New Arrivals

New Arrivals
"Following the widely acclaimed 3LP collection, Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties, Unseen Worlds has compiled a second, 2LP collection of favorite and unreleased Carl Stone works. Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties presents the soothing, hallucinatory side of Stone's slow-evolving, time-bending composition. While we can't always identify the source, we can hear that his sounds come from somewhere, and that there is a "correct" or "complete" version of them in theory; and so...

"To celebrate the addition of Bristol's preeminent out-rock trio, Beak>, to the Temporary Residence family, we are reissuing their acclaimed second album, >>.
>> includes the original album in its entirety, as well as vinyl-only bonus tracks not available on the CD or Digital formats.
Following the release of his Quakers hip-hop project, and the Judge Dredd-inspired Drokk soundtrack collaboration, Geoff Barrow unveiled the second album by Beak>, the krautrock-influenced band formed with Billy...

"To celebrate the addition of Bristol's preeminent out-rock trio, Beak>, to the Temporary Residence family, we are reissuing their acclaimed second album, >>
. Following the release of his Quakers hip-hop project, and the Judge Dredd-inspired Drokk soundtrack collaboration, Geoff Barrow unveiled the second album by Beak>, the krautrock-influenced band formed with Billy Fuller and Matt Williams.
The album, aptly titled >>, is an expansion of the bleak, wobbly, anti-blue note sound that Beak>...

"To celebrate the addition of Bristol's preeminent out-rock trio, Beak>, to the Temporary Residence family, we are reissuing their eponymous debut album on audiophile-quality double vinyl.
Beak> were formed in January 2009 by Bristol musicians Billy Fuller, Matt Williams, and Geoff Barrow. The band instituted very strict guidelines governing the recording and writing process of their work: The music was to be recorded live in one room with no overdubs or repair, only using edits to create...

"Music and Poetry of the Kesh is the documentation of an invented Pacific Coast peoples (the Kesh) from a far distant time, and the soundtrack of famed science fiction author, Ursula K. Le Guin's Always Coming Home.
The ways of the Kesh were originally presented in 1985 as a five hundred plus page book accompanied with illustrations of instruments and tools, maps, a glossary of terms, recipes, poems, an alphabet, and with early editions, a cassette of "field recordings" and indigenous song. Le Guin..

Long awaited release of all recordings of This Heat, this includes remastered versions of their self-titled first (aka Blue and Yellow), Deceit, Health & Efficiency (padded out to a longer length with a second version of the drone piece), Made Available, Repeat and Live, which has never before been released!
Just as importantly, the booklet is very substantial, hugely interesting and even a bit funny. The veil on the enigmatic workings of the band are finally lifted.
Working at a time...

"Originally released by Saturn in 1979, this is a studio recording by a large ensemble (including, unusually, electric guitar and bass). These are the first recordings of the titles included (though they were played live a few months earlier on German radio). Springtime Again is a floating, sonically open composition, with a distant sung ostinato, interestingly mixed. The door of the Cosmos, which features June Tyson, is a relaxed groove-driven piece in which electric piano, guitar and bass function as...

"Like its companion ‘Twice around the Earth', ‘There and Back Again’ is derived from a selection of the 365 location recordings made for Cutler’s daily Resonance FM radio programme ‘Out of the Blue Radio’ (2004-2005). It takes extracts from 44 of these environmental recordings to explore - amongst other things - the way memory works, and how the experience of passing time is constructed. That’s subtext. More important, it should make enjoyably complex listening: surprising, serendipitous, mundane but...

"Keystone works from the various streams of musique concrete, electronic music, soundscape, electroacoustics and plunderphonics - including two masterworks from Eastern Europe, a territory traditionally overlooked in collections of this medium.
This is the classic collection of Contemporary, Concrete, Tapeworked and Processed works - and an indispensable survey of a crucial field:
It comprises: John Oswald's 'Parade', a complex work drawn and extended from Satie's celebrated ballet composition...

"One would be hard-pressed to come up with a better descriptor for Black Elephant's Cosmic Blues than the title of the album itself. Based in Savona, Italy, the four-piece have conjured ghosts of '70s heavy and masterful '90s riffmongering to offer a brew both potent and thoroughly modern. Cosmic Blues is their third album behind 2014's Bifolchi Inside and 2012's Spaghetti Cowboys (get it?) and marks their debut on Small Stone Records.
Comprised of lead vocalist/lead guitarist Alessio Caravelli...

