New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Gabby Fluke-Mogul – violin

"The most striking sound in improvised music in years..."

“LOVE SONGS by gabby fluke-mogul is a record of seventeen violin compositions for improvisation devoted to the multitudinous hues of intimacy.”

Alexandra Grimal - soprano saxophone

“Alexandra Grimal’s new record is an exploration of her inner improvised language in resonance with the very special acoustic of the castle of Chambord. Refuge was recorded in the double revolution staircase in the castle of Chambord in September 2020.”

Marta Warelis - piano

“A grain of Earth’ is the first solo venture and expression of several years of working with instant compositions and the timbral possibilities of an acoustic piano. This has been wrapped in an idea of realities beyond our perception, and a thought that we are a part of a big organism where everything goes endlessly bigger and smaller in scale of size, time and speed. Everything moves in constantly interfering waves of energy; echoing and reflecting, in ceaseless dance of...

Alessio Malatesta - keyboards and synthesizers
Vincenzo Calvano - electric and acoustic guitars
Matteo Prina - electric bass
Martino Malacrida – drums

Excellent and solid, all-instrumental, space-rock quartet from Milan, definitely in the classic 80s Ozrics style and mode. This is their second album, and it’s solid from start to finish

"There are occasions when you receive an album to review that turns out to be the most delightful curveball. Such was the case with ‘IV’, the latest album from Greek progressive psychedelic outfit Naxatras. With a new member welcomed on board in the shape of Pantelis Kargas on keys and synthesizers, their fourth release proved to be a wonderfully eclectic journey.
What makes ‘IV’ such an enjoyable listening experience is the way in which each song takes on its own identity. There’s nothing formulaic...

"With almost forty minutes of new material, AGUSA delivers a wide array of seamlessly-executed, organic rock on the aptly titled Agusa 2. The band’s tranquil output blends tripped-out psychedelic and progressive rock structures are inspired by more folk than occult influences, instilling visions of nature, the cosmos, and dreamlike passages, meandering into realms of a possibly supernatural or parallel existence. While not a fully instrumental recording, backing vocal mantras only seep in through...

Antonio Lucaciu: Saxophone
Simon Lucaciu: Piano
Robert Lucaciu: Bass
Günter Baby Sommer: Drums

“Günter Baby Sommer is at the height of his musical career. The Dresden jazz innovator, who together with the pioneering generation of jazz has unbounded drumming and developed his own sound, presents a refreshing album with a cross-generational quartet with the Lucaciu brothers. “The other three members of the quartet are two generations younger. Günter Baby Sommer’s music and presence...

Charlotte Greve: Saxophone, Composition
Manuel Schmiedel: Piano
Marc Muellbauer: Bass
Moritz Baumgärtner: Drums

“With Release, the highly acclaimed Lisbeth Quartett presents a greatly anticipated album on Intakt Records. After twelve years and five albums, Charlotte Greve, who has just been awarded the German Jazz Prize for “Artist of the Year”, has relied on her intuitive sensibilities to create the new music for Release. The result is an album marked by sensitive interplay – a...

"Released as an illegal bootleg back in the early 1980s, Not About To Die were recordings made for EMI as demos for the 1978 and 1979 albums Chairs Missing and 154. Now Wire have decided to redress the balance and give the album its first official release on their own Pinkflag imprint."

"Porcupine Tree speaking on ‘Harridan’ and ‘CLOSURE / CONTINUATION’:
“Harridan and a few of the other new songs have been in play since shortly after the release of The Incident. They initially lived on a hard drive in a slowly growing computer file marked PT2012, later renamed PT2015, PT2018, and so on. There were times when we even forgot they were there, and times when they nagged us to finish them to see where they would take us. Listening to the finished pieces, it was clear that this wasn’t ...

“Richard Pinhas' album Iceland was first released in 1979 and is his third solo work, also the first after the split from Heldon. This album seems like a long, inward-looking journey and is like a kind of counter-point to the expansive sci-fi worlds and the bombastic prog of Heldon; on Iceland you will find long, sublime tracks next to short, rougher sketches. Echo guitars, rhythm machines and the washed-out warmth of analog synthesizer sounds create a very peculiar, chilling atmosphere.”...

