New Arrivals

New Arrivals
This is a beautiful, numbered, limited edition of this classic, mastered from the original tapes on 180 gram vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

"Collage, Le Orme's first progressive album and third overall, is a stripped-down affair with only organ, piano, bass and drums. The exception is the opening title track which could be considered the bridge between their psych and prog compositions styles.
Collage has a "kitchen sink" mentality and features an orchestra, pseudo-baroque motifs...

Tomas Fujiwara – drums
Mary Halvorson – guitar
Michael Formanek – double bass and electric bass

"...a streamlined trio quickly becoming today's premiere small jazz group" - Francis Davis, NPR

NOTE that this vinyl version has over 20’ of bonus material that is only available on the vinyl; not on the CD & not on the download!

Currently one of the most exciting and active groups in boundary-pushing jazz, is the collective trio...

"Not existing anymore since 2012 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble & The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation now finally make all long-time sold out releases available again on all formats.
"A timeless piece of music. Composed and created with total musical freedom, unrestrained by any genres or artistic restrictions, resulting in what is definitely, in my opinion, TKDE's best release." (Jason Kohnen / TKDE / TMFDC / Mansur) "Strikingly original. The instrumentation is constrained and subtle, and it...

“Reissue of "Anthropomorphic" - the third work of The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (the improvisation alter ego of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble) from 2011. One session - almost 60 minutes.
Since the members of TMFDC live scattered among Rotterdam, Paris, Berlin, and London, they rarely tour. This in turn makes each of their single shows a special event, and they don't mind longer trips. Consequently, it is not a surprise that "Anthropomorphic" has been performed and recorded in three parts....

“San Francisco-based multimedia artist, composer, and improviser Jon Leidecker makes music under the pseudonym Wobbly. He's an active member of both the seminal experimental group Negativland, and the Thurston Moore Ensemble. Popular Monitress, Wobbly’s second release with Hausu Mountain, builds on the machine-randomized compositional processes that Leidecker workshopped on 2019’s Monitress. The album explodes with overlapping alien melodies, swathes of granular texture, and frenetic percussion patterns..

Zeena Parkins: electric harp
Mette Rasmussen : alto saxophone
Ryan Sawyer: percussion

“Zeena Parkins, Mette Rasmussen and Ryan Sawyer in a new formation voicing string, breath and bell, harp, horn and drum speaking sparkling messages and hand-written letters of a Chain of New Hopes, back and forth, from the past and future dreams of a world in which efficiency would not be and will not be, the way to justice.”

Reut Regev - trombone, electronics
Igal Foni - drums, percussion

“After over two decades of musical collaboration and shared life, we are happy to finally present our first duo release. Recorded in intimate studio settings right before the pandemic, and then amended over the lockdown in our home studio.
Music is what brought us together in the first place, and it remains central in our shared life. We hope you enjoy our musical moments.”

“Since the days of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the guitar/bass/drums trio has been convened by visionary tone scientists as a laboratory for music of primal power and tonal subtlety.
ON COMMON GROUND features three such players. Mike Sopko has explored the frontiers of the guitar with Los Lobos and Dosh, Thomas Pridgen. Laswell, like Sopko a Midwesterner, here transmutes the industrial crash and hum of the region into music of muscular authority. Even followers of the protean career of...

“The first collaborative album of the Italian composer, arranger, producer and guitarist ERALDO BERNOCCHI with the Berlin-based Japanese violinist, composer, electronic producer and TANGERINE DREAM member HOSHIKO YAMANE.

Born in Osaka, Hoshiko Yamane attended the University of Arts in Aichi. Her training destined her to be a violinist in classical music - later on she extended her practice to modern and pop music. In 2011 she joined the legendary band Tangerine Dream. In 2014 she started to release...

“The opera Filiseti Mekidesi by Elliott Sharp is a visceral meditation about the universal search for a safe neutral place. It doesn't tell a linear narrative but uses musical and poetic means (with texts by Tracie Morris, Edwin Torres, and Sharp) to reflect moments and situations in cosmic and human history in particular resonance with current events of great urgency. The virtuoso cast includes Palestinian singer Kamilya Jubran, vocal group Voxnova Italia, and instrumental ensemble Musikfabrik from...

