New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Torgim Sollidd-trumpet, flugelhorn, drums
Jan Garbarek-tenor & soprano sax
Bjørn Alterhaug-bass, vocals
Ole Jacob Hansen-drums
Knut Riisnaes-flute, tenor sax
Erling Aksdal-piano
Alf Kjellman-tenor sax
Lars Martin Thommassen-trumpet, flugelhorn

I had never previously heard of Torgrim Sollid or this album, but it’s actually a real winner.
This is the first reissue of any sort, of a 1975 album of jazz and folk-influenced jazz. In a lot of ways, this reminds me

This is the fifth release by this quite popular Norwegian folk-rock band, which originally was released in 1980 and this limited edition release marks its first appearance on CD.
This is supposedly their last great release (I never heard what came after, so I can’t attest to that), but I can attest to the fact that this is a very good one. Some little 80s style production touches show up here, but I actually think that they give this a little bit of a distinctive air and I quite enjoy them (and...

Hermod Falch (vocals)
John Hesla (guitar, flute)
Bruce C. Rasmussen (drums)
Arve Sakariassen (bass)
Lars Hesla (keyboards)

“Excellent progressive hard rock from Norway with that typical cold scandinavian sound. The guitars are heavy and vocals are clear and sometimes evil-inspired. Underrated album.”-RYM

“A heavy rock group which formed in 1972. The first Flax album sold poorly at the time of release in 1976 and has become something of a collector's item. It contained..

Terje Rypdal (guitar, vocals)
Christian Reim (piano, organ, vocals)
Hans Marius Stormoen (bass)
Tom Karlsen (drums, percussion)

This is rightly considered one of the all-time greatest European psychedelic smokers! Tons of great, great guitarwork (by one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Terje Rypdal). For fans of this 1967 sound, this is an absolute no brainer

“Get Dreamy is perhaps the most fantastic and unique underground album from Scandinavia. Recorded in 1967, it.

"This album is Hux Records' 150th release and also our most ambitious project by far.
Quintessence came from the Ladbroke Grove scene of the late 1960's. A group of musicians who became darlings of the hippy scene and the underground press along with contemporaries Hawkwind. Quintessence played a freaky form of rock music that embraced Indian music, psychedelia and jazz. They came to public attention in 1969 when they signed to Island records, for whom they recorded three classic albums...

“When a band as good as Magenta make it through to their 20th anniversary, it is a real cause for celebration amongst the prog rock community. When Robert Reed and Christina Booth talked through the Magenta band concept back in 1999 – eventually leading to the release of their debut album Revolutions in 2001 – even they would not have envisaged the twists and turns they would experience over the next two decades.
The 20th anniversary concert took place at Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury, Berkshire...

With Les Penning and Robert Reed and man, does this sound like Mike Oldfield!

“Tom Newman who was fresh off producing Mike Oldfield’s classics from Ommadawn, Hergest Ridge, and the groundbreaking 1973 debut Tubular Bells, which marked the beginning of Richard Branson’s label Virgin Records, was supported by the late great Radio DJ John Peel who wrote not only an enthusiastic review for The Listener, but played the first side of the album on his Top Gear program on May 29th of that year.
However, Newman was more than just producing Mike Oldfield and Hatfield and the North. In...

A rare 1970 folk-rock album. Jade were a very popular UK live act in 1970, but they only managed to record one studio album. Fly On Strangewings features a host of guest artists including members of Spencer Davis Group, Pentangle, Colosseum, Jefferson...

"The tracks on this release come from two BBC radio sessions, the first on 21st September 1971 and the last on 7th February 1973 and include a 15 minute version of "Slark". Included on this CD is "The Lyder Loo" which is much sought after by Stackridge fans as it is the only recording of this track.”

 “It comes as no surprise to discover that Stackridge were a favorite of BBC DJ John Peel. Irreverent and light-hearted, but capable of unleashing some cripplingly powerful emotions, the band made...

“Prog rock with a dash of jazz rock and a tinge of Curved Air. I've been a fan of Curved Air for years, but hadn't gotten around to listening to singer Sonja Kristina's solo albums until recently. This is her first solo album, originally released in 1980. She married Police drummer Stewart Copeland around this time. Stewart played on two Curved Air albums (Midnight Wire and Airborne).
If you are a fan of Curved Air, you should like this album. It's even stronger than the albums mentioned previously....

“Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1978 debut album from the British quartet including bonus tracks. Initially a Progressive Rock band, After the Fire released this debut album on their own Rapid label, selling 4,000 copies before signing to a major label and streamlining their sound and becoming the commercially successful band that '80s fans know and love.
This release, however, will appeal to lovers of Prog Rock.”

“I was rather shocked to find ATF in an entry of the...

Produced by Mike Keneally and Android Trio.

Max Kutner, Eric Klerks and Andrew Niven, virtuosos all, were all also schooled in playful virtuosity, sprung rhythms, and no-holds-barred experimentation while playing in one or both of two of the great legacy bands of progressive music: The Grandmothers of Invention, who specialize in the reinvention of the Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention repertoire, and The Magic Band, John “Drumbo” French’s uncannily inspired...

When Miles stopped making music in 1975, he went out on (one of his many) career high notes, as this great show attests. Excellent radio broadcast/soundboard sound.

"On his tour of Japan in early 1975, Miles Davis presented some of the most searing, electric fusion ever heard in concert. The performances on this 2CD set, from a soundboard recording for post-FM broadcast, hail from a January 22 gig at Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall in Tokyo. Staged ten days earlier than the February 1 shows at which...

One of the greatest bands to emerge in the year of the summer of love, their “Mr Fantasy” album is my favorite psychedelic album.
These BBC sessions have been out many times in many ways, but if you don’t have them, they present an alternative look at many of the tracks from Mr Fantasy & more!

“Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi formed Traffic in April 1967. Expectations ran high and were triumphantly met by Paper Sun, which became a smash hit upon release in May (and,,,

“The third Steeleye Span album, Ten Man Mop opens with possibly the most beautifully sung number of their entire history, "Gower Wassail," which also makes a very strong case for the use of electric guitars in a traditional folk setting. "Paddy Clancy's Jig/Four Nights Drunk" was the group's first great electric adaptation of traditional dance, None of the rest is quite that good, highlighted by Maddy Prior's haunting performance on "When I Was on Horseback" (although the song drones on a little too long...

“The debut of Steeleye Span (Mark II), with Peter Knight on fiddle and Martin Carthy on guitar, is more solid in almost every area from repertory to production. The group still had its feet in both modern and traditional sounds simultaneously, so Please to See the King mixes very beautiful, distinctly archaic sounding songs such as "Boys of Bedlam" with amplified, electric numbers like the rousing, ironic "Female Drummer" (which was a highlight of their concerts). Although a second female voice would've...

This is two full shows from Birmingham and Glastonbury, UK and is over 4 hours of the band right around the last time I saw them, where they blew my socks off, much to my pleasure and surprise!

“This is a high-value DVD 2-disc set of two separate Yes shows. Beyond the obvious low price and ample running time the disc immediately grabs loyal Yes fans as offering a different and unique concert experience. This is not a super stylized and overly produced presentation of Yes, and it that there is a...

“In 1988, guitarist/composer Ray Russell climbed onto the Montreux Jazz Festival stage with a crack band comprised of rhythm team Mo Foster and Simon Phillips, trumpeter Stuart Brooks, and keyboardists Tommy Eyre and Tony Hymas. The success of their show convinced Russell to capture this unit for posterity, and bolstered by saxophonists Iain Ballamy and Tony Roberts, the group entered the studio. A Table Near the Band was the result, a set originally released in 1989 and now reissued by Angel....

This is another long-awaited debut on CD of an late-period original-era fusion classic, which was originally released 38 years ago in 1974 (and which was the album the band was touring when I saw them twice: Once opening for the Bill Connors-era Return To Forever and once as headliners over the Allan Holdsworth-era Soft Machine(!!).
The group is: Larry Coryell - guitar, Mike Mandel - keyboards, Michael Lawrence - flugelhorn, trumpet, John Lee - bass, Alphonse Mouzon - drums. Some really wild...

From the group’s last tour, this set was recorded at The Budokan, Tokyo in December 1982 and was their fifth from last show on that tour. The band had become friends with Yellow Magic Orchestra who joined them on some of the performances here - "Bamboo Music" is a duet featuring Akiko Yano, and "Taking Islands In Africa" features Yukihiro Takahashi. Ryuichi Sakamoto also plays on those tracks.”

“2016 album by former King Crimson violinist and Mellotron player David Cross and Sean Quinn. Cold Sky Blue is a sonic melting pot taking in prog, ambient, synthpop and even a sprinkling of dubstep, which is simultaneously timeless and modern.
David and Sean were introduced by a mutual friend and after a lengthy phone conversation, pitched a couple of ideas at each other which became Skyline Vertical and Cold Sky Blue. They then agreed to expand the collaborative nature of the record and Beth Hirsch..

“From the opening riff of "Fresh Garbage," with its jazzy electric piano and fuzzy rock guitar, Spirit set out to carve a unique, eclectic niche in the music world of the late '60s. Though the band achieved only limited commercial success, the music they produced from 1968-1972 still sounds fresh decades later.
Time Circle collects the bulk of their recorded output during this five-year period. The 41 tracks assembled here include nine from the group's eponymous debut, seven from the follow-up The...

Itiberê Zwarg is an award-winning Brazilian bassist and the longest-serving member of Hermeto Pascoal’s ground-breaking ensemble ‘O Grupo’. Since their first meeting in 1977, the two have been closely collaborating to create a unique musical language: a genre-defying polyharmonic, polyrhythmic music, now widely studied by musicians and musicologists alike, known as ‘Universal Music’.
This was recorded by Itiberé and his son and a 25 piece orchestra of Japanese players who studied with Itiberé and...

Gabriel Nobrega - Keyboards
Ricardinho Paraíso - Bass
Jabes Felipe - Drums
Matheus Prado - Percussion
Wagner Barbosa - Saxophone
Reynoldo Izeppi - Trumpet
Gileño Foiquinos - Guitar

Composed, arranged and led by keyboardist Gabriel Nobrega, Silbrina are are very large sounding septet from São Paulo, Brazil. This is their second, self-released album from 2019.
They mix Brazilian folk and popular stylings, Hermeto-ish arrangements and more on top of a solid..

Gabriel Nobrega - Keyboards
Ricardinho Paraíso - Bass
Jabes Felipe - Drums
Luciano Fagundes - Percussion
Anderson Quevedo - Saxophone
Bruno Belasco - Trumpet
Raphael Braga - Guitar

Composed, arranged and led by keyboardist Gabriel Nobrega, Silbrina are are very large sounding septet from São Paulo, Brazil. This is their first, self-released album from 2018.
They mix Brazilian folk and popular stylings, Hermeto-ish arrangements and more on top of a solid...

"One of the foremost Quebec prog bands of their day, Morse Code's discography has sold over 100,000 copies and earned them fans around the world. This, their first Capitol album, features their biggest hits, the symphonic disco instrumental Cocktail for the mass market, and the eleven-minute title track for the progressive rock fanbase. Inspired by Genesis and Yes, from the lush Mellotron to utopian lyrics (in French), this is vintage progressive rock."

This may have had the big disco hit, but...

Progressive hard rock band from Québec, Canada. First called "Les Maîtres" from 1967 to 1970, then rechristened "Morse Code Transmission" before dropping the "Transmission" and becoming the better known ‘Morse Code’ who recorded for Capitol in the mid 70s. This, their first, is from 1971.

This marks the first time it has ever been reissued legitimately! Morse Code was definitely the stronger version of this band, but you can absolutely sense the seeds of something interesting and good that would...

It makes me very, very happy to see this album reissued. This is one of the major one-shot Quebeçois progressive releases of the 1970s, maybe the major one.
Recorded in 1972 while he was dying of cancer, and with the album dedicated to the doctors who worked to save him, in addition to being a very, very fine album of proto-progressive styled rock with some Canterburian flourishes, this album directly led to the formation of Contraction, another of the greats of Quebeçois progressive rock. This has...

Sonny Greenwich: electric guitar
Don Thompson: piano, electric piano
Richard Homme: acoustic bass, bass guitar
Terry Clarke: drums
Clayton Johnston: percussion

Sonny Greenwich is a little known Canadian guitarist who is kind of a ‘Santana / Coltrane guitarist’ in the same way that Tisziji Muñoz is and with a somewhat similar furious but spiritually uplifting esthetic, except he emerged a decade earlier! This is his first album as a leader and also his hardest to source until

Marco Fabbri - drums
Michel Cayuela & Mathieu Havart - keys
Simon Segura – bass, guitars
Gary Haguenauer – lead guitar
Dominique Olmo – rythmic guitar
Emma Boudeau – viola da gamba
Lyse Mathieu – flute
Emmanuelle Olmo-Cayuela – vocals
Christophe Fernandez – additional guitar & vocals

This is the debut release from a French progressive rock band, which features English language female vocals.
There are longish and long tracks and while this is defin

Pierre Vervloesem : Guitar
Bruno Vansina : Sax, Synth
Nicolas Dechêne : Bass
Renaud Van Hooland : Drums

“It’s fairly safe to assume that the Order of Leopold II medal displayed on the album cover of the Pierre Vervloesem Group’s January 2022 release 30 Years of Success is intended to make an ironic statement. After 30 years creating a massive discography of audaciously outside-the-box music, Belgian electric guitarist Vervloesem probably does deserve some sort of medal pinned...

