New Arrivals

New Arrivals
“Featuring the fabulous virtuoso pianist Stephen Gosling, Encomia is a collection of tributes to many of Zorn’s musical heroes.
The first Book of Preludes consists of three impressionistic pieces in the tradition of Debussy and Ravel that pay tribute to the legendary ballet dancer Nijinsky, the author Novalis creator of the prose poem, and the Hellenistic 3rd century poet Nossis.
Encomia is a suite of tributes to five of Zorn’s musical heroes that run the gamut of styles from minimalism to...

The brainchild of guitarist Jon Madof, Zion80 is a dynamic 10-piece ensemble that explores the Jewish tradition through the lenses of afro-beat, funk, rock and jazz.
Drums and percussion drive this tight band of horns and guitars into a polyrhythmic intensity as driving grooves blend with the madness of the Downtown scene. Spiritual, grooving and endlessly exciting, this is essential Jewish music for the 21st century.
With Zorn guesting on one intense track, Hod is a dynamic highpoint to the...

“Obscure, and often ridiculed during his lifetime, Erik Satie, the most unusual protagonist of the early 20th century French avant-garde, has transcended cult status and is now a composer whose modernity is at last appreciated.
Satie's inimitable, bare and serenely objective music was largely neglected until the eclectic 1960s and '70s when such pioneering figures as John Cage, who was enthralled by the composer's desire to tear up the rule-book, to embrace the absurd and the surreal, and to blend...

“2016 two CD set that contains the complete, legendary recordings made by Ahmad Jamal with the guitarist Ray Crawford in Trio and Quintet context.
Jamal's trios are considered to be amongst the most important in the history of jazz, creating unique articulations of space, openness and light, which still seem so far ahead of their time and which made such a profound impression on Miles Davis and his arranger, Gil Evans.
Jamal's art embodies discipline, restraint, refinement and subtlety and...

2013 six track CD EP. The words “Mark E. Smith sounds agitated” should lift the hearts of all Fall fans...

“A curious EP, why a quick 6(7) song EP at this point... "Remainderers"? Leftovers? Redux? Hard to imagine that Mark E. Smith had any extra ideas left off the previous album, which seemed padded with "jam" tracks and was weak with more developed songs. I actually liked the jam/improv tracks better than the more fleshed out songs on Re-Mit. Mark E. Smith seemed rather less inspired his last...

These two guys left a hugely successful pop band (10cc) at the peak of their success to invent an ahead of its time music instrument device and to make a ahead of its time concept recording about ecological breakdown taking its revenge on mankind!
This is the original 3 album set, the ‘Music From Consequences’ single disc and a radio edit promo version of the album.

“42 years to wait for the first US/UK CD release of a cult classic? When you hear this, you'll be amazed that the world had to..

This is a beautiful, numbered set of 2,000 that includes three of the best of this classic space rock band from Germany: Dawn (1976), Ocean (1977) and Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes (1979), all packaged in beautiful gatefold jackets with a gatefold sleeve that holds the CDs as well. So, four, big, beautiful physical sleeves in a very sturdy outer box, all in celebration of 50 years of Eloy.

“It's refreshing to get a good original live release from Rick with the English Rock Ensemble. It gets a bit annoying to have the same shows seemingly endlessly repackaged, or putting up with poor sound quality in the bootleg boxsets.
This release is from the 2003 "Out There" tour, featuring Ashley Holt on vocals following Damian Wilsons stroppy exit. It's nice to get some newer tunes especially the outstanding "Out There", plus a good version of No Earthly Connection. I am particularly pleased...

Sort of a supergroup of German rock musicians, this was their most successful release and now comes with a ‘Making Of’ DVD.

“In 1996 THE ELECTRIC FAMILY first came together for a gig at the Burg Herzberg Festival. Tom 'The Perc "Redecker had with Volker Kahr's ex-Grobschnitt), Dieter Serfas (Amon Düül II), Harry Payuta, Jochen Schoberth and Torsten Glade an illustrious group around him, which was also on the debut album" Family Show "in 1997 This album caused quite a stir, but the attention of...

This was Cuneiform’s seventh release and our first release with the great Piero Milesi.
It is always nice to have your work validated and we were very happy to be approached by Olivier, the very nice chief of WRWTFWK about a vinyl reissue of this fine 80s electronic / minimal work.
They did a beautiful job and I know that they worked from the original analog masters to cut this, because we lent them to him! A classic!

