New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Classic 70s spacey/symphonic rock albums which features leader Cyrille Verdeux's keyboards. A soundtrack to a wild underground film that features a huge number of players: Christian Boul, Gilbert Artman, Tim Blake, Yvan Coaquette, Ariel Kalma, Franois Jeanneau, etc.

"In 1974 the film ''Visa de Censure n# X'' by Pierre Clementi was published.It was supported by a soundtrack entitled ''Delired Cameleon Family'' and released on EMI, behind which we find Clearlight's mastermind Cyrille Verdeaux, who...

Classic 70s spacey/symphonic rock albums which features leader Cyrille Verdeux's keyboards. Here we get Didier Lockwood, Didier Malherbe, & more. This was their final release of the 70s.

"While Clearlight were dropped by Virgin by mid-70's, there was no intention by Verdeaux to slow his project down. He was signed by the French label Isadora for the next album ''Les contes du singe fou'', which finds him supported by an almost brand new cast. Except for bassist Joël Dugrenot, who played previously with Clearlight, Didier Lockwood had replaced David Cross on violin, Yves Chouard (who previously played with Total Issue and Emmanuel Booz) was the new guitarist, Serge Aouzi was the new...

Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl; originally released in 1959 on Folkways Records. This really is a great rarity; I have never seen this one before (then again, I was two when it was originally released!). Mega-early electronic weirdness!

"The brainchild of visual artist Jordan Belson and electronics polymath Henry Jacobs, the Vortex Experiments ran from 1957 to 1960, first at San Francisco’s Morrison Planetarium and later at the SF Museum of Art. The very name of these....

This was originally released on triple vinyl by the band themselves, in a now sold-out edition, and now, finally after several years, the CD version is available domestically (it was previously a Japanese-only release!)

"Hubardo is the sixth album, a concept double album, by Kayo Dot...It is Kayo Dot's first double album, its longest album and one of its heaviest albums to date, containing aspects of avant-garde metal, black metal, post-metal, post-rock, jazz fusion as well as chamber music..

Reissue of a hard to find album from 1961 by one of the greats of tape music-based electronic musique construction.

"Originally self-released in 1961 and later issued by Folkways, Tod Dockstader's Eight Electronic Pieces is a foundational document of American electronic music and a stunning first work from this revolutionary composer. Refused access to the resources and funding of the academy and without any interest from the record industry, Dockstader assembled his debut album through three...

"Marc Barreca's seventh solo album for Palace of Lights extends his work with a broader and deeper palette of synthesized and sampled sound, including sources as diverse as prepared guitars, pianos, Indonesian metallophones and glass harmonica. The music of Aberrant Lens employs long MIDI delays, synced MIDI processing via MAX for Live and extreme warping of disparate looped sound sources driven into entirely new states. The results are new, coherent aural structures: music that questions traditional...

Vinyl-only release (with, apparently, no CD release in sight or planned). Hooffot is:
P�r Hallgren: bass
Jacob Hamilton: drums & percussion
Joakim J�nsson: guitar
Mikael �desj�: guitar
Bengt Wahlgren: Rhodes piano, synth...

On the heels of Kayo Dot’s 2016 album Plastic House On Base Of Sky, New York City based avant-garde musician Toby Driver sustains his inexhaustible output with a solo album titled Madonnawhore.
After exploring a retro-futurist noir sound on Kayo Dot’s 2014 album Coffins On Io then delving even further into electronic music with his aforementioned last album, Driver was eager to write a different kind of song.
Madonnawhore represents a foray into traditional songwriting, stripped of the...

On the heels of Kayo Dot’s 2016 album Plastic House On Base Of Sky, New York City based avant-garde musician Toby Driver sustains his inexhaustible output with a solo album titled Madonnawhore.
After exploring a retro-futurist noir sound on Kayo Dot’s 2014 album Coffins On Io then delving even further into electronic music with his aforementioned last album, Driver was eager to write a different kind of song.
Madonnawhore represents a foray into traditional songwriting, stripped of the...

"An mini LP of works by Denis Mpunga and Paul K., all recorded between 1980-1984. Combining elements of traditional African music with experimental electronics, the Belgian/Congolese duo released only a handful of tracks, scattered across a few rare LP and cassette compilations that were put out in the mid-eighties by obscure European labels. This release also includes a few previously unreleased songs that were found on the original master tapes. Relocating with his family from the Congo to Belgium in...