“A bizarre and strangely emotive new album of synthetic computer works entitled Piano Music 1-7. Via his own Diagonal Records imprint, his work on XL Recordings and, most recently, the opening of audio/film platform A Folder [], Powell has firm footing in the contemporary electronic landscape.
During a wry and obstinate musical life he has twisted myriad synthetic forms into shapes that explore and expand upon the districts of post-punk, techno, noise + computer music, and in the last...

This album, recorded in Berlin, and originally released in 1977 on Virgin, marks the first time Manuel Gottsching used the name Ashra (as opposed to Ash Ra Tempel). This was also possibly the first time that the term "new age" was used on a record!
It's another completely wonderful, flowing, spacey album, featuring just Manuel performing on sequencer, keyboards and a lot of guitar. He did one more great one after this, Blackouts, then took some time off and returned to utter greatness and glory with..

"First off, I should probably mention that this CD contains what might one day be two separate LPs. But if you have even a scintilla of info about the state of record pressing these days, you'll also know that all our best laid plans could go sideways. Fast. Still, this is a damn nice way to hear all this music without a lot of the endless huffing and puffing required by the flipping of individual LPs. Which means, for now you can just let the sweet swelter of Soft Focus wash over you like a warm, mid...

Larry Ochs - tenor and sopranino saxophones
Vladimir Tarasov - drums, percussion
Mark Dresser – basses

“Jones Jones is a funny name for an all-star band. To grant such distinctive musicians so anonymous, Google-proof a moniker is whimsical in the extreme. But, given its members' long and distinguished work in the service of music, this group should not be taken lightly or treated as a lark. There is humor in their work but also gravitas and depth and magic. Larry Ochs says: "The newest...

Matthew Shipp – piano
Michael Bisio – bass
Newman Taylor Baker - drums

“Matthew Shipp's new album is titled World Construct. It's a fitting title, for in his career of over three decades, he has constructed his own world of jazz. This press release could be entirely built from the raves of critics. "As Matthew Shipp's catalog expands, so does our understanding of the depth and breadth of his genius." "A gateway to higher improvisation that is practically without parallel. Matthew Shipp...

Eri Yamamoto - piano
Chad Fowler - stritch & saxello
William Parker - bass
Steve Hirsh - drumset

“Sparks – it's what flew when Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker and Steve Hirsh got together on a warm October afternoon in Brooklyn. Yamamoto had an established musical relationship with Parker, but met Fowler and Hirsh for the first time an hour before they hit. Fowler, Parker and Hirsh had just finished two days of recording, and Fowler had been recording for four of the...

Wayne Horvitz: Electronic Processing
Eyvind Kang: Viola

Koehne Quartet
Petra Ackerman: Viola
Melissa Coleman: Cello
Anne Harvey-Nagl: Violin
Joanna Lewis: Violin

"A new CD of classical compositions by the mastermind of Zony Mash, The President, Pigpen, the NY Composers Orchestra and countless other bands. Blending a profound knowledge of jazz and popular musics with a soaring lyricism and arranging/production skills that have graced CDs by Bill Frisell, Eddie..

Per Steinar Lie - lapsteel, electric guitar
Øystein Braut - guitar, organ, Mellotron
Julius Lind - double bass
Ørjan Haaland – drums
Sigbjørn Apeland - harmonium, Fender Rhodes
Ståle Liavik Solberg – percussion

“The band describe themselves as a spaced-out, instrumental lounge rock outfit, with added vibes of folk music, jazzy surf, psychedelia, free improvised chill-out, jangly post-rock, and travelling bass. Not much to add here, apart from possibly a pinch of krautrock..

“A re-recording of Motohiko Hamase's Intaglio, recorded in Japan, 2018. Originally released in 1986. Currently the rediscovery of long-forgotten Japanese electronic, jazz, and new age music is at a peak like never before. Although many reissues have already hit record stores, the large, diverse musical culture of Japan still got some gems in store that are really missing. For example, the work of Japanese bass player, new age and ambient musician Motohiko Hamase. When the now 66-year old artist started...

“The first time reissue of Sunrise From West Sea, Stomu Yamash'ta's cult LP originally released in 1971. A deep, cosmic, at time ambient performance recorded live and featuring two other Japanese legends: Takehisa Kosugi from the Taj-Mahal Travellers and jazz pianist Masahiko Satoh. The line-up also included Hideakira Sakurai on electric shamisen.
Stomu Yamash'ta has been hailed as one of the best percussionists in the world by John Cage. Yamash'ta and Satoh recorded the landmark album...

“Hedvig Mollestad must surely be one of the hardest working musicians on the Norwegian music scene at the moment, with Tempest Revisited being her third album in a mere 18 months, all at a consistently high artistic level. Her first solo album, Ekhidna received a Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy), appeared on several jazz and rock best of the year lists and got her into Downbeat's "25 for the future" selection.
Tempest Revisited draws lines back to 1998 and the very beginning of Rune Grammofon. This..

This was the only solo album by the long-serving bassist for Sun Ra and it was also (I believe) the final album on ESP from the 1970s. Really nice, kinda somewhere between proto-kozmigroov, acoustic spacey jazz and free jazz that I've enjoyed for years and I'm glad to see this available again. Recommended.

"Legendary Sun Ra-bassist Ronnie Boykins stepped out on his own for his first and only release as a leader on, "The Will Come, Is Now". He was invited by ESP in 1964 to record his own album, an

“In a two-decade career, Raymond Byron Magic Raposa has recorded six albums as Castanets, another as Raymond Byron and the White Freighter, and has worked with musicians ranging from Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent), and Sufjan Stevens, to Liz Janes, Jana Hunter, Nathan Hubbard (Trummerflora, Cosmologic), and John McCauley (Deer Tick). Over the course of that time, his music has been called part of the new weird America movement, freak-folk, psychedelic folk, and indie folk...

Peter Frohmader Synthesizers, E-MU Samplers and 5-string Bass
Richard Pinhas - Roland Guitars + Arboretum Hyperprism process

'The best Pinhas release since the glory days of Heldon's Standby. Incendiary, musicially consistent, of the most powerful, dynamic & totally mind blowing releases you'll hear in 1999.''-Andy G./C&D.

These two giants of European electronic music join forces. Richard's sustained, instantly recognizable guitar work...

“A reissue of Dunkelziffer's last studio album Songs For Everyone, originally released 1989. Displaced from their spiritual home (the Stollwerck complex had been levelled in 1987) and robbed of the collaborative exchange it facilitated, Dunkelziffer took a different tack on Songs For Everyone, slimming down to a sextet with a newly streamlined sound. Olek Gelba and Reiner Linke remained in the percussive pocket, laying the foundation for Von Senger and Schubert's melodic prowess, with newcomers Jorge...

“In a year of the moon, Kreidler have produced the album Spells And Daubs. In September 2020 the band met for exploratory sessions and initial recordings in Düsseldorf, in the familiar settings of the Kabawil Theater. The impetus this time was a solitary gig in the conspicuously spacious surroundings of the (former) Philipshalle. Over the winter Kreidler worked remotely, sifting through the material, arranging the pieces, adding textures and contours. They met again in the spring of 2021 for further...

"The musician and spiritual seeker Alice Coltrane was much more than just John Coltrane's second wife. One of the few harpists to feature prominently in jazz, she was also a renowned pianist and composer and her interest in spiritual matters greatly helped steer her husband deeper into Krishna consciousness, which had significant bearing on his music, most notably evident on A Love Supreme (1965). This mesmerizing performance, held at Carnegie Hall four years after John's untimely passing as part of a...

“On a balmy Brazilian night in February, 1981, a crowd gathered in Rio de Janeiro's Gávea neighbourhood under the iconic dome of the city's Planetário (Planetarium). Alongside musicians like Helio Delmiro and Milton Nascimento (who were in the audience that night), they were there to see the great "Bruxo" (sorcerer) Hermeto Pascoal live in concert, with his new band formation which would become known simply as "O Grupo" (The Group). On the Planetário Da Gávea recordings, Hermeto is cast as the "sorcerer"...

"Fennesz takes musical warmth, glowing melodies and lush arrangement and subjects them to sharp digital decay, providing another deep layer of meaning."-Pitchfork

“Christian Fennesz is an Austrian electronic musician active since the late '90s and influenced by artists like Fripp and Eno and guitar-synth pioneer, Chuck Hammer.
Fennesz uses guitar and laptops to created "multilayered compositions that blend melody and conventional musical instruments with harsh, irregular glitch-influenced...

“From the wild cover to the iconic breakbeats, Roots is thick, funky-prog jazz-rock heaven. Originally released on Vertigo in 1973. , genius trumpeter and visionary composer Ian Carr was a true pioneer and saw the potential in fusing the worlds of jazz with rock, just as Miles Davis and The Tony Williams Lifetime did in the US. In late 1969, following the demise of the Rendell-Carr quintet, and tiring of British jazz, Carr assembled the legendary Nucleus. Under bandleader Carr, Nucleus existed as a...

