s ‘The Night Siren’ (charted at #22 in Germany, #28 in the UK), legendary former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett will release his new studio album ‘At The Edge Of Light’.
The album which features ten songs, sees Steve unite a vast amount of styles ranging from guitar driven rock to epic orchestration, from world music to the reflective and atmospheric all brought together in Steve Hackett’s unique style.
Hackett will present the album live as part of...

"Guitar virtuoso and rock legend, Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis), releases his latest album The Night Siren. As implied in the title, The Night Siren is a wake-up call... the warning of a siren sounding in this era of strife and division.
The Night Siren showcases Steve’s incredible guitar as strongly as ever, along with musicians from several different countries who Steve invited to join him in celebrating multicultural diversity and unity. This includes singers from Israel and Palestine, who..

This is a great, great price on the 5.1 edition of this release. In addition to the regular album you get 2 bonus tracks on the CD, as well as a Blu-Ray which has the album in 5.1 as well as hi-res stereo versions, and interviews with Steve about....

“Jakko Jakszyk had a life-changing moment when he saw King Crimson playing Watford Town Hall on the 15th July 1971. Hearing the band that night instilled in the 13-year-old Jakko a determination to become a professional musician, setting him off on the road to what has been by any definition a remarkable career.
2020 sees the release of Jakko Jakszyk’s latest solo album, “Secrets & Lies” featuring King Crimson bandmates, Robert Fripp, Gavin Harrison, Tony Levin, and Mel Collins. Containing ten...

“Jethro Tull - A (A La Mode) [The 40th Anniversary Edition] Collection Expands The Group's 1980 Album With Steven Wilson's Newly Remixed Version Of The Original, Plus Unreleased Studio And Live Recordings, And A Remixed Version Of The Slipstream Video Collection

After completing its acclaimed folk-rock trilogy in 1979, Jethro Tull returned a year later with A, an album that introduced a different sound and a new line-up. Originally intended as a solo record by the band’s founder Ian Anderson....

“Jethro Tull’s 1970 classic Benefit will be celebrated in a brand-new 4CD/2DVD set, featuring remixes by Steven Wilson, an abundance of previously unreleased material, packaged within a deluxe hardback book, containing 100 pages of commentary from numerous contributors alongside hordes of images of the band creating and performing their first million-selling album.
Following the successes This Was (1968) and Stand Up (1969), Jethro Tull returned in 1970 with their third studio album in as many years...

This set expands the legendary group's 1979 album with Steven Wilson's newly remixed version of the original, plus studio outtakes, an entire unreleased concert recorded in 1980, and more. Stormwatch is the twelfth studio album by the progressive rock group Jethro Tull, released September 1979. It is considered the last in the trilogy of folk-rock albums the band started with Songs from the Wood in 1977 and continued the following year with Heavy Horses.
It was the final album to feature the classic...

Thick As A Brick is one of the great classics of the progressive rock era, by one of the great early bands of the era. This comes in a beautiful and large package that reproduces the original lp's stunning (and quite funny) jacket with a 'new colour' supliment that includes rare photos, band reminiscences and more. It comes in a deluxe, 104 page 7.5" x 5.5" hardbound book.

“The 40th anniversary CD/DVD Special Collector's Edition has been out of print for nearly ten years and is available again...

Tull’s first and there is some great stuff here, even if much bluesier than what was to come.

“Digitally remastered edition of the legendary band's 1968 debut with the Steven Wilson remix of the original, plus rare recordings and new mixes.
Includes the original album and bonus tracks remixed in stereo by Steven Wilson plus: live BBC sessions recorded in 1968, original mono mix and original 1968 U.K. stereo mix and original album and bonus tracks remixed by Steven Wilson in 4.1 DTS and AC3..

"With a legendary career spanning nearly five decades, KANSAS has firmly established itself as one of America’s iconic classic rock bands. This "garage band" from Topeka released their debut album in 1974 after being discovered by Wally Gold, who worked for Don Kirshner, and have gone on to sell more than 30 million albums worldwide. The band is currently comprised of original drummer Phil Ehart, bassist/vocalist Billy Greer, vocalist/keyboardist Ronnie Platt, violinist/guitarist David Ragsdale...