Teun Verbruggen : Drums

Falk Schrauwen : Percussions

Thomas Mayade : Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Baritone horn, Keyboard 

Bruno Vansina : Saxes, Keyboard, Xun

Pierre Vervloesem : Bass, Guitar

“The music on this album was conceived or premeditated for a band by Pierre who recorded all the bases on guitar and bass then emailed the result to each guest musicians (all of them met when he was playing with Flat Earth Society or before on different projects). 

It was then up to.

“An intrinsic individual experience to bring you on the edges of vibrant continuum!
VIBRANT CONTINUUM is a solo album from Floy Krouchi. The Parisian bassist and composer works with her fretless electric bass like it was a living body and then adds electronics. Influenced by Indian music which she studied with Pandit Hindraj Divekar, master of Rudra Veena, she thinks of this record as a contemporary electronic raga, deconstructed, and which unfolds into 10 pieces. Vibrant Continuum is a journey...

“Josse De Pauw tells in Weg about the life of a man, his youth, his exercises in leaving. Intimate childhood memories are inimitably combined with cosmic reflections about life and saying goodbye.
Peter Vermeersch and Pierre Vervloesem provide all this with an impressive soundtrack that varies from jazz to ambient, from musette and chachacha to Petula Clark.”

"In Weg, text and music are unique in a unique way. It is rare that such a beautiful symbiosis arises. An intimate show full...

Laurent BLONDIAU: trumpet
Manuel HERMIA: saxophones
Michel DELVILLE: guitar, Roland GR09
Antoine GUENET: piano
Damien CAMPION: double bass
Tony BIANCO: drums

“MACHINE MASS started out in 2011 as an idiosyncratic MoonJune power duo made of longtime collaborators American drummer Tony BIANCO (Elton Dean, Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker) and Belgian guitarist Michel DELVILLE (The Wrong Object, Vegir). Hailed as a « feisty and rebel rousing exhibition that contains a surfeit of

“MONO began in Japan at the end of the 20th Century as a young band equally inspired by the pioneers of moody experimental rock (My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai) and iconic Classical composers (Beethoven, Morricone) who came before them. They have evolved into one of the most inspiring and influential experimental rock bands in their own right. It is only fitting that their evolution has come at the glacial, methodical pace that their patient music demands. MONO is a band who puts serious value in nuance...

"Surrender of Silence’ is the brand-new studio album from legendary guitarist Steve Hackett. As with his acoustic album from earlier this year, this too was recorded during lockdown and involving several musicians and singers contributing from around the world. “Lockdown cobwebs are blown away in one fell-swoop here”, says Steve… “With the monster rhythm section of Jonas Reingold, Craig Blundell, Nick D’Virgilio and Phil Ehart along with Rob Townsend’s soaring sax and bass clarinet, Nad Sylvan, Amanda...

“Geographies was one of Hector Zazou's first ventures into an odd genre he would linger in for much of the next two decades: the soundtrack for an imaginary film. Mixing in influences from all across the stylistic spectrum, Zazou leavens the ingredients with an overriding sense of calm and even languor, his moody scores possessing a warm, humid quality. The pieces here are performed by what is essentially a chamber orchestra augmented by singers.
Listeners familiar with his forays into Afro-funk...

“Crammed's legendary MADE TO MEASURE Series of New Music was described at the time as the aural equivalent of a collection of art books. Charting a map of some of the most interesting instrumental music of the era, thirty-five albums came out between 1983 and 1995. The loose idea behind the title of the series was: this is music which has been or could have been "made to measure" as a soundtrack for other media (film, theatre, dance, video).
Several years ago the label discreetly started...