I don't know too much about these guys other than how good and how much fun they are. They are a young, Swedish band who look back towards very late 60s/very early 70s progressive hard rock bands like The Groundhogs, Captain Beyond, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix and most importantly for me and my great love for my very favorite band when I was in 8th grade, Sir Lord Baltimore.
Highly recommended for YOUR inner 8th grade self!

"Formed in 2010 by vocalist Stefan Lillhager, formerly of Blowback, Captain.

"Don Cherry's downtown Paris funk masterwork Home Boy, Sister Out, produced in 1985 by Ramuntcho Matta and originally released by Barclay in France only, finally gets a worldwide release on Wewantsounds.
Featuring French post-punk muse Elli Medeiros, avant-garde poet Brion Gysin, and cult Senegalese drummer Abdoulaye Prosper Niang (Xalam), this is a unique soundbite of Paris in the early '80s at its coolest when funk, jazz, and new wave were mingling with sounds from Africa, Jamaica, and Latin...

Really excellent 'spiritual jazz' from a very obscure group who released this in 1970. Hugely recommended to fans of that sound / the Strata-East sound.

"Drummer, bandleader and activist Bubbha Thomas had toured America with R&B revues, served as a session musician for Peacock and Back Beat Records, and played straight ahead jazz with legends before the political and social upheaval of the late 1960s led him to a path first charted by Coltrane. Free As You Wanna Be predates the deep-set, maverick..

Rodrigo Amado - tenor saxophone
Joe McPhee - pocket trumpet, soprano saxophone
Kent Kessler - double bass
Chris Corsano - drums

"Great dedicated music by four strong individual players, brought together by Rodrigo Amado -- intense communication with room for outbreaking solo-parts but always held together through a vision of playing together, all the time exiting and interwoven with beautiful melodies."

Carla Bley - piano, organ
Mike Mantler - trumpet
Gary Windo - sax
Alan Braufman - sax
John Clark - French horn
George Lewis - trombone
Bob Stewart - tuba
Blue Gene Tyranny - keyboards
Patty Price - bass
Phillip Wilson - drums

A great show by a slightly unusual version of Carla's band (George Lewis? Phillip Wilson?), recorded shortly before she started adding overt comedic songs to the set,. This is simply all great charts wonderfully played and in quite

Eric Dolphy - alto saxophone, bass, clarinet, flute
Donald Byrd - trumpet
Nathan Davis - tenor saxophone
Jack Diéval - piano
Jacques Hess - bass
Franco Manzecchi - drums
Jacky Bambou - congas

"Eric Dolphy Septet, with Donald Byrd, live from the Qui Péche club, Paris on June 11th, 1964. Just a few weeks before his death, Eric Dolphy performed a concert at the Le Chat Qui Péche club in Paris on June 11, 1964, broadcast on French radio station France Musique, with a septe

Tony Williams - drums
Ronnie Montrose - guitar
Brian Auger - keyboards
Mario Cipollina - bass
Billy Cobham - drums

"Tony Williams All Stars, live from the Denen Coliseum, Tokyo on June 27th, 1978. For a 1978 tour of Japan, Tony Williams All Stars featured a truly all-star lineup. The legendary drummer led a band with guitarist Ronnie Montrose, keyboardist Brian Auger, and future Huey Lewis & the News bassist, Mario Cipollina. Originally broadcast on NHK Radio, the music presente

"In publishing the entire performance from start to finish, this release allows us to experience these much-missed artists at work with a degree of intimacy and familiarity absent from (for example) prestigious festival performances. Of course, any new addition to the Bailey discography is an exciting development, but I feel I must also mention just how well Will Gaines plays on this gig. For those who might be unsure why Derek was always so happy to play with Will, listen to how Will uses his strongly...

Electronic duo Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters (of the band Engineers) return with a second collaborative album titled Tomorrow Is Another Day, released by Bureau B. This second project offers a sublime exploration into their signature expressionistic landscapes while exploring the potential of a collaborative model in which Schnauss' keyboards and Peters' guitar work together in juxtaposition. Ulrich Schnauss, born in the industrial port town of Kiel in northern Germany in 1977, emerged in Berlin's...