"Double album compilation of the first singles (1972-1980) of Richard Pinhas and his legendary bands: the mythical Heldon, Schizo, and T.H.X.. And, as a bonus, an excellent long, hypnotic, instrumental version of "Marie Zorn" (1999), previously unpublished."

"RSD 2017 release. Bureau B continue their RSD 12" series. On side A, previously unreleased material from Faust. Recorded and mixed during the sessions for the album Just. On side B, previously unreleased material from Ulan Bator. Recorded and mixed at Analphabet City mobile studio, Naples, in December 2016 during the sessions for the album Stereolith."

VIII Strada are an Italian quintet whose first album from 2008 fell somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal.

But since that time, they replaced their keyboardist, retooled their over-all sound and are much more aligned with progressive rock, while still having a modern, heavy sound.
The band is:
Tito Vizzuso - vocals
Daniele Zigliani - guitars
Silvano Negrinelli - keyboards
Sergio Merlino - bass
Riccardo Preda - drums

"In December 2008 "La..

"He is an icon of the Rock world: the legendary song writer, bassist, pianist and singer Jack Bruce. In 2006 at the 37th German Jazz Festival Frankfurt, he joined forces with the hr-Bigband to perform a highly acclaimed concert, presenting classic Cream songs and other landmarks of his career in gripping new arrangements. It was a magic moment of dialogue between Jazz and Rock that roamed between composition, improvisation and vibrant, virtuoso performances. The hr-Bigband is one of the most innovative...

The incredible first album by this legendary Krautrock ensemble, remastered by Manuel Göttsching himself!
The incredible power trio (guitar, bass, drums) first effort from 1971 by Germany's Ash Ra Tempel has Manuel Gottsching (guitar), Harmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (drums - this is before he became a space music pioneer!). Great, over-the-top, psychedelic power rock.

"After a couple of aborted demo's Ash Ra Tempel decided to go to Hamburg and record an album proper, with the aid of...

Moon Duo are actually a new psychedelic / stoner / motorik-beat trio and they are led by the singer and guitar player of another fine modern psychedelic band, Wooden Ships.
If you are a fan of the things released by the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond label, this would fit RIGHT in and you will love this one.

"Meaning all things magick and supernatural, the root of the word occult is that which is hidden, concealed, beyond the limits of our minds. If this is occult, then the Occult Architecture...

I am a firm believer that the two Harmonia albums that were released in the 70s are among the very, very best records released from Germany in the 1970s and maybe anywhere in the 70s. So, this set of previously unreleased recordings which first came to light about a decade ago were pretty well scrutinized by me and I found them to be...quite good! If you are a fan of them or of Eno, you'll like them a lot.

"Recorded in 1976 — after Brian Eno had proclaimed them one of the best groups around...

"Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds is Nicole Mitchell's second album for Chicago-based FPE Records. Recorded in May of 2015 at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, it features her longtime collaborators Renee Baker (violin), Tomeka Reid (cello, banjo), Alex Wing (electric guitar, oud) and Jovia Armstrong (percussion), along with new members Tatsu Aoki (bass, shamisen, taiko) and Kojiro Umezaki (shakuhachi). Also in the mix is Chicago artist, scholar and poet avery r young, who brings the her lyrics...

"The Darkening Scale is the solo project of David Janssen aka Ted The Loaf of Renaldo & The Loaf. A purely digital affair, DS started in 2006 when RATL was on hold. The Entomology of Sound was the first album and came out as digital file and a very limited CDr. David says about it: "Back in 2006, much to my surprise, I found myself making music again after a long gap. Starting at the bottom of a steep learning curve, The Entomology of Sound was the first result, followed by a couple of other collections...

"Rideau! was Un Drame Musical Instantane's second album, originally released in 1980 on the group's own GRRR label. Since its creation in 1976, featuring Jean-Jacques Birge, Bernard Vitet and Francis Gorge, the group has decided to promote collective musical creation, co-signing their albums, which they consider as artworks in themselves, or their live shows which they try to renew every time they play. Un Drame borrowed their sources from rock (synthetizer player Birge and guitarist Gorge, both authors...

"The Most Dense, Cacophonous Branca Symphony Yet Is Finally Available Again!! Ensemble Performers Include Branca Guitar Army Veterans Stephan Wiscerth & Miriam Mcdonough (God-Like Rhythm Section), Al Arthur, Evans Wohlforth, Han Rowe (Foetus Inc.), Jon Bepler & Tim Sommer (Atlantic A&R Guy Who Signed Hootie & The Blowfish... Go Figure!) On A Variety Of Uniquely Exquisite Branca-Engineered Mallet Guitars, Re-Fretted Guitars And Electronic Harpischords."

"Recordings of Branca's music cannot fail...

The famed and great vocalist for Can during their heyday has carried on for decades now performing improvised music with a revolving cast of players. This is his latest.

Dirk Dresselhaus/Schneider TM on the concert: "I find it fairly difficult to say something about how the music in this concert came about, cause we didn't plan or rehearse anything and hardly were able to hear each other on stage. Wherever it came from, the energy and course of this concert is very much based on group dynamics and

Miles Davis (tpt); Steve Grossman (ss); Chick Corea (el-p); Dave Holland (b, el-b); Jack De Johnette (d); Airto Moreira (perc)

"The Davis Sextet opened for the Grateful Dead and Stone the Crows for four nights at the Fillmore West, April 9-12. The revolutionary Bitches Brew was released on March 30th, 1970. By that time, Miles Davis had started performing in rock venues, bringing his music to a much broader audience. His remarkable band displays near telepathic interplay throughout the fiery...

John Fahey invented 'concert Americana finger-style guitar', but his friend and label-mate Robbie Basho may have taken it to its logical conclusion with his amazing string of records from the 1960s and 70s. His music has elements of all the things that Fahey used, but he uses a lot of surprising elements and especially modes and ideas from other musical cultures; the first time I heard Robbie, the only thing I could think of that it reminded me of was Ethiopian piano music!
This was his second album..

"Le Rocanrolorama Abrégé is a clear perspective on Pascal Comelade's musical universe; it can be considered an ultimate "best of" and a radical introduction to this chaotic and uncompromising instrumental music. Rocanrolorama Abrégé (abbreviated "rockandrolorama", in English) is the short version of the complete works and reworks of Pascal Comelade, published at the end of 2016 as a six-CD box set, in a limited edition of 1000, numbered and signed copies (now out of print!). Pascal Comelade made this...

"16 Masada compositions performed by a dynamic piano trio featuring Brian Marsella, the astonishing and passionate pianist from Banquet of the Spirits, Zion80 and The Flail. Joined here by the classic Masada rhythm section of Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen, the performances are powerful, focused and incredibly varied. Each piece presents a different musical world, referencing McCoy Tyner, Don Pullen, Erik Satie, Conlon Nancarrow, Horace Silver,Lennie Tristano, Bill Evans, Bach, Bud Powell, Richard...

This release was his second completely solo album, although Alfie contributes lyrics for the first time - really good ones too! - something she continues to do to this day. This is a remixed and resequenced version of this album.

A late release from the legendary Shandar label and a minor classic of ambient, echo-y weirdness!

"Since its original release in 1977, Ragnar Grippe’s seminal debut album entitled “Sand” has been adorned with immense praise and influenced a myriad of ambient musicians and minimalist composers. Grippe’s unique approach of bonding post-modern classical composition into the tape techniques of musique concrète allowed him to be one of the leading experimental electronic musicians of the late 20th...

Gibson is a long time performer of avant music (who else played in the premiers of "In C", "Einstein On The Beach" & "Drumming"?) who has spent over 25 years in Philip Glass' ensemble. This reissues his 1st album (originally released on Philip Glass' Chatham Square label in the 1970s) as well as some unissued material.
The original tracks were two long compositions: Visitations I - II, that Gibson describes as 16 multi-track-textured environmental soundscapes. The music presents several layers...

This is an interesting, unique take on 'minimal / systems' music by a composer I wasn't previously aware of. Good stuff!