Beat was the second release by the 80s King Crimson, which featured the powerful lineup of Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Bill Bruford, all of it sympathetically remixed and expanded by Steven Wilson. This isn't one of the most essential albums in the cannon, imo, but it's a good album and this is the best version you can get of it.

"Beat is the 11th release in the acclaimed King Crimson 40th anniversary series. The classic album has been mixed for 5.1 Surround Sound from the original..

Note: This is my personal opinion: Not even Robert Fripp can polish the sonic turd that is Earthbound and make it sound 'good'. Still, the Summit Studios stuff is quite good quality and there are bonus tracks which are better than most of what was originally on the album.

"The thirteenth release in the King Crimson 40th Anniversary series.
Earthbound was originally issued in 1972 and marked the final statement by the band's Islands-era incarnation.

* The CD features an...

“50th anniversary 3CD/Blu-ray edition of King Crimson’s seminal debut presented in 2 x gatefold sleeve containing the individual CDs plus booklet with sleeve-notes by Sid Smith (packed in a rigid slipcase).

CD1 - 2019 Steven Wilson stereo mix (approved by Robert Fripp) alonside 2019 instrumental mixes (with Moonchild edited to song length)
CD2 - An expanded edition of the alternate album from the Blu-Ray
CD3 - The original master edition of the 1969 mix plus additional tracks...

This is the new-new version of ITCOTCK, newly remixed by Steven Wilson with lots and lots of new things.

The CD has a new stereo mix made from the original multi-track tapes as well as five previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same...

This is the new-new version of ITWOP, newly remixed by Steven Wilson with lots and lots of new things.

The CD has a new stereo mix made from the original multi-track tapes as well as three previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same...

This is the new-new version of Islands, newly remixed by Steven Wilson with lots and lots of new things. The CD has a new stereo mix made from the original multi-track tapes as well as a group of six additional tracks that make for a nearly complete...

"Featuring 41 minutes of music in stereo (CD) and high resolution stereo (DVD-A), playable on all DVD players."

The surprising reunion tour that led to a 'everyone knew they would do this' but still quite groovy live disc....

Their underrated third album and my 2nd favorite acid album back in the day (along with Soft Machine's Third [FACELIFT, dude] and We're Only In It For The Money; I guess I was into scaring myself!). "The black abyss where jazz and rock meet", it was...

“On (and off) The Road presents a complete overview of this enduringly popular line-up. All three studio albums are presented in remixed stereo editions on CD (Discipline in its 2011 mix), as are the final concerts from each year of touring. Two further CDs present newly edited & extended takes from the ‘Champaign-Urbana’ sessions for the band’s proposed third album & a ‘making of’ CD which provides a fascinating audio insight into the studio recordings. New Stereo, 5.1 Surround, original stereo editions...

This is the six disc version.
Ever since Robert Fripp re-formed King Crimson and started touring, this is the set that all the fans who saw and were blown away by the shows (and those that couldn't attend the shows) have been waiting and waiting for.
Robert Fripp: Guitar & keyboard
Mel Collins: Saxes & flute
Gavin Harrison: Drums
Jakko Jakszyk: Guitar & voice
Tony Levin: Basses & stick
Pat Mastelotto: Drums
Bill Rieflin: Drums & keyboards

“This is King Crims

Ever since Robert Fripp re-formed King Crimson and started touring, this is the set that all the fans who saw and were blown away by the shows (and those that couldn't attend the shows) have been waiting and waiting for. And we have a monstrously groovy price on this 4 disc, amazing set!
Robert Fripp: Guitar & keyboard
Mel Collins: Saxes & flute
Gavin Harrison: Drums
Jakko Jakszyk: Guitar & voice
Tony Levin: Basses & stick
Pat Mastelotto: Drums
Bill Rieflin: Drums & keyboa

This is the HUGE box that someone, somewhere, will get bludgeoned to death by his or her angry spouse with. Talk about a selling point!

"Limited to a single pressing run, Starless offers an in-depth overview of King Crimson's celebrated mid-1970's live line-up at its most exploratory.

Few bands have offered as much variety in material from night to night, and King Crimson's propensity for improvisation and fondness for playing its newest material - often unreleased on record at the tim

This was the sixth 'studio' album (75% of it is live, actually) and back in reinvigorated form with John Wetton, Bill Bruford, David Cross and bad Bob Fripp, who puts in one of his finest ever performances, as does everyone else!

Includes the...

“Limited 26 disc box set. Ultimate Boxed Set Edition of one of rock music's seminal debut albums. Blu-ray 4 features all-new, 2020, Dolby Atmos mix by Steven Wilson. Complete, fully mixed stereo recording sessions feature on Blu-ray, DVD and across six CDs. Blu-Rays also feature the original master edition of the 1969 album mix in 24/96 stereo, the 2019 stereo and 5.1 mixes, the 2009 stereo and 5.1 mixes, a complete alternate album comprising 2019 mixes and more. "Let's Make a Hit Waxing" - single CD '...

"Between April and July 1974 King Crimson embarked on a tour of Canada and America which has come to be recognised as one of the most powerful series of concerts performed not just by Fripp, Cross, Wetton and Bruford but by any band of the era...

Robert Fripp: Guitar, Soundscapes
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Voice, Words
Trey Gunn: Stick, Backing Vocals
Tony Levin: Upright & Electric Basses, Backing Vocals
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic & Electronic Percussions
Bill Bruford: Acoustic & Electronic Percussions

"When music appears which only King Crimson can play then, sooner or later, King Crimson appears to play the music."-Robert Fripp

CD features a new stereo mix of the album by Jakko Jakszyk & Robert Fripp. DVD-a...

"Magenta follow up 2017's much-praised 'We Are Legend' with a brand new studio album 'Masters of Illusion'. The 60 minute album consists of six songs, including the 17 minute title track.
The album’s theme is based around the lives of six famous horror actors of the 1950s and 1960s.
Lyricist Steve Reed: 'My brother and I are both huge fans of the classic Hammer and Universal horror films. I remember as a kid watching the horror double bills on Saturday nights on BBC2 with great fondness. We...

Two musicians from the glory days of Tangerine Dream meet up and capture some of the old magic, but not in a retro way.

“Neuland started the way many long overdue projects do: with Paul Haslinger and Peter Baumann asking themselves, "Why isn't there anything out there like this?" In their case, that meant a deeply immersive debut album that's respectful of their roots in Tangerine Dream but exists on it's own astral plane.
Far more restless than most ambient records, the pair's self-titled...

2016 deluxe 3 disc set of this classic 1981 release from Genesis' original guitarist, which surprised everyone at the time because (1) It's mostly an electronic music album and (2) despite the fact that it's completely different than anything else he ever did, it is a really great one.
This includes: (a) a new remix from the original multi-track tapes, (b) early mixes and demos of the album and (c) 5.1 and hi-res files.

"I always thought this to be a great album. I've listen to it numerous.

Anthony was a founding member of Genesis and was a very important part of their formative years; when he left due to stage fright, the rest of the band was very unsure he was replaceable. After a number of years, he came back with this, his first solo...

“Originally issued as a double CD set in 2012, Seventh Heaven was a primarily orchestral work featuring the City of Prague Orchestra and was recorded in various locations in London and Prague. A gorgeous and evocative collection of compositions, the album was hailed by Classic FM radio and is one of Anthony's enduring works. This new edition of Seventh Heaven features the original album newly remastered, along with a bonus CD featuring ten previously unreleased recordings, among which is a rare 1973...

“Limited four CD + 2 DVD set. Following the release of the album Drastic Plastic and tour, Bill Nelson disbanded Be Bop Deluxe.

Aware of the emergence of the New Wave artists and out of a desire to continually evolve, he announced the formation of Red Noise. Working with co-producer John Leckie, Bill recorded a new wave masterpiece, a record that would influence a new generation of musicians with it's intelligent and punchy material.
Sound On Sound and the subsequent live shows would divide.

"I've been working hard finishing the new Sanctuary IV album, but needed a break to clean the musical pallatte, so I really wanted to do something different. At the age of 8 I had two albums for Christmas, "The Sound OF Music" and "Tubular Bells". The latter defined my musical path. That Christmas my brother had Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygen" as his present.
Over the years, and especially of late, I've realised how much of an influence that electronic music has been to me over the years. From Jarre...

“CD1 contains the new album while CD2 includes bonus tracks and Tom Newman's alternative mix of the whole album The DVD has the complete album mixed in 5.1 surround plus promo videos.”

Will you be surprised to learn that this is very, very influenced by and reminiscent of Mike Oldfield? Only if you’ve been sleeping in a cave.