"Transporting the sound of shoegazer aesthetics into an electronic context, this is how Ulrich Schnauss once described his artistic goal. Influenced by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and Chapterhouse on the one hand, yet wholly at ease with the electronica of bands like The Orb, Bionaut, Orbital, 808 State and unequivocally appreciative of veterans of the genre, Tangerine Dream or Manuel Göttsching, for example. A brother in spirit to Robin Guthrie, one might say -- an ...

Miles Davis - trumpet
Chick Corea - electric piano
Steve Grossman - soprano saxophone
Dave Holland - bass, electric bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Airto Moreira - percussion

"This 66 minute set from April 9th 1970 at the Fillmore West is a different beast to what followed in the next two days, with the April 10th concert available as 'Black Beauty' and the April 11th one in part on 'The Bootleg Series Volume 3' and in full on 'April 11th 1970 Fillmore West'. Whilst all these.

Stephen Bennett (No-Man, Henry Fool, Tim Bowness) - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass pedals
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (White Willow, Weserbergland, Rhys Marsh) - Keyboards, programming and flute
Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel, Weserbergland) - Guitar and bass
Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, Necromonkey, White Willow, Weserbergland) - Drums, Keyboards, Bass pedals, Guitars
Akaba - Backing vocals

"2018, Europe—four musicians come together to make an album o

"This one arrived as a real pleasant surprise. The Gift is the new, private release, symphonic rock project from former Ange keyboardist Francis Decamps. This is by far the proggiest thing he's done since leaving Ange. He's assembled a top notch band including Japanese drummer Senri Kawaguchi.
Two different orchestras were employed across these 4 epic length tracks. This all instrumental effort was influenced by and based around a reinterpretation of Dvorak's "New World Symphony". Decamps...

Stephen Bennett (No-Man, Henry Fool, Tim Bowness) - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass pedals
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (White Willow, Weserbergland, Rhys Marsh) - Keyboards, programming and flute
Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel, Weserbergland) - Guitar and bass
Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, Necromonkey, White Willow, Weserbergland) - Drums, Keyboards, Bass pedals, Guitars
Akaba - Backing vocals

"2018, Europe—four musicians come together to make an album o

Overall, this is the best sounding recording of any of the shows that Carlos, John, Billy Cobham (drums), Doug Rauch (bass), Larry Young (organ), Armando Peraza (percussion) undertook in the wake of their successful collaboration together with "Love, Devotion & Surrender". The sound is not fantastic, but it's more than listenable and the musicians are in fiery form.
1. Meditation 1:54
2. The Life Divine 19:01
3. A Love Supreme 20:26
4. I'm Aware Of You 29:26...

"Well... here we are. The band whose debut album was my top release of 2016 has returned! Southern Empire introduce their sophomore effort and they definitely ramped up the epicness this go around. It clocks in at 4 tracks and just a tad over 68 minutes. Yep… So we can check off the “track length” box of the prog criteria right there. But before we go digging into the rest of what makes up this great album, let’s dig into the band just a bit in case you aren’t familiar with them...

Warren Walker - Saxophone/Synthesizer/Effects
Gael Petrina - Bass/Effects
Caleb Dolister - Drums

Really wonderful to see a fourth release from this unique 'jazz' trio who are as much about electronic musics as they are about jazz, but their jazz backgrounds give them a unique slant on everything. Really great stuff once again!

"With Pax 6, The Kandinsky Effect capture their evolving vision of a dark, rhythmic landscape.The album was recorded in Chamonix, France during April of.

Limited edition of 300 copies and then, that's it! Some great stuff here, especially the Music Carry-Out improvs, which I am happy to have witnessed at the time and which probably help explain the downward trajectory of my career....

"A big portion of our Muffin sets would always include an improvisation or two. We always felt that it was an important part of the Muffin "identity" along with our highly structured and arranged other music. We related to the American free jazz sound (many of us...

"Surreal comedy. Could there possibly be a better term to describe and define The Firesign Theatre? Their first manifestation occurred on November 17, 1966 on KPFK FM followed by appearances on KRLA (an AM station) and legendary rock station KMET FM through February, 1969.
They produced more than a dozen albums for Columbia Records up to 1976, including "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers" and "I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus" as well as creating indelible characters in 'Nick Danger...