“A rare Italian library/soundtrack gem reissued on vinyl for the....

"This classic album was first released in June 1983 by Charisma Records and four months prior to the release of the album "Genesis" and began life as a series of home demos and was completed at Genesis' The Farm studio.
"The Fugitive" featured contributions from Daryl Stuermer on guitars, Mo Foster on bass and drummers Steve Gadd, Tony Beard and Andy Duncan and for the first time Tony Banks sang lead vocals on all of the songs.
"The Fugitive" spawned the singles 'This is Love' and ...

One of the most over-the-top rock albums ever made, and depending on how you feel about flash, pomp and circumstance, may make it one of the best albums of all time! It's even live, which is really impressive. One thing for sure; they certainly spent a lot of money putting this concert, which includes rock band, the London Symphony Orchestra and the English Chamber Choir.
This deluxe, greatly expanded version includes the original album + a bonus track, a second CD with a live version of the entire...

“Many Hackett fans consider "Defector" to be the last album from his classic solo period. The album is another solid effort from Hackett featuring a nice mix of vocal and instrumental songs. The emphasis here is still on progressive rock in the classic 70's style, but you also hear the beginning of some of the stylings which would feature on Hackett's later releases. Defector was Steve Hackett's highest charting album in the UK (No.9). Released in 1980, it featured the same band as Spectral Mornings...

"Okay, I'm already aware of the predecessor album, that would be 'The Clockwork Fable', which was released in 2016. Though yet, finally, I've managed to schedule enough time, definitely required when trying to delve into their approach. Led by Luke Severn (vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Dean Marsh right from the beginning, GANDALF'S FIST saw diverse musicians participating during recent years. When it comes to the core nowadays, besides newcomer Ben Bell (keyboards), drummer Stefan Hepe and Chris...

“Wild White Horses, though preceded by multiple offerings since her 2010 departure from Mostly Autumn, will still be Heather s first full solo album.
Recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales and produced by Luke Morley of Thunder, who also co-writes some tracks with Heather, Wild White Horses is eclectic, fresh and innovative in its blend of originality, which breaks new ground for Heather with nods to so far unexplored musical territories, such as Americana, and even pays homage in...

“A Tower Of Clocks is the long awaited second album from multi award-winning UK progressive rock band This Winter Machine. Almost 2 years in the making, this new release has the band tackling universal themes such as time, loss and identity within a loose conceptual framework. With stunning cover and interior art complimenting the CD, the band have really pushed forward in terms of musicianship, lyrical themes and production, and they have consolidated their position as one of the scene’s brightest new...

“THE GIFT first made an impact on my musical consciousness when I heard the majestic CD "Awake And Dreaming" thirteen years ago. That fabulous debut immediately made me their devoted fan. Ever since I always can rely upon Mike Morton and cohorts, because they deliver the top notch records again and again. Their latest disc 'Antenna' (2019) is no exception. Based on a scheme of clever variations, the emotion laden melodious music sounds like a medley of contrasting influences superbly glued together...

“I was very happy to see We Are Kin announce their new album recently. “…and I know…” was such a joy back in 2016, and I found myself listening to it quite often. It was simply different than anything else released that year.
The band hails from the UK. The lineup includes Emma Brewin-Caddy on vocals, Gary Boast on drums and sound design, Lee Braddock on bass, and Daniel Zambas on keys and vocals. These musicians produce a true flow of music that does not try to “one up” other band members....

“Remixed and strictly limited edition of 500. Featuring special guest Pete Jones (Tiger Moth Tales/Camel)”

“During the preparation for the Magenta 20th Anniversary shows, we decided to include a large selection from the underperformed HOME album. Having to recreate the tracks, meant having to re-visit the multi-tracks which were in a mess.
Not being able to resist a ‘tinker’ with the tracks, I ended up re-working the multitrack. Solving problems in the arrangements, adding fresh dynamics and.

Guitarist John McLaughlin has released a large number of really great albums during his career, but this is one of his best and one of my personal favorites.
His 2nd solo album from 1970, this is his most psychedelic, with great guitar work and some of Larry Young's most fantastic organ playing, backed by Billy Rich on bass and Buddy Miles on drums. Highly recommended!