“The Chilean/French duo Nova Materia are known for their hypnotic music which incorporates eerie sounds generated by raw and mineral materials (metal, rocks etc) to create tracks that are in turn hyper-rhythmic and dreamy, poised between postpunk rock and electronic dance music. Caroline Chaspoul and Eduardo Henriquez have also been very active in the field of multimedia & performance arts, and Xpujil explores that other dimension of their talent.
Released on Crammed's revered MADE TO MEASURE series..

Cecil Taylor, piano
Sunny Murray, drums
and the voices of Dominic Duval, Tristan Honsinger, Jeff Hoyer, Chris Jonas, Jackson Krall, Elliott Levin, Chris Matthay, Harri Sjördström

“A grand reunion of sorts in Berlin on the first day of November, 1996. Under the auspices of Free Music Production, Cecil Taylor, the great pianist and one of the premier musical minds of the 20th century, joined forces with his early comrade, drummer Sunny Murray, for a set of improvised duets.

Tom Prehn, piano
Fritz Krogh, tenor sax
Poul Ehlers, bass
Finn Slumstrup, drums

A very early and very unique take on free music, obviously coming out of jazz, but also very obviously trying to leave idioms out of the mixture as much as possible.

“Danish pianist Tom Prehn was one of the first Europeans to deeply explore free music. With his quartet featuring Fritz Krogh on tenor saxophone, Poul Ehlers on bass, and Finn Slumstrup on drums, Prehn recorded Axiom in October, 196

"This album, several years in the making, contains two sidelong tracks of flute rock extravaganza. Some records tend to deliver exactly what’s expected of them, but that’s not the case here. Instead AGUSA are exploring some uncharted sonic territories and you’ll probably be surprised by their progress. Be prepared!
This is AGUSA’s first studio release since their self-titled 2017 outing and the first one featuring new members Simon Ström (bass) and Roman Andrén (organ). The cover design is an...

"This album, several years in the making, contains two sidelong tracks of flute rock extravaganza. Some records tend to deliver exactly what’s expected of them, but that’s not the case here. Instead AGUSA are exploring some uncharted sonic territories and you’ll probably be surprised by their progress. Be prepared!
This is AGUSA’s first studio release since their self-titled 2017 outing and the first one featuring new members Simon Ström (bass) and Roman Andrén (organ). The cover design is an...

“A compilation of some of the rarest, most obscure and guitar–driven Jesus Rock ever recorded, all from the 1960’s and 70’s.
There’s 12 different tracks from 12 different groups, including cuts from the mega–rare Earthen Vessel, Shekina Glory and The Ark albums.
There’s also fuzz–drenched offerings from such unknowns as: Renacimiento, Children Of The Lamb and The Wild Olive Branch Band. This is a great combination of the obscure and heavy, yet it’s all Jesus Rock.
This comes in an...

"A blend of hard hitting riff rock á la early Led Zeppelin and James Gang, with a guitar attack reminiscent of bands like Leafhound or Edgar Broughton Band. Tight, muscular, lean and mean urban blues rock riffage and soaring, soulful vocals, punchy bass and solid drumming make for a memorable set of songs that you won't soon forget. Shotgun had a successful career in and around Dallas, TX between 1974 and 1977, playing the club circuit and recording at the cities best studios. Sadly, nothing ever came...

“Rare and lost recordings by one of the greatest garage/acid punk bands from Texas — with the added bonus of the By Fives garage killer 'I Saw You Walking.’ Although the Penthouse 5 started out as a Merseybeat garage band, in 1966 and early 1967, they changed to a melodic psychedelic and folk rock sound.
The band is best remembered for their 1966 garage killer 'Bad Girl', the Beatleesque 'You’re Gonna Make Me' and more Byrds like folk-rocking recordings such as 'In The Shadow' or 'Don’t Mess...

“During the hot Brazilian summer of 1971, Marcos and Paulo Sergio Valle, along with their significant others and six additional couples, rented a few modest fisherman shacks in the small village of Búzios to escape from Rio’s more populated beaches. The focus was making music and soul searching, as was the practice for affluent young hippies back then. They stayed for two months.
“I wanted to go in a new direction,” says Marcos looking back. “I wanted to try out a rock influence and to risk a little..

“The music you are now listening to represents the best of the remaining previously unreleased Heyoka recordings both live and studio. The original 1979 studio sessions were first presented as rough mixes to various people very close to the band at the time, and one of those people fortunate enough to have received one of the demo cassettes was living in Louisiana and was able to preserve that tape over the years. That cassette is the source for the 1979 studio sessions (released on Spirit of Revelation...