"Long-awaited reissue of a true masterpiece of Japanese free improvisation! Mastered from the rediscovered master tapes! Recorded in May 1975, less than a month after the legendarily intense April is the Cruellest Month, Eclipse has always been the rarest and most mysterious of the Takayanagi and New Direction records.
With April Is... due to come out on ESP Disk (the release was scuppered when the label folded), Iskra the small label who were putting out Eclipse decided to reduce their pressing to...

“After King Crimson's dissolution in 1974, Robert Fripp embarked on a lengthy sabbatical away from the public eye. His relocation from Great Britain to New York in February 1978 marked his return as a producer, solo artist, and ‘wild card’ collaborator with an impressive roster of artists including Daryl Hall, Blondie, Peter Gabriel, and David Bowie. Fripp's first solo album, Exposure, was released in 1979. A further two solo records, Under Heavy Manners/God Save The Queen and Let The Power Fall followed...

For 40 years, although this has been listed as a 'solo' release by Magma's founder, this is, for all intents & purposes, the fourth Magma album, having been released between M.D.K. and Kohntarkhoz.

Now, for this snazzy vinyl reissue, it's been rightfully renamed as being by MAGMA, and more importantly, features a clear photo from the film that this was a soundtrack of (sort of - long story), and you can see for yourself how much the costumes predate GWAR by 15 years!

Stripped down to...

Elias Stemeseder: Piano

“Born in 1990, pianist Elias Stemeseder has become a creative force of contemporary jazz in recent years. Based primarily in New York since 2015, the Austrian-born pianist has made a name for himself in a wide variety of advanced improvisational contexts. Up to now, Stemeseder has been content to work as a sideman, though all those familiar with his work in the Jim Black Trio will know that he is a musician of remark - able skill, flair and imagination. His diverse playing..

David Murray: Tenor Saxophone
Brad Jones: Bass
Hamid Drake: Drums

“David Murray is a giant of modern jazz. His saxophone fuses all the great things that black music has produced: Gospel sounds, free jazz, Afro-Caribbean, blues and soul as well as the beautiful standards of classic jazz. Murray's colorful tone, unsurpassed intonation, flair for swing, melancholy tones, and improvisational power and ingenuity make him one of the most important voices in music today. The newly formed Brave..

Ingrid Laubrock: Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Andy Milne: Piano

“For the third installment of Ingrid Laubrock's duo series on Intakt (following Kasumi with Aki Takase and Blood Moon with Kris Davis) Ingrid Laubrock and Andy Milne develop their own sounds in a common sound world. Fragile is characterized by the great empathy that unites these two artists. The music, which is both stirring and soothing, confident and intuitive, is deeply expressive and inventive. “Laubrock’s growth as an...

Yuko Fujiyama: Piano, Voice
Graham Haynes: Cornet, Electronics
Ikue Mori: Electronics

“With Quiet Passion, pianist Yuko Fujiyama finally releases another album as a leader after a long break from publishing. For this eagerly awaited addition to her sparse discography, Yuko invites the great innovators Graham Haynes on cornet and Ikue Mori on electronics. The album is a mix of piano solos, duets and extraordinarily imaginative densely woven miniatures. Quiet Passion suggests a dual...

J. Peter Schwalm : synths / voice / live treatments / electronic percussion / & programming
Stephan Thelen : guitars / keyboards / granular synth & programming.
Eivind Aarset : guitars / e-bow / effects
Tim Harries : bass guitar
Manuel Pasquinelli : drums / percussion
Nell Catchpole : voice samples on Sedna

“The demotion of Pluto remains a topic of controversy more than a decade and a half later, but the now dwarf planet is hardly alone way out on the fringes o

J. Peter Schwalm : synths / voice / live treatments / electronic percussion / & programming
Stephan Thelen : guitars / keyboards / granular synth & programming.
Eivind Aarset : guitars / e-bow / effects
Tim Harries : bass guitar
Manuel Pasquinelli : drums / percussion
Nell Catchpole : voice samples on Sedna

“The demotion of Pluto remains a topic of controversy more than a decade and a half later, but the now dwarf planet is hardly alone way out on the fringes o

“Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker have emerged as one of the most interesting duos in contemporary improvised music. First introduced to Unseen Worlds through their performance on the Philip Corner recording "Extreemizms: early & late", Tarozzi and Walker elevated recent recordings, Eliane Radigue "Occam Ocean 3", Pascal Criton "Infra", and Tarozzi's own "Mi specchio e rifletto" to greatness. Their finely tuned sound makes even the most adventurous tones compelling.
With "Canti di guerra, di ...

Masayo Koketsu - Alto saxophone

“The sublime first solo saxophone release of Masayo Koketsu is deeply steeped in the free jazz tradition of Japan. From Coltrane's visit to Japan in 1966 to the free jazz exploits of Kaoru Abe, Masayo Koketsu's astonishing solo session marks her as a force to be reckoned with. A single 46 minute piece of achingly beautiful wails and declarations punctuate the bedrock of silence then retreat back. A singular effort.”

Tomeka Reid - cello
Kyoko Kitamura - voice
Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet
Joe Morris - guitar

“This foursome is resolute in its acceptance of communal responsibility and creation. Vocalist Kyoko Kitamura sings and speaks in wordless flurries matching Taylor Ho Bynum’s brassy exhortations on cornet. Cellist Tomeka Reid and guitarist Joe Morris worry and pluck their respective strings, applying speed and torque in the loosing of spidery cascades of crinkled and crenelated tones. Pitch...

“Composed for a video art exhibit [and book] by Gerhard Richter that involves a series of halving and turning of a stripped pattern into pixels and back, Steve Reich's music has a built-in rhythmic base in which to play. The metered notes, half, quarter, eights, sixteenths, offered by Ensemble intercontemporain in the acoustic wonder of Philharmonie de Paris-Cité, named for Pierre Boulez, produce an engaging melodic pattern. This is a concert recording to add to the magic. The instrumentation is what...

“First CD edition of 300; 24-page booklet holding program notes, scores, and photographs
Cloud Shadows is the third album by the American gamelan composer, Daniel Schmidt. The pieces in Cloud Shadows, which are quite varied and more current than the work represented on his first two albums In My Arms, Many Flowers and Abies Firma mostly came about each in their own way. For example, the cloud shadows on the mountains of central Nevada, unimaginably old, invited Daniel into their realm, resulting in...

Lol Coxhill-soprano sax
Charles Hayward-drums
Hugh Hopper-bass
Orphy Robinson-vibes, steel drums
Robert Wyatt-cornet

The first release (and sadly the only one) by this improvising group of established figures from the creative rock and improvised music scene in Britain. They've been together for a few years now, plays shows when circumstances permit, and it's great that they've finally documented something. This pretty quickly finds its feet, finds a groove and keeps.

"Ghosts And Others is a singular work in the Phill Niblock canon. It's singular not just in its material content, but also in its methodology and approach. It represents a highly focused exercise in editing, location recording and acoustic observation. In many ways, this work reflects a kind of acoustic mirroring of his practices as a film maker. It makes itself available to the world and in doing so reveals a particular perspective that says as much about its creator as it does about its subjects. Like...

“"The Ginzburg Geography" is an examination of the lives and work of Natalia and Leone Ginzburg during World War II. As with her other Charming Hostess endeavors, Jewlia Eisenberg plunged deeply into re- search and created songs inspired by their life, love and writings as well as including songs of protest and cultural significance from the time. Jewlia laid down vocals and oversaw the recording of the majority of band tracks but was not able to finish.
Since her passing, her longtime collaborator...

Nathaniel Morgan - alto saxophone
Dustin Carlson - guitar, Bass VI
Kate Gentile - drums & vibraphone

“Secret People is a band. It began in 2012 as a duo of Brooklyn-based guitarist Dustin Carlson and drummer Kate Gentile, who not only played frequently, but lived together as roommates and worked in the same coffee shop for years. There were countless hours (literally hundreds) spent co-composing and rehearsing the music, but countless more discussing and listening to influences from.

Field of Action [2019-2022]
Charmaine Lee - voice/microphones/electronics
Eric Wubbels - piano/synth

contraposition [2016]
Weston Olencki - trombone
Eric Wubbels - prepared piano

“Field of Action / contraposition (OOYH 013) is a split LP, and the continuation of a series of duo pieces for piano and other instruments that Wubbels has been pursuing since 2006. Field of Action is a composition in collaboration with vocalist and noise artist Charmaine Lee that grew...