I think that is the greatest jazz album from Eastern Europe from the 1960s, or at least that I've heard. Recorded in December, 1965 with a great band: Tomasz Stanko-trumpet, Zbigniew Namyslowski-alto sax, Krzysztof Komeda-piano, Gunter Lenz-bass and Rune Carlson-drums, this combines the new sound in 1960s jazz with a unique spin (both something uniquely Eastern European and, I think, something uniquely Komeda are both in play here). There's not much more to say except: Highly recommended.

This never-released folk/rock/psych album really is good and it really is sort of astonishing that not a note of it was never released until now, especially considering the names involved (Bob Weston, later of Fleetwood Mac and small guest appearances by Rick Wright and Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd). File under: baffling!

"Previously unreleased and much raved about mystical UK female progressive folk rock album from 1969 that's in a similar vein to Fuschia with flashes of Fairport and The Trees...

First time ever legitimate CD release for this very obscure, very rare, 1970 UK proto-progressive album concept album about the life of a man born at the beginning of the 20th century until the time of his death.
This has a great, fascinating booklet filled with the story of the band, the musicians and the really, really bad luck and bad business deals that dogged them! Includes 5 never-before released demo recordings. This was released in a tiny edition on the tiny Square Records label...

“The Scandinavian Space Rock super group are back with their 33rd release. The CD features one 62min track split over 3 album sides., that we recorded in the studio back in 2014. The same session that gave us the Different Creatures and Visions of, LPs and features some of the best musicians from the Scandinavian prog rock field. This is about as Prog Rock as the band has ever been with the track taking many different musical journeys over the 3 album sides.
The last track contains a unique mixture...

I’ve had this great release since it came out in 1989.
This was the first collaboration between Pavel Fajt’s great avant-leaning, ROCK band (dual guitar, bass, drums) with the addition of Iva's terrific vocals. It's exciting to hear Iva really let loose with such a solid band behind her!

“This CD was actually recommended to me by a music librarian at my local library. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, since the very opening of the disc sounded a bit like “New Age” music...

This is a 2014 release that I had never run across before and as far as I can tell, is her most recent totally ‘solo’ solo album. It breaks no ground, but then again, no one else sounds remotely like Iva Bittova!

This is a 2014 release that I had never run across before and as far as I can tell, is her most recent totally ‘solo’ solo album. It breaks no ground, but then again, no one else sounds remotely like Iva Bittova!

“Recorded and mixed at Studio Archaïa, Aug. 1977.
Remastered directly from the original Maxell reel-to-reel master tape by Michel Munier & François Suffert in Paris. Specially engineered by Spiros Rouchotas for a precise lacquer cut, this release provides the authentic channels mix as in the original 1977 LP, playing LOUD with superb analog sound & dynamics..
Limited edition of 250 numbered copies:.
Black vinyl, black polylined innersleeve, 27x30 cm photo collage card, 2-page liner notes...

“Got Krautrock 2? Is the Special Features DVD that accompanies the film Krautrock 2. It includes full songs of contemporary live performances of bands that are featured in Krautrock 2:
Amon Düül II, Guru Guru, Kraan & Witthüser & Westrupp.
It also features additional unreleased interview clips with Renate Knaup (Amon Düül II), Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), Hellmutt Hattler (Kraan) and Skip van Wyck (Xhol Caravan).”

“Krautrock 2 is the 2nd film in the Krautrock Trilogy, a mini-series of three feature documentary films that explores the classic German Krautrock bands that made music history in Germany during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This movement which involved inspirations from psychedelic, electronic, jazz, folk music, and noise music, came to be known as Krautrock.
The music spectrum of the Krautrock bands is broad and ranges from post rock, space rock, jazz and ambient electronica, to ethnographic...

“Beautifully packaged 180g vinyl. Flip-back sleeve. Strictly limited pressing run of 500 copies worldwide. Printed inner sleeve with liner notes by Duncan Heining.”

Tracks 1-3:
Group Sounds Four
BBC Jazz Club, pre-recorded live on 13th June 1966, broadcast 19th June 1966.
Henry Lowther – trumpet
Lyn Dobson – tenor sax
Jack Bruce – bass
Jon Hiseman - drums

Tracks 4-7:
Group Sounds Five
BBC Jazz Club, recorded live at the Paris Theatre, Londo

Antoine Pierre: drums
Bert Cools: guitar
Bram de Looze: piano
Steven Delannoye: clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax
Jean-Paul Estiévenart: flugelhorn, trumpet
Fréderic Malempré: percussion
Toine Thys: clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax
Félix Zurstrassen: electric and double bass

Since everyone enjoyed Urbex Electric so much, here’s his first as a leader from 2016.
Modern, composerly jazz with a great band.

“The title of this CD is a contraction of ‘urban

Kris Davis (piano/composition)
Craig Taborn (piano/composition)

On her 2016 album Duopoly, pianist Kris Davis highlighted her deeply attuned artistry as never before. Conceived as a set of rotating duo performances, Duopoly found Davis in the company of Bill Frisell, Tim Berne, Don Byron, Julian Lage, Marcus Gilmore and other musical giants. Of all these fascinating encounters, it was the pairing of Davis and fellow piano great Craig Taborn, that sparked further extensive collaboration...

Sofia Jernberg - voice
Daniel Lippel - detuned acoustic guitar, electronics
Cory Smythe - piano, autoharp, electronics

“In the summertime, in the rural part of Illinois where I grew up, my sisters and I used to spend afternoons square dancing in the pale front yard. Our father was an amateur square dance caller, and we’d dutifully follow the instructions he incanted over the twangy warble of Stephen Foster and George Washington Dixon on our dusty gramophone. When we tired, he’d...

“Benoît Delbecq is one of the few true improvising piano geniuses of our times. He has steadfastly created his own musical universe of sound, impeccable craft and beauty that is wondrous, resonant and free in the best sense of the word.” — Fred Hersch, pianist and composer

“[Music of] exotic and mysterious qualities” — Bill Shoemaker, JazzTimes

“Delbecq likes to go beyond normal technique. He puts things on and between the piano strings to make it a raw and sensitive percussion machine.”..

Craig Taborn - piano, keyboard
Chris Speed - tenor sax, clarinet
Mat Maneri - viola
Erik Fratzke - bass
David King - acoustic and electronic drums

“Making electronic music is very different from live improvisation—so much so that few musicians have even tried to bring the two together. On one side, Kurt Rosenwinkel’s side project Bandit 65 makes brilliant electronic free improv, mostly using guitar-based technology; on the other, Mark Giuliana’s Beat Music builds arresting.

Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet
Ben Van Gelder - alto sax
Bert Cools - guitar & electronics
Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes & electronics
Bram De Looze - piano
Reinier Baas - guitar
Antoine Pierre - drums
Félix Zurstrassen - electric bass
Frédéric Malempré - percussion

This is written in inspiration by and using the instrumentation and style of “Bitches Brew” and man, often it really does run that voodoo DOWN!

“Suspended is Urbex's third...

"Thank the Great Old Ones! After 3 albums of declining quality, Blue Oyster Cult were back in business.
Cultösaurus Erectus is quintessential BÖC, featuring some of their very best work. Black Blade is sci-fi prog rock on the same level of Astronomy with all the guitars back on full blast and one of Eric Bloom's greatest lead vocal performances, especially the equal parts scary and trippy vocoder monlogue at the end. What an achievement, and burning away any lingering doubts after the lackluster...

"An analogy if you will;
If BOC's first 3 studio albums were New York City.
Then this 6th studio effort is Los Angeles.
I think that also says something about this bands musical growth in between that time.
This album confused some fans and their expectations, but that doesn't mean it's a bad album...because it's not. This album is the accumulation of a very successful rock band branching out a little bit and flirting with radio friendly Rock and Roll."-Kevin Sweet

Andre Siqueira is an acoustic guitarist from Brazil and this is his first album. Some tracks are acoustic guitar/keyboard duos, someone similar to Ralph Towner with a Brazilian lilt (he plays an assortment of classical, Brazilian and Portugese 6, 8, 10 and 14 string guitars) and other tracks bring in other instrumentalists on flute, accordion, piano, bass, percussion and vibraphone. He plays an assorted types of classical, electric, brazilian and portuguese guitars, with 6, 8, 10 and 14 strings. If...


"After many requests to release the recent live stream videos we’ve put together a new Blu-ray featuring both the ‘Show of Resistance’ and ‘Ever Live’ shows in HD. The Bluray comes in a 6 panel...

Pablo Hernández Ramos (alto sax)
Larbi Sassi (violin, vocals & percussion)
Sergio Salvi (keyboards)
Javier Geras (bass)
Akin Onasanya (drums, percussion & vocals)
Kaveh Sarvarian (ney, flute, zorna & vocals)
Miron Rafajlovic (trumpet)
Munir Hossn (guitars & vocals on Essaouira)
Luis Taberna (oriental percussion on Essaouira)

"Sinouj is an Afromediterranean band that mixes musical traditions from the Magreb and the Middle East with contemporary Jazz,

Large scale jazz compositions from this new (to me) Catalan composer and pianist.

CATALeXI: In Greek and Latin metrics, omission of the last syllable of the verse.

Catalexi is a new compositional and interpretive adventure led by the prolific musician and composer Sergi Sirvent.
The project was born with the support of the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa with the aim of connecting two worlds much closer than it may seem a priori: traditional music and jazz.
With Sirvent's....

This is a quite good, sort of avant-garde electric jazz performed by the leader on keyboards, plus guitar, bass, drums, 3 saxophonists and a trumpeter.

"Throughout the last few years, I’ve found myself listening to more and more jazz from Spain. Bands such as El Tubo Elàstico and On The Raw have thoroughly impressed me, and now add Canarian Juan Belda and his Bit Band...
I’m struck at all times with how timeless the music is, paradoxically evoking classic sounds of Miles Davis, Ornette...

Toño Cruz - guitars
Oscar Belío - Mellotron, organ, pianos, synths
Jose Mari Aguirrezabala - bass, EWI
Xabi Martinez - drums, percussion

“Rivendel were a early / mid 90s Spanish prog band who released two albums in that time and then disappeared for 20 years, only re-emerging again in 2015 with a new album.
This is their 2nd release since their return and is, I thought, an extremely good modern prog record!

“This Spanish band published two strong albums some twenty yea

Salva Marina / keyboards, piano, vocals and backing vocals
Curro García / bass and backing vocals
Jesús Sánchez / clarinet and sax
Víctor Rodríguez / violin
Adrián Jiménez / drums
Lorena Alcaraz / flute
Eva Montiel / lyrical voice and big scream
Camilo Motta / bass clarinet

I got hipped to this band by Angel Ontalva, the guitarist and leader of October Equus, who is friends with them and helped to produce their debut album in 2014. They are a new Spanis

“As a long time enjoyer of XTC, I occasionally check in on what Andy Partridge is up to, and recently came across a blurb about him producing this album by Jen Olive. Brief snippets I heard sounded interesting, so I gave it a try.
The first track, "Boulevard", scared me a bit, because with its from-left-field guitar technique and melodic sensibility, I thought "Here's someone wearing their XTC influences a bit too prominently....", but that fades before too long, and I start to instead catch whiffs...

“This is Julian Cope with members of Spiritualized, playing heavy, psychedelic punk! Wah-wah-ed up to the max, these - mostly lengthy - pieces groove along with a swagger and abandon that is rarely heard of these days. Herein, Copey rolls together his longtime love affair with the hallowed Stooges/Velvets/MC5 trio along with a new found love for all things proto-metal, particularly the 3 founding fathers of HM; Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and Grand Funk Railroad. I dare say our OTT Japanese friends like...

"This music was improvised and recorded live in the Headroom Studio at Swindon New College on the 17th December 2005, and the 13th and 14th February 2006. There was no rehearsal or discussion about key, tempo or feel and no overdubbing; It just came out like this"

"Late last year Andy Partridge worked with his former XTC original keyboard player Barry Andrews and Shriekback Drummer Martyn Barker on an improvised music project. The trio played live in Swindon's Headroom Studio and over three...

This is simultaneously the coolest thing I heard this week and the most insane thing I heard this week. Salsa Celtica are a Scottish group that plays salsa. Not only do they play salsa REALLY well but they do it with anywhere from small hints to huge patches of Celtic sounds peeking through the Cuban rhythms. This is really totally great and one of the most brilliantly UNconventional mash-ups ever. Recommended.

“When a band is said to be fusing Afro-Cuban salsa and Celtic music, someone who...

This extremely high quality radio broadcast from August 1978 in Chicago is from the earlier part of their ‘More Songs About Buildings And Food’ tour, and about 2 months before I saw them in DC, where they slayed.

“One of the band's unknown gems, this classic is a stylish, tightly focused effort. The songwriting muscle behind the album, guitarists Andy Powell and Roger Filgate along with bassist/vocalist Tony Kishman, delivered a set of tunes with airy arrangements and precise, melodic guitar work. Highlights include the sophisticated pop of "Top of the World", the progressive rock sweep of "Mountainside", and the wrenching blues guitar workout "Tales of the Wise". Powell and Filgate's styles mesh well together...

Bernard Weber (bass, guitar, sitar)
Anne Gouraud (double bass, vocals)
Xavier Baulleret (guitar)
F. Robert Lloyd (guitar)
Jac Berrocal (trumpet, vocals)
Emiko Ota (percussion, harmonium)
Ménaka de Mahodaya (tambura, dancer)
Frédéric Acquaviva (clarinet, saxophone)

“Another evolution of Urban Sax concept, composed and directed by the visionary composer Gilbert Artman, conceived as a double quintet of talented multi-instrumentalists (featuring Jac Berrocal, Bernard

This is a beautiful reproduction of a top-drawer psychedelic rarity from 1968. Comes with lyric insert and replica vintage press release.

"Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This is a record with few equals, full of foreboding melodies and lovely hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb and trippiest, Eastern sounding fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent -- one is equally..

Great to see this relic from the very early 70s reappear on vinyl and with the original textured sleeve ("...all selections were written and composed by Dashiell Hedayat on Autumn 69...and finally recorded at Strawberry Studio on May 1971. Warning: This record must be played as loud as possible, must be heard as stoned as impossible and thank you everybody.").
Originally released 1971 on the rare and collectable Shandar label, this was the work of French writer Jack-Alain Leger, who released an...

“Formed in 1973 in Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Frob is considered to be a “one-of-a-kind“ band among the alternative German music scene. Straying from the often too melodic and trippy melodic aspirations of the era, Frob also included a French jazz-fusion guitar player named Philippe Caillat in its line-up.
These Four Horsemen will give birth to a self-titled album in 1976, one that is fondly remembered by progheads as a pretty intense and unique piece of music. Indeed, those 8 tracks are mixing a relentless..

"Well written (and very french) symph rock. For this album Booz was helped by three Alice members, bassist Alain Suzan, drummer Alain "Doudou" Weiss and guitarist Paul Semama along with ex-Zoo violin/sax player Michel Ripoche with also Michel Coeuriot on keyboards and William Sheller on piano and arrangements. Starting with a spoken monologue by Booz, the short second track will give an idea for what is going to come with its Zeuhl-ish pounding bass, the dark choirs and the orchestral strings. From this...

“Dominique Blanc-Francard's Ailleurs is trippy and weird... and yet... the songs are catchy and the album rocks out. Fuzzy guitar, chunky drums, weird effects, a thick mix of layers of sound -- all tasty ingredients. Pink Floyd meets T-Rex? It's a terrific recipe, which surely must describe other albums? Even so, we can't think of another album that sounds quite like Ailleurs. Without realizing it, you've probably already listened to Dominique Blanc-Francard's work -- as a sound engineer...

"Arachnoid's only album is an amazing opus from 1978 that combined the strengths of other French symphonic groups like Shylock and Ange into a darkly futuristic and aggressive blend. Another frequent comparison made to Arachnoid is King Crimson, and the band is definitely influenced by that group's mid-period albums. Digital synths seem to abound, in tandem with traditional "prog" instruments like mellotron and organ, though their presence does not detract at all, but are used appropriately to create a...

This is the one and only release, originally on Phillips in 1977, by this French progressive rock quartet. Their music is typical somewhat dark-hued French symphonic / progressive. