Barclay James Harvest - Gone To Earth 2 x CDs + 5.1 / hi-res DVD (expanded / remixed / remastered)

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2016 deluxe 3 disc set of this classic 1977 release by BJH, which includes (a) a new re-master of the original stereo mix, a new remix from the original multi-track tapes, revealing new details and sounds and (c) 5.1 and hi-res files.
Includes a illustrated booklet, many photos and six bonus tracks!

"The album followed in the wake of “Everyone is Everybody Else”, “Barclay James Harvest Live”, “Time Honoured Ghosts” & “Octoberon” for Polydor records and was a Top Thirty album in the UK and huge seller in Europe. In Germany in particular, the album struck a chord with the record buying public thanks to tracks such as ‘Hymn’, ‘Poor Man’s Moody Blues’, ‘Friend of Mine’, ‘Sea of Tranquility’ and more. The album’s popularity continues to endure."

"Once laughably unhip, it has taken 20 years or more before their name can be mentioned in polite society without being attacked with a pair of rusty scissors. For those of you who are unfamiliar with your rock history, Barclay James Harvest were one of a long line of symphonic rock bands that were swept away in 1976 when the storm broke. A shame, because they were not half bad. Favouring grandiose orchestral arrangements they were often compared with the Moody Blues, but whereas the Moodies' lyrics often consisted of meaningless twaddle, BJH's beautiful melodies often fronted black social comment and realism. Beneath the lushness, there was a simple, unpretentious approach to songwriting best showcased on their 70s output and before the departure of their keyboard player and one-man symphony orchestra, Woolly Wolstenholme. Gone to Earth is the last of these. OK, the production sounds a tad dated, but the fact still remains that the Barclay James Harvest was a band whose 4 members complemented each other to produce a well-balanced, homogenous sound. The material on Gone to Earth is strong, and the highlights - Hymn, Sea of Tranquillity and Higher and Higher - are beautiful, inspiring and crying out for rediscovery."
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