"One of the great overlooked albums of the 1970s, Time Actor was the result of a collaboration between legendary Crazy World & Kingdom Come visionary Arthur Brown and German Synthesiser and Ambient genius Klaus Schulze, recording under the pseudonym of his alter-ego Richard Wahnfried. The resulting record was a unique fusion of Brown’s amazing vocals and eccentric musical visions and Schulze’s innovative keyboard playing.
Originally released on the German Innovative Communication label, Time Actor...

The release of this set is quite amazing; I am a huge fan of 70s Steve Reich releases and I didn't even know that this private label release existed, until I saw the pre-release information about it! And it's taken from the master tapes and licensed from Steve himself! Conditionally HUGELY recommended!

"Steve Reich’s Drumming is regarded as one of the most important musical works of the last century. Distilled through his studies of African percussion in Ghana during 1970 and Balinese gamelan....

"This was the first simultaneous collaboration between renowned Italian musician and producer Eraldo Bernocchi, ambient pianist and musical icon Harold Budd and producer/guitarist Robin Guthrie, founder of Cocteau Twins and Violet Indiana.
We say simultaneous, for Eraldo Bernocchi had previously produced, arranged and played on Fragments from the Inside with Harold Budd, while the collaboration between Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie started in the '80s and became a quasi-partnership since 2005."

Wired on adrenalin and other stuff too, this is the Experience at an early peak, playing before the largest audience they had ever played for and determined to live up to the pre-show hype and break big in the US. They did. It's an amazing performance and the sound as remixed from the original multi-tracks is really state of the art live & loud 1967, with Mitch's fabulous drumming very audible.

"The Jimi Hendrix Experience's breakthrough appearance at the Monterey International Pop Festival on...

"What is immedately noticeable upon listening to Miles Davis' classic first -- and only -- album with his original sextet is how deep the blues presence is on it. Though it's true that the album's title cut is rightfully credited with introducing modalism into jazz, and defining Davis' music for years to come, it is the sole selection of its kind on the record. The rest is all blues in any flavor you wish you call your own. For starters, there's the steaming bebop blues of "Dr. Jackle," recorded in 1955....

"A collaboration between an avant-garde modern classical composer and a traditional Indian/Hindi composer/performer seems as unlikely as ice hockey on the River Styx. However, Passages is a collaboration between Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar and it works quite well.
Shankar's smooth style fits nicely with Glass' dissonant orchestrations. There is a great deal of technical data involved here. Both of these artists have long taken intellectual approaches to music. Thus, the liner notes are a bit...

"Taj Mahal has always been a more inclusive, eclectic musician than even some admirers understand; his work was never simply or totally blues, even though that strain was at the center and seldom far from anything he performed either. That's the case with this newest collection, a 12-song set that includes splendid covers of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf tunes, but also equally respectful, striking renditions of soul standards such as "Mockingbird," with special guest Etta James, and "That's How Strong...

There are millions of Billie Holliday comps out there, but this one is priced RIGHT and every one of them features Lester Young. So it is a great place to start.

"A Musical Romance gathers some of the most romantic songs Billie Holiday recorded with Lester Young, including "The Man I Love," "Time on My Hands (You in My Arms)," "I Must Have That Man," and "Who Wants Love?" Essentially a collection of some of the love songs featured on the excellent Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on...

"Since John McLaughlin's first two post-Shakti albums -- Electric Guitarist and Electric Dreams -- featured the word "electric" in their titles, it seems that the guitarist wanted to emphasize his more plugged-in side to those who might not have followed along on three previous releases featuring his acoustic world music band. He also thumbed through his impressive phone book to call in some of the cream of the 1977 crop of jazz fusionists to help him out on Electric Guitarist, a true return to form...

"On this LP issued by Columbia, Mingus thanked producer Teo Macero for "his untiring efforts in producing the best album I have ever made." From his deathbed in Mexico in 1979 he sent a message to Sy Johnson (who was responsible for many of the arrangements on the album), saying that Let My Children Hear Music was the record he liked most from his career.
Although Mingus' small-group recordings are the ones most often cited as his premier works, this album does, in fact, rank at the top of his...