"Multi-instrumentalist and composer David John Sheppard presents his first bona fide solo album, Vertical Land. The writer and orchestrator behind the acclaimed State River Widening, Ellis Island Sound, Snow Palms, and Leaf recording artists Phelan/Sheppard, Sheppard began the tracks percussively by inserting pencils into guitars to make false bridges, then hammering the...

"Synchromysticism is a modern musical wonder of the world. I've never heard a band who was more prepared to record an album in my life. Their compositions are breathtaking - the most complex arrangements I've ever heard a band perform. Every note planned and executed to near perfection, in one take, no overdubs - it's a fucking golden unicorn."-Patrick H. Win, MD

"Yowie is one of those names that evoke wonderment, amazement, bewilderment. It all began with their 2004 debut, Cryptooology, which...;

"Novum is Procol Harum's thirteenth studio album, their first since The Well's On Fire in 2003, and is released in the band's fiftieth anniversary year. Kicking things off with the huge and ongoing success of their debut single A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Procol Harum went on to help define the progressive rock genre in the early seventies whilst at the same time embracing their roots in blues and soul. Novum sees a new lyrical direction for Procol Harum with the songs all featuring words by Pete Brown, most...

Amazing. This was one of the unavailable holy grails for Zappa fans, which has never been seen since its one airing in 1974 until the DVD and now this soundtrack were finally released in 2013.
The band is amazing and the performances are amazing. Nearly 75' long! Highly recommended!

Frank Zappa guitar, percussion, vocals
George Duke keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock sax, vocals
Ruth Underwood percussion
Tom Fowler bass
Chester Thompso

Frank Zappa – lead guitar, vocals, producer
George Duke – keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
Bruce Fowler – trombone, dancer
Napoleon Murphy Brock – flute, tenor saxophone, vocals
Tom Fowler – bass guitar
Ralph Humphrey – drums
Chester Thompson – drums
Ruth Underwood – percussion

One of Frank's greatest bands of all time (and that's saying something) and all previously unheard performances. YES, you need this.

"Roxy by Proxy is a live album by Frank Zappa, re

"Cosmograf is a progressive rock project lead by Robin Armstrong, a multi instrumentalist musician from Waterlooville near Portsmouth UK. The sound is rooted in 70s classic rock with a contemporary and progressive twist."-progarchives

Cosmograf’s fifth release is an existential concept album with an alien theme, based on the essay ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ by the French philosopher Albert Camus.
"“It’s essentially a more modern re-telling of Camus’s writings about mankind’s struggle to...

"Cosmograf is a progressive rock project lead by Robin Armstrong, a multi instrumentalist musician from Waterlooville near Portsmouth UK. The sound is rooted in 70s classic rock with a contemporary and progressive twist.
Robin Armstrong, the name behind Cosmograf, plays every instrument on "The Man Left in Space", though he does have some special guests help out, too. He also produces and mixes his work. If that weren't impressive enough, he has also written quite an incredible story here. "The Man...

"Cosmograf is a progressive rock project lead by Robin Armstrong, a multi instrumentalist musician from Waterlooville near Portsmouth UK. The sound is rooted in 70s classic rock with a contemporary and progressive twist.
Sometimes, when listening to a new album, your first impression, from the heart not the head, sticks. Even after repeated listens, this a prime facie impression of Capacitor is "they nailed it!". Although Cosmograf aren't "they" (it's a one-man-band augmented by more than a little....

"The second solo CD by Citizen Cain's keyboard player Stewart Bell. The album, called "The Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) – Stories From The Antechamber" is a Prog Rock opera featuring contributions from five vocalists; Simone Rossetti (of The Watch), Arjen Anthony Lucassen (of Ayreon), Phil Allen (of Citizen Cain), Bekah Mhairi Comrie and Stewart Bell himself. Each of the vocalists play a different character in the story.
In this second part of Stewart Bell's epic trilogy of concept albums we are...

"This one-off project is best known for featuring the legendary Bill Bruford (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson), on drums. As a result this CD will be of interest to Prog Rock fans the world over.
Previously only issued on CD in Japan, that version sells on the collectors market in the region of $100 !!!!!
The main man behind Absolute Elsewhere was keyboardist and flutist Paul Fishman, who wanted to make a concept-album inspired by the books and theories of Eric von Däniken about aliens visiting earth.

