New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Chad Taylor: Drums
Brian Settles: Tenor Saxophone
Neil Podgurski: Piano

As the debut recording of an ensemble rooted in deep and abiding friendships The Daily Biological is a creatively roiling conversation. The unusual trio of drums (Chad Taylor), saxophone (Brian Settles) and piano (Neil Podgurski) creates tough and engaging music that unfurls in kinetic conversational bursts.
Taylor is probably best known as co-founder of the

SHANE PARISH – nylon string acoustic guitar

Tatsuya Nakatani is an avant-garde percussionist and composer, active internationally since the 1990's; Nakatani tours extensively, performing over 150 concerts a year. He teaches master classes and lectures at universities and music conservatories around the world.
Originally from Japan, he makes his home in the desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Nakatani creates his distinctive

Joanna Mattrey: viola, stroh violin

“Veiled is Joanna Mattrey’s first solo release. Joanna Mattrey is a violist active in both the new music and free improvisation communities who's playing often incorporates textural gestures, preparations, and electronic alterations. She is searching for moments of ceremony and ritual in a modern soundscape.
Mattrey has played with such luminaries as Marc Ribot and the Young Philadelphians, Mary Halvorson, John Zorn, Erik Friedlander, Nick Dunston and...

"The original 1975 recording of Paul Horn & the percussion group Nexus demonstrates that the material and musicianship is as vital today as it was then.
This release represents the logical combination of two recordings rooted in multi-cultural rhythms. By transcending traditional Western musical biases, together they present a musical celebration of humanity, in all its diversity, linked by rhythms and melody into a unifying, satisfying whole.
The compositions and the musical interpretations...

“This is a great album! It's a very uplifting album; I just wish it was longer. Paul was obviously inspired by Stevie Wonder's Innervisions album. There are three songs from that album, three by David Crosby, and two by Joni Mitchell, with Joni providing vocalizing and keyboards on her song Blue.
The band is excellent, featuring Larry Carlton and Joe Sample, and Paul himself plays excellent flute and sax.”

Not quite a decade ago, there was a new set from the newly reformed / revamped Grobschnitt, released as 2008 Live. It was recorded in Bonn and Menden Germany in May 2008 and it was really good (see below).
This newer version takes that live album, adds a bonus track from 2008 and then adds a second disc from the next year, which has a complete live version of Rockpommel's Land as well as many other vintage greats. They still have that sound and fans will be really happy with this one...

This tiny label release documents Kevin's shows in California in 1993, 1998 and 2000. The sound ranges from decent (2 tracks) to very good (all the others) and most tracks include a full band, which is interesting to hear, as he has tended to go solo in the last decade or more.
I don't know that Kevin and the band rehearsed a ton together, but it's obvious that they know the tunes and play them with a lot of verve if somewhat loosely. Not one of his essential releases, but a surprisingly good live...

Warehouse find: Released in 2000, this is long out of print, but we found a few and it’s at regular price while it lasts.
John's first since "Songs", this is all new songs by John, with full band, including guitarist Francois Ovide + guests, including Patrice Meyer and Vicent Courtois. Sort of like John doing a Peter Blegvad style album.

“The Caretaker sees John Greaves coming back to the rock song format, something he had not done since the 1996 CD Songs. After a few disappointing side...

David and Birdsongs worked on this multi-faceted performance piece for several years, touring large theatres and getting some major press out of it.
Obviously it's not a strictly musical work, and the main audience is not intended to be Birdsongs fans, but there is some great music here and the overall effect of David's work with Birdsong's musical backing is charming and thoughtful.

"1001 Real Apes is a spoken word and music collaboration created by David Greenberger and Birdsongs of the...

Kenny Dorham-trumpet
Joe Henderson-tenor
McCoy Tyner-piano
Butch Warren-bass
Pete La Roca-drums

“The title Page One is fitting for this disc, as it marks the beginning of the first chapter in the long career of tenor man Joe Henderson. And what a beginning it is; no less than Kenny Dorham, McCoy Tyner, Butch Warren, and Pete La Roca join the saxophonist for a stunning set that includes "Blue Bossa" and "Recorda Me," two works that would be forever associated with Henderson. Both

"In the year 2015, it may be that only foolishness or forgetfulness can excuse being surprised by the pace and power of a rock and roll machine coming out of the holy state of Michigan. Yet such is the power of the perpetual energy expressed throughout “Holy Water Pool,” the new full-length album by Heaters on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond.