"Heathen marks a new beginning for David Bowie in some ways -- it's his first record since leaving Virgin, his first for Columbia Records, his first for his new label, ISO -- yet it's hardly a new musical direction. Like Hours, this finds Bowie sifting through the sounds of his past, completely at ease with his legacy, crafting a colorful, satisfying album that feels like a classic Bowie album. That's not to say that Heathen recalls any particular album or any era in specific, yet there's a deliberate...

"Anyone who saw the Flecktones in their early days probably told you that it was an amazing experience, and a big part of that praise undoubtedly focused on the group's improvised jams. With Victor Wooten sometimes playing two basses simultaneously and Fleck wandering through the audience picking cosmic banjo lines, their shows were spectacles to be enjoyed for the simple thrill of hearing virtuosos play music that was mind-boggling but somehow utterly accessible. ..
The concert was recorded with...

"Of Blue Öyster Cult's three live albums, Extraterrestrial Live is the one to own. The two-record set, partially recorded on BÖC's home base of Long Island, contains the band's biggest hits, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (making its second live appearance) and "Burnin' for You," as well as longtime concert favorites like "Cities on Flame," "The Red and the Black," and "Godzilla." But it isn't just the superior song selection that gives this album the nod over On Your Feet or on Your Knees and Some Enchanted...

The second, eagerly awaited release from this band consisting of some of AltrOck's all-stars: , featuring two members of Yugen ("Ske" and Francesco Zago) two members of La Coscienza di Zeno (Gabriele Guidi Colombi and Alessio Calandriello + Martino....

Peter Hammill-voice, guitar, piano
Hugh Banton-keyboards
David Jackson-saxes and devices
Guy Evans-drums

As the above tells you: the first thing & main thing you need to know about this is that this is the only available recording of the 00s version of VDGG that features the original configuration of the classic quartet version, before Jaxon left / was left.
The gig at the Jazzfestival in Leverkusen - the only one in Germany - was meant to be the climax of the reunion tour in 20

"In the early '90s, the short-lived instrumental group the Coctails created an intriguing blend of easy listening pop and avant-rock. The Chicago trio, Tricolor, are undoubtedly familiar with the Coctails' work -- guitarist Jeff Parker, a member of both AACM and Tortoise, is part of the same general school of musicians that has infiltrated every level of the Chicago post-rock scene -- and although they don't sound that much like the Coctails, a similar aesthetic seems to be at play...

Mirage was Klaus' 8th album and was recorded in January, 1977 and originally released in April, 1977 on Brain. This is somewhere in the middle of the absolute peak years for Klaus and his now huge bank of equipment. So, it's the top of the top.
This has a good, lengthy interview with Klaus about this album specifically and includes a very rare 20' bonus track, which has only been heard as a very short excerpt on a long-deleted sampler album! Essential to any collection of spacemusic.

"Billy Cobham's multicultural band strengthens its reputation as an exciting fusion group, impressing with powerful jazz-rock elements as well as more intimate, ethnic-colored sounds. The mix, done in Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, has undoubtedly contributed to the powerful global appeal of this new production."

"Billy Cobham's first fusion recording for IN+OUT, available for the first time in the US! Culture Mix is a celebration of the universality of jazz. This is a dynamic and refreshingly original combo, whose members each hail from a different country, and the standard of musicianship and imaginative improvisation is at the highest level. Features 10 refreshingly conceived original compositions, played with intense commitment and flair. A must-have for all Billy Cobham fans."

James Williams-piano
Donald Harrison-alto sax
Ron Carter-bass
Billy Cobham-drums
Really a great acoustic band assembled by BC for this one!

"With a compelling mixture of enduring standards and imaginative originals, this all-star quartet establishes itself, in Billy Cobham's words, ''as a uniquely unified musical force.'' Billy considers jazz musicians to be the most flexible instrumentalists in the Western hemisphere and says, To witness that musical flexibility, one just has t

"Following the international success of his innovative album The Art of Three, master drummer Billy Cobham came up with another winning project recorded at Real World Studios, UK. One of Cobham's great gifts is his flair for innovation, always within the context of authentic jazz criteria. His new album for IN+OUT is a logical and stimulating progression from his much-acclaimed trio project. Featuring outstanding musicians from the US and UK, playing in exclusively acoustic mode, Art of Five presents...