“Featuring vocals by Chrissie Hammond, Raymond Remedios and Ashley Holt, the music was composed and recorded by Rick especially for a 1990s relaunch of the 1925 Universal screen version of Phantom Of The Opera. The music on this recording has been re-edited, remixed and, in some cases, re-recorded in order to reflect the musical spectrum that encompassed the 90 minute epic.
Covering everything from operatic rock to tearful ballads, the recording is a film in itself...without the pictures.”

“This is a newly re-mastered 8 disc boxed set featuring all of the solo albums released by Genesis founder TONY BANKS between 1979 and 1995. The albums A CURIOUS FEELING, THE FUGITIVE, THE WICKED LADY (film score), SOUNDTRACKS, BANKSTATEMENT, STILL and STRICTLY INC. all feature in this set (some being unavailable on CD for many years) and have been newly re-mastered at Abbey Road studios by Miles Showell and Nick Davis.
Also included in this set is a bonus DVD (NTSC / Region Free) which features all...

Kim Stenberg - guitars, vocals
Eirikur Hauksson - lead vocals
Erling Henanger - keyboards, backing vocals
Eirik Hanssen - vocals
Lars Petter Holstad - bass, backing vocals
Jan T. Johannessen - drums

“Magic Pie’s Fragments of the 5th Element is outstanding. It showcases outstanding musicianship. There are hooks galore. It is not a concept album, and yet there is something of a lyrical theme. This is one of my favorite releases of 2019.”-Sonic Perspectives

The release of a re-mastered and expanded 3 Disc clamshell box edition of the 1977 album, "Deadlines" by STRAWBS.
Released in late 1977, this would be the band's final album to be released in the 1970s. Recorded in Dublin and London by a line-up of Dave Cousins (vocals, acoustic guitars, banjo, guitar), Dave Lambert (vocals, lead guitar), Chas Cronk (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals) and Tony Fernandez (drums, percussion) with guest keyboard players John Mealing and Robert Kirby, "Deadlines" was the...

“Misha Mengelberg came to Chicago for two days in 1998, made some music in the studio and in concert with a host of musicians, and went home. Which leaves us with memories.
Fortunately there's this gem left behind, these two albums, containing a timeless message. Sounds that do not express, they signify, they exist.
Misha Mengelberg was a Dutch jazz pianist and composer. A prominent figure in post-WWII European Jazz, Mengelberg is known for his forays into free improvisation, for bringing humor.

The Third Ear Band were a late 60's/mid 70's quartet who were fixtures at ALL the festivals & who used hand drums, oboe, violin/viola & cello to make a mostly improvised, dark, pagan & medieval-influenced, acoustic music that sounded like no one but themselves.
The only thing that comes close to their sound is some small bits of the early Univers Zero records. They called themselves "electric acid raga music", and that's a fine description. Definitely on the oddball side of things, I suppose, but...

"This is a release of a newly re-mastered and expanded 3CD clamshell box edition of the classic album, "Novella" by Renaissance.
Recorded in late 1976, the album featured the epic 'Can You Hear Me?' along with the classic tracks 'Midas Man', ' Touching Once (Is So Hard to Keep)' and 'The Sisters'.
Because of record company issues, the album was released in January 1977 in the USA, but appeared in the UK and Europe in August 1977. "Novella" was a top 50 hit album in the USA and the band's...

"Symbiose is a split LP featuring two panoramic deep-field oozers that sustain interest, gently wandering the cosmos, through smoke rings and across star clusters, filling the space that stretches between Eastern and Western America and continuing the musical thread that connects modern American underground artists to the European birth of kosmic music. Like Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel, "Symbiose" sinks its roots into the liminal landscape of the listeners neuro-hemispheres, creeping like black-light...

"Symbiose is a split LP featuring two panoramic deep-field oozers that sustain interest, gently wandering the cosmos, through smoke rings and across star clusters, filling the space that stretches between Eastern and Western America and continuing the musical thread that connects modern American underground artists to the European birth of kosmic music. Like Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel, "Symbiose" sinks its roots into the liminal landscape of the listeners neuro-hemispheres, creeping like black-light...

Oddball, weird, compelling, noisy, and ultimately trés charming recordings by a musical tinkerer who builds very low-tech machines that he calls Mecanium. Sometimes the Mecanium play alone and sometimes he plays instruments along with the Mecanium.

"Pierre Bastien orchestrates his meccano marionettes on Tinkle Twang 'n Tootle to form the charming imaginative ensemble that he's been known for since the late '80s. Equal parts composer, inventor, mechanic, and performer -- Bastien translates his...