If there’s an offer of salvation within “Holy Water Pool,” its one that comes with a catch: you have to risk drowning. Drowning in this case brought on by the...

Liberty Ellman - guitar
Steve Lehman - alto saxophone
Jonathan Finlayson - trumpet
Jose Davila - tuba
Stephan Crump - bass
Damion Reid - drums

“Last Desert is guitarist Liberty Ellman's follow up to his critically-acclaimed Radiate (Pi 2015), which the Wall Street Journal described as "bristling with energy and innovation" and Downbeat praised as "unique, indelible and fully human."
Named #1 Rising Star Guitarist in the 2016 Downbeat Critics Poll, Ellman is perh

Excellent, completely unknown French stick player who has put together an excellent, ECM-ish, mellow, jazz/rock album with a band that includes Alexis Drossos-saxophones, Jean-Marie Gerintes-percussion, harmonica, musicial saw, Jean-Philippe Rykiel-keyboards and Stephane Deschamps-piano. Good playing from everyone; the accent is not on the leader, but on the ensemble. Take a chance and discover something great!!

“The music reflects of the cultural crossroads that his country embodies. Jazz and...

After Colosseum broke up, keyboardist Dave Greenslade formed his own progressive rock band, which most notably featured two keyboardists, bass and drums.
In addition to the original album, this features an entire extra CD of BBC recordings made from right around the time of this album and giving listeners a glimpse of how this original and early version of the band sounded live at the time!

“Newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and features an illustrated booklet with many rare...

A modern string quartet who recorded this album in 1998, they have some personnel ties to Julverne, as well as to the legendary Flemish folk groups Rum and Madou. This is mostly self-written (by Jeannot Gillis) modern material.

Eliza is the daughter of UK folk royalty: guitarist/vocalist Martin Carthy and vocalist Norma Waterson.

"Eliza Carthy has turned into a marvelous vocalist who has drawn equally from the craft and the idiosyncrasies of both her parents' distinctive styles."-Dirty Linnen. "While not a traditional folk album in a strictly purist sense, the vein of, say, early June Tabor or Carthy's mother, the redoubtable Norma Waterson...With the exception of a couple of fiddle tunes, most notably...

"Less than a year after the release of “Holy Water Pool” – Heaters’ debut, a crushing, revelatory psycho-surf-rock anointment-as-album – there are no apparent signs of distress to the engine that powers this Michigan-made vehicle of sound. To the contrary, Heaters are operating at a higher horsepower than ever before, as evidenced by the 2016 release of “Baptistina.”
“Baptistina” glimmers to a greater degree than anything Heaters have previously unleashed, a full-spectrum sheen that shines across the..

Hansi Fischer - soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Klaus Briest - bass
Eberhard Emmel - tenor sax, soprano sax
Markus Kieslich -keyboards
Erik Klingenberg - vocals
Leo Fischer - guitar (1,2,3,8)
Darwin Berger – drums
Babak Massali – percussion (9)

“Xhol Caravan were founded in Wiesbaden in 1969 and are known for their fusion of jazz-rock and psychedelia. With their LP “Electrip”, released in 1969, they presented a masterpiece of krautrock.
Now the band is perfo

Harald Skorepa – piano, organ, synth, flute, guitar
Uwe Bekemeier – guitar
Benno Löser – bass (1)
Michael Heine – drums (1)
Klaus Kluge – guitar (2,3,4,8)
Günter Lietz – bass (2,3,4,8)
Wolfgang Brock – drums (2,3,4,8)

“Upperseption – the name being a partly nonsensical coinage – were founded in Altenhundem, situated in the Sauerland in North Rhine-Westpalia, in 1970. They played progressive rock music, influenced by The Nice.
The band didn’t release anything back

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“ project I did take on was a substantial Tangerine Dream box set focusing on the golden 70’s Virgin Records era – although this is strictly speaking not a “remix” project, as the majority of my work was selecting and mixing previously unreleased studio recordings, 3 full CD’s worth in fact. For a TD fan this should be a pretty...

"Yggdrasil from Munich named themselves after the world ash or yew tree of the Germanic tribes and played progressive rock of a calmer nature, with flute, violin, and English lyrics. They are hardly known, as their own LP, recorded in the Robert Meilhaus Studio, didn’t get beyond the so-called metal acetate, a pre-state which can be played. In summer 1972, only 10 copies were produced by Meilton; they have never appeared in collector circles. These records could probably be sold for a four-digit amount...

“Ain Soph are a band to be recognised alongside Kenso, KBB, Asturias or Bi Kyo Ran for the quality of their musicianship and composition. With 4 excellent studio albums to their credit over their 30 years together, this release compiles previously unpublished live in the studio recordings, taken between 1985 and 1988, of pieces most of which had appeared on the Canterburyesque Hat and Fields as well as one new number from 2005.
Two unreleased works, "Flight" and "Odessa", front the album. "Flight"...

The first release of these live recordings from January, 1979, by this French, instrumental, symphonic rock band who only released one album during their lifetime (in 1978).
Reasonably good sound for 40 year old tapes and a further exploration of a very French sound a bit reminiscent of Wappasou.

ALEX WARD: clarinet (tracks 1, 2 & 4) and electric guitar (tracks 2, 3 & 4)
CHARLOTTE KEEFFE: trumpet and flugelhorn
OTTO WILLBERG: double bass

“Item 4 is Alex Ward's latest ensemble to feature his compositions for improvisers. His previous work in this field with ensembles such as Predicate, Forebrace and the Alex Ward Quintet/Sextet has been described as "deft and utterly mesmeric" (Philip Clark, The Guardian review of Alex Ward Quintet "Glass Shelves And ...

Alex Ward: electric guitar

“’Frames” is the debut solo guitar album from composer/improviser/performing musician Alex Ward. The path leading to the making of this album extended through many years, during which Ward’s approach to the guitar in general and solo playing in particular became solidified. Up until his mid-twenties, Ward was known primarily as a clarinettist and his involvement in improvised music was almost exclusively as a reeds player. During this period Ward was also playing...

“Prog rock with a dash of jazz rock and a tinge of Curved Air. I've been a fan of Curved Air for years, but hadn't gotten around to listening to singer Sonja Kristina's solo albums until recently. This is her first solo album, originally released in 1980. She married Police drummer Stewart Copeland around this time. Stewart played on two Curved Air albums (Midnight Wire and Airborne).
If you are a fan of Curved Air, you should like this album. It's even stronger than the albums mentioned previously....

An amazing price on this 14 track/14 artist anthology of women guitarists. Definitely a good number of names that guitar fans have heard of: Wu Man, Sharon Isbin, Patty Larkin, Memphis Minnie, Mimi Fox, Kaki King, Ellen McIlwaine, Badi Assad, Alex Houghton, Vicki Genfan, Muriel Anderson, Rory Block, Jennifer Batten, Elizabeth Cotton.

"Men have long made a big deal out of their prowess as guitarists, choosing modest group names like the Great Guitars and picking low-key album titles like...

"Percussionist Trilok Gurtu comes from a long line of respected Indian classical musicians, but he's best known for his genre-blending fusions of world music and jazz. Crazy Saints is one of his most complex and challenging releases to date, enlisting the aid of jazz legends like guitarist Pat Metheny and Joe Zawinul to create a thoroughly modern sound that moves from razor sharp ensemble work to dizzying solos. The most effective songs are those that mine Gurtu's myriad world music influences, including...

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I know that John spent a lot of time thinking about this album and recording a lot of things that did NOT go on this album and you can hear the result of that ‘quality control’ immediately.

'Between the Axiom and the Sigh' is the first new album from Ephemeral Sun keyboardist John Battema in 8 years. Inspired and influenced by sci-fi soundtracks from the late 70's/80's and the keyboard-heavy electronic/prog/rock of the 80's, it..

A classic of its kind and long out of print, these are some of the very last copies in existence, which we bought directly from Kip Hanrahan.

"Darn it! Strings together an outrageous number of artists performing one after another in a polyglot line that stretches from Paul Bley’s solo piano ‘Threats That Matter’ through funky dance numbers by Greg ‘Iron Man’ Tate to a duet by trombonist Roswell Rudd and Canadian poetry Paul Haines, ‘Etait Dans La Nuit.’ Even its beautiful package, designed by...