This album has a long and complicated history. In April, 1976, saxist Gary Windo, who was working part time for Nick Mason of Pink Floyd as a mechanic for Nick's car collection, was offered the opportunity to record a album at Pink Floyd's brand-new studio. He would be offered this opportunity as a 'test', to allow the engineers to test, with real musicians, the over-all systems and sound.
Between the years 1976-1978, as time allowed, Gary and a number of other musicians, including Pam Windo-piano...

Now here's something exciting! The Trisector trio of Hugh Banton, Guy Evans and Peter Hammill performing an almost 2 hour concert with a great set-list in front of a tremendously enthusiastic crowd on April 14, 2007, all captured professionally...

These were Gary's first two albums; Dogface came out of the great Europa label and Dogface came out a number of years later on Island.

"Digitally remastered two CD set containing a pair of albums from the late Jazz tenor saxophonist: DEEP WATER and DOGFACE. Gary Windo was one of those people who never achieved the full recognition due to him. A highly original musician with an instantly recognizable style, Windo was involved in the '70s with various musicians of the Canterbury scene. Most notable..

The 1st & I think by far the best of two by this fusion/free jazz supergroup, with Hugh Hopper-bass, Elton Dean-alto & saxello, Keith Tippett-piano, electric piano & Joe Gallivan-drums, drum synths.
Somehow I managed to see these guys when I went to London in 1977 and seeing these early heroes of mine was something I nearly could not have imagined ever happening!
This combines Canterbury-ish jazz rock with the more outward bound stylings of Elton & Keith. This has been out of print for many...

Bernard Falaise guitars, keyboards, turntable
Pascal Globensky keyboards, synths, piano
Rémi Leclerc drums, percussion, electronics
Nicolas Lessard bass, double bass, keyboards

"With a career going back over 30 years, French-Canadian band Miriodor have carved out an instantly recognizable sound that straddles avant rock and jazz...Miriodor have a wonderful sense of melody to counter their more experimental tendencies, and [the band] pulls off the ha

Unless you were there, I can not begin to explain just how controversial TG were back in the late 70s. This, along with the included single, were their opening salvos and actually may be their best work. The pioneers of noise music in rock.

"For the first time in 30 years, Throbbing Gristle are now back on their own original Industrial Records label. Industrial Records -- the sole representative of, and only official label representing and releasing records by the band -- present the re-release of...

Note: there will a very, very limited run of vinyl of this title, which will only be available from the band and from us. We'll announce its availability when it is ready (sometime in June).

"After three decades, many long-running acts have long run out of ideas. Cheer-Accident...sounds like a band that’s barely dug into its...ingenuity and daring." – Something Else!

Bands, like the human beings that comprise them, are mortal. Against all the odds, in the face of an.

João Hasselberg double bass/electric bass
Pedro Branco guitar
Albert Cirera sax on tracks 5, 8
Afonso Pais guitar on tracks 1 (Left side), 6
João Paulo Esteves da Silva piano on tracks 1, 6
Luis Figueiredo piano on track 3
João Lencastre drums

"Only a few months after the debuting success of the album “Dancing Our Way to Death”, the partnership of the Portuguese, but living in Copenhagen, double bassist João Hasselberg and the also Portuguese, but established in

Per Zanussi double bass
Raymond Strid drums and percussion
Martin Küchen baritone, alto and sopranino saxophones

"After “...was there to illuminate the night sky...”, “Bruder Beda” and “Human Encore”, this one with Joe McPhee as special guest, Trespass Trio is back to tell us another story without words. There’s a narrative structure developing from start to finish, with a cinematic quality, but everything goes through an emotional level (from rage to a disarming tenderness) and the..

Rob Mazurek modular synth, sampler, cornet, piano on Android Sun
Mauricio Takara drums
Guilherme Granado keyboards, synth, sampler, electronics
Thomas Rohrer rabeca, flutes, soprano saxophone, electronics
Philip Somervell piano, prepared piano

"Electro-Acoustic Composer, Cornetist Rob Mazurek continues to focus on the Brazilian side of his musical production, and that’s good news. Even better when we notice that “Chants and Corners” is something else than a new São Paulo...