“On their riveting debut collaboration, Merzbow (Masami Akita) and Posh Isolation's Vanity Productions (Christian Stadsgaard) transmute worries about ecological disaster into a torrent of spirit-gnawing, experimental noise that surpasses the sum of its parts. Both hailing from places with a lot of coastline vulnerable to sea level rises, Masami Akita from Japan, and Stadsgaard in Denmark, Coastal Erosion sees them grasp the nettle of impending doom with typically gauntleted grip and an unswerving...

One of the greatest of the early 60s free jazz bands. By my count, they made 3 ½ albums; here’s a pretty decent live recording that I never came across before to add to their much too small legacy.

“The New York Contemporary Five barely lasted a year. They were a super-group after the fact -- the stellar frontline of Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, and John Tchicai all being relative newcomers at the time. Cherry had recently left Ornette Coleman and was only starting to stretch into world music...

Alex Ojea - Drums & percussion
Jordi Amela - Keyboards & piano
Jordi Prats - Guitars & acoustic guitars
Pep Espasa - Tenor, alto, soprano saxophones & flutes
Toni Sànchez - Electric bass & fretless
Cristina Falcinella - Voices
Samuel Garcia - Trumpet & violin

On The Raw are Spanish jazz/rock band who employ a lot of the Mediterranean touches that made the Spanish fusion scene stand out in its original guise in the 70s and still makes this really nice s

The recordings of Four Organs and Music In Similar Motion are NOT the versions on the Shandar albums!

“Information, Transmission, Modulation And Noise is a set of recordings featuring works by Steve Reich and Philip Glass.
During an interview recorded at the KPFA radio station, Steve Reich and Jon Gibson introduced an east coast performance of Steve Reich's masterpiece, Four Organs, as well as an exciting recording of Ghanian drumming which the artist recorded in Ghana. They also introduced..

“In recent years, Southern California has proved to be fertile ground for heavy psych, prog, and free rock. The amount of excellent bands growing out of the San Diego soil is simply unparalleled. Among the youngest generation of these bands are the five-piece Monarch, a band rooted in psychedelia and experimental prog, with a view towards broader horizons. There's something refreshing about Monarch's take on psychedelic rock: they aren't afraid to weave Allman Brothers-esque dual guitar lines with...

“In recent years, Southern California has proved to be fertile ground for heavy psych, prog, and free rock. The amount of excellent bands growing out of the San Diego soil is simply unparalleled. Among the youngest generation of these bands are the five-piece Monarch, a band rooted in psychedelia and experimental prog, with a view towards broader horizons. There's something refreshing about Monarch's take on psychedelic rock: they aren't afraid to weave Allman Brothers-esque dual guitar lines with...

“On their third album, the Danish duo Videodrones explore their kosmische take on synth wave further. Videodrones' first two albums tapped into short arabesque-like pieces, playing out like cues in a film.
Atavistic Future sees them broadening out, with the two main tracks on the album clocking in at eight and almost 12 minutes respectively. And it's not only in the track lengths that Videodrones are reaching beyond: There is a wider range of influences and nods -- from the Phillip Glass...

John Allday: Keyboards, Vocals. Trumpet
Mike Murphy: Bass, Vocals, Trumpet
Kelly Mynes: Drums, Percussion
Michael Trew: Vocals, Flute
Dave Webb: Guitars

Very, very good, well-played and also well-sung retro-progressive rock from Seattle! I hear influences from classic UK progressive rock like Yes, Camel, Genesis and also traces of Happy The Man.

"With this debut album, Moon Letters clearly shows their worthiness to take a place among the top tier of America

Very good, early 60s FM broadcast sound.

“Overall this is a pretty good night for the band. They sound on top of things with Coltrane getting in some great solos, and Tyner playing some typically visceral piano throughout the set. The rhythm section is on fire too--pushing and shaping the music at just about every turn. Listen as Coltrane dismantles and then puts back together the melody in "The Inch Worm". The rhythm section is loose and fluid, giving 'Trane the room and the freedom (something...

“This is a real gem for Spirit fans. It showcases a highly talented band in their infantcy.”-Joe Donofrio

This is an authorized live release of a modestly decent sounding show (for something from 1967) by the original lineup, released here for the 1st time.

"The Ash Grove was a legendary venue for folk and early Los Angeles rock, and really the birthplace of Spirit. We brought in a younger, less inhibited crowd, a mixture of hippies and jazz freaks. Spirit, at its inception, was more of.

The lost, third studio album from 1969 by this quite good psychedelic / proto-progressive band. An absolutely worthwhile release for fans of music of this era.

“Having made two superb psychedelic albums and gigged with The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and many others, in June of 1969, The Mandrake Memorial came to London. The plan was to record with famed producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through, they persevered alone.

"Sometimes referred to as the ‘Hooteroll Band’ after their respected album from 1970, Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia’s collaborative work reached far beyond the expected audiences of Dead heads with their combined acid guitar and Hammond-fuelled funk enterprise comprising several notable names from the Bay Area such as Roger ‘Jellyroll’ Troy (Electric Flag) and Jim Vincent (H.P. Lovecraft). Having originally been conceived on the stage at The Matrix as the Monday Night Band in 1970, the partnership of...

"Amazingly, Larry Coryell's Eleventh House were somewhat overshadowed in their time by fusion counterparts such as Weather Report, Return to Forever, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. However, the dynamics and interaction on display here feature not only beautifully intricate work, but ingenious melodic scales befitting musicians of the highest technical ability. While 1975's Level One never commercially achieved the classic status of its predecessor (Introducing the Eleventh House with Larry Coryell)...

“A reissue of the debut album by Annette Peacock & Paul Bley, Dual Unity, originally released in 1972. Annette Peacock's legacy may only just be courting recognition proper with the recent retrospective release of her solo debut I'm The One (1972).
Hailed as a pioneer and artistic genius by many, her debut album and predecessor to I'm The One captures Peacock in her element alongside husband; Canadian jazz genius Paul Bley. Dual Unity is a landscape of aural vision captured on tape in 1970 during...

“This 1962 set was the fourth studio collaboration between Miles Davis on trumpet and Gil Evans as arranger and conductor. Once Upon a Summertime in particular reflects the bossa nova influence which was so prevalent at the time these tracks were laid down. Some of the sides were recorded in 1963. Aos Pes de Cruz has that same hip swaying rhythm. And their transformation of the old Rodgers and Hart gem, Wait Till You See Her, is nothing less than riveting in its beauty.
A half century on these...

“Their first two albums, Exit and Enter, were presented with sizable and ambitious line-ups of 28 musicians. Ritual saw it reduced to 21 and with Arrival it's been trimmed down to a "mere" 14, with the core trio of Fire! (Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling, and Andreas Werliin) and the two singers Mariam Wallentin and Sofia Jernberg being the only constant members since the beginning.
Apart from this reduction, the main line-up difference is the introduction of a string quartet. This "cleanup" has...

Reinhold Friedl – direction
Frank Gratkowski - flute, clarinets
Hayden Chisholm - flute, saxophone
Hild Sofie Tajford - French horn
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Reinhold Friedl - harmonium, piano
Didier Aschour – guitar
Maurice de Martin – drums
Lisa Marie Landgraf – violin
Biliana Voutchkova – violin
Elisabeth Coudoux – violoncello
Ulrich Phillipp – doublebass

“Second volume of "modern composition supergroup" (The Wire) Zeitkratzer's re-interpret

Rick Brown - plywood crate, hand and foot percussion, crude horns
Che Chen - 6 and 12-string and quarter-tone guitars, percussion
Sue Garner - guitar and bass guitar
Cheryl Kingan - alto and baritone saxophones
Andrew Lafkas – contrabass
Karen Waltuch – viola
Jim Pugliese – percussion
Barry Weisblat - signal processing, Casio SK-1
Steven Maing - quarter-tone guitar
Carey Balch - hi-hat.

Their best yet and that’s saying something; I saw them p

Very limited edition of only 300. Vinyl only. Yeah, I know, but Thymme doesn’t listen to me either. Never has! Never will! Wouldn't have it any other way!
Anyway, it’s great and has a strangely sincere liner dedication from Thymme and Jeff, and is a beautiful object.
Buy it even if you don't have a turntable and down load it in full res (full res download included), support one of Amerikkka's greatest cultural assets, and listen to the download or burn it on CD and fondle the artwork; that’s...

"Ampersand does not disappoint. In addition to seven new songs, we also get several live tracks that display the flawless playing and amazing talent of the band. The songs have great variety to them. My personal favorite is Confusion, with it's fantastic harmonies. The Bar Song is really growing on me, with a melody I can't get out of my head."-Alan P. Spoll