Once again, I had never heard of guitarist Fred Hamm until he sent us a copy of this album and I was fairly impressed. Working with a trio (keyboards and drums). Not jazz, not rock, not techno; fairly hard to pigeonhole, although I guess it is closest to jazz/rock, but only just...

"Passionate for the music styles of Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Led Zeppelin gave him the desire to begin to play the guitar at age 15. He carries out various musical projects in parallel; free jazz...

This is a compilation of tracks from Amazing Blondel (6 tracks), Fairport Convention (5 tracks), Magna Carta (4 tracks) and Steeleye Span (6 tracks). If you have a collection of British folk-rock, you don't need this, but if you are looking for a place...

"Esoteric Antenna is pleased to announce the release of a charity album featuring new tracks by legendary artists from the “progressive” music world; “HARMONY FOR ELEPHANTS”. The album features new music donated to raise funds and awareness for the charity Elephants for Africa, an organization dedicated to protecting the endangered African elephant through research and education.
Featuring new tracks from Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett, Nad Sylvan, Nick Magnus and more."

Five classic Blue Note albums, released here by Blue Note in a nice, inexpensive, official set.
Takin’ Off
My Point of View
Inventions & Dimensions
Speak Like a Child
The Prisoner

Very good first effort from a new generation of French Zeuhl.
Carole Sauvage-Fender Rhodes
Yannick Duchene-guitar, vocals
William Pawelzik-bass
Christophe Gratien-drums

"Influences: Zeühl, Jazz-Rock-Progressif, Classique-Contemporain, Lyrique, Traditionnel, Musiques spirituelles..."
"First CD of this French band that has recently opened for Magma at Bourg les Valence. A superb recording, heavily influenced by Magma (sound, compositions & spirit). Very much recommended...

"Reissue of an obscure underground French album from 1980. NOA features a histrionic female vocalist, piping the French language and enunciating syllables just like another instrument. The music of Noa is of the jazzy Zeuhl variety, with plenty of sax...soaring flute and the expected rhythms of the genre."-Tom Hayes.

"Although the general mood of the album is Zeuhl-influenced (the dark vibe & the female voice that reminds of Eskaton), the main influences claimed by the band are Henry Cow & Art...

Released by the always excellent Soleil Zeuhl label and given who appears on here, you won't be surprised to learn that this is a mostly excellent and very entertaining take on the music of Christian Vander.
All tracks previously unreleased and available elsewhere! Well done and huge fun for Magma/Zeuhl fans.
CD 1
01 - Üdü Wüdü (Minimum Vital)
02 - Kobah (Olivier Wursten Olmos)
03 - Mekajak (on motives of MDK - Blasquiz)
04 - Hamtaak (Pochakaite Malko) ...

“Brian Marsella is finally being recognized as one of the most talented and imaginative pianists of his generation. A veteran of countless bands including Banquet of the Spirits and many projects with John Zorn, his recent recordings have been some of the most exciting music coming out of the NYC jazz scene.
Here he leads an octet to perform his scintillating compositions inspired by classical, jazz, and folkloric Brazilian music. Influenced by composers from Ernesto Nazareth, Heitor Villa-Lobos.....

This is the fourth album by this extra-ordinary Baltimore band. As I have said before, it's hard to describe, but think of Beefheart guitars and drums with microtones and Steve Reichian & Terry Rileyian ideas and structures and that gives you a little bit of the sound.
You could also imagine a less note-flinging version of Upsilon Acrux and you wouldn't be that far off the path either. This will either give you a headache or an orgasm.

“Horse Lords make music for the liberation of mind...

“This is is the first ever collection of Apala music to be released outside of Nigeria.
The album focuses on a wide selection of recordings made in Nigeria in the 1960s, a time when Apala music was at the height of its popularity. Apala is a deeply rhythmical, hypnotic and powerful musical style that combines the striking nasal-style vocals and traditions of Islamic music, the Agidigbo (thumb piano), and the equally powerful drumming and percussion rhythms and techniques of the Yoruba of Nigeria...

Despite the fact that for some reason this album was released as being by ‘The Chris McGregor Group’, this is, in fact, the ONLY album ever made by Chris and The Blue Notes in the 1960s (there are some live recordings that were released later, but this is essentially IT!)
These is the only recordings by the band who left apartheid South Africa (McGregor, Dudu Pukwana, Mongezi Feza, Ronnie Beer, Johnny Dyani and Louis Moholo) to play at the Antibes Jazz Fest and eventually found their way to London...

“The first Piece 'Distant Radio Transmission' was first recorded as an improvisation by Roscoe Mitchell, Craig Taborn, and Kikanju Baku in 2013 and released as the third composition on Roscoe Mitchell Conversations I. It was then transcribed by Stephen P. Harvey in 2016 with further Transcription and Orchestration of air sounds for Strings by John Ivers in 2017 and finally then fully Orchestrated by Roscoe Mitchell in 2017. Here it is performed in 2019 by Mr Mitchell on Soprano Saxophone and the...

These are due to arrive around April 20 and we will ship your order as soon as we have them.

Allan Holdsworth: guitar & violin
Ray Warleigh: flute & sax
Ron Mathewson: bass
Bryan Spring: drums

“Holdsworth, Warleigh, Mathewson and Spring - Warleigh Manor - contains a truly...

We do not generally do very well with books and this book is expensive, so we will be bringing in a limited number above our pre-orders. If you want to be guaranteed a copy of this book, please pre-order it.

Atte Kemppainen, Lead Vocals/Bass/Composition (Kolöniel name: Alemaahr Kempah)
Ville Sirviö, Lead Guitar (Kolöniel name: Willargh Shirow)
Roope Pelkonen, Keyboards/Vocals (Kolöniel name: Kaszpar Gorkeulhzennh)
Osmo Saarinen, Drums/Percussions/Vocals (Kolöniel name: Ozamö Sharif)

“A band singing in their created own language (named “Kolöniel”), does that remind you another band ? Yes, you’re right THAT Kobaïan band led by a famous French drummer! DAI KAHT story begins in Finland when

Don’t let the word ‘detuned’ throw you off. Think La Monte Young. This is pretty great!

Max de Wardener returns to Village Green with an album of detuned acoustic piano pieces, performed by pianist Kit Downes (ECM).
Drawing inspiration from modernist composers James Tenney, Harry Partch and La Monte Young, de Wardener’s intentions here were “to try and bend something established and monumental into something new”.
The resulting album is deceptively simple, belying the project’s myriad..

“Sprawling English kosmiche”-Boiler Room

Here’s the deal: SOMEHOW I stumbled upon this excellent electronic music ensemble’s first release, the 12” EP ‘Netherfield Works’, which we stock and about which I said, “This is over 30' of music by a great electronic ensemble I never heard of before!
The first side is cyclical, hypnotic electronics with an early sound ala Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom. The second side adds drums and bass tones and operates more in a Neu! / Circle motorik + ....

Camae Ayewa - voice, texts
Keir Neuringer - saxophone, percussion
Aquiles Navarro - trumpet, percussion
Luke Stewart - double bass, percussion
Tcheser Holmes - drums, congas

I literally saw these folks 5 days previous to writing these words, and they were fantastic and very groove-laden, while also being very OUT! They are all fantastic players, and AMAZING live.

“Stay on it! This is the future! This is the spectral dreaming, the reshaped soundwaves of...

For this French favorite’s ninth album, they’ve gone all out and packaged it in a beautiful hardbound book with a 60 page booklet, and it’s really quite the package!

"The album, the follow-up to 2018’s much acclaimed Saison 8, is an allegorical fable and is a special tribute to all their loyal fans. It is dedicated to Dieter Böhm, a German fan who travels everywhere across Europe to see them play live.
The concept of the album tells how a musician plants a note on a desert island, which then.

Peter Jones (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Mick Wilson (bass, vocals)
Andy Wilson (guitar)
Paul Comerie (drums)

"The first ever Tiger Moth Tales live DVD! A Visit To Zoetermeer, includes the concert film of our 2019 gig at the splendid Boerderij, plus a selection of videos of Tiger Moth Tales tracks.
Pete Jones, mastermind behind Tiger Moth Tales, is also keyboard player in Camel and has just completed the latest tour with Francis Dunnery’s It Bites. Of the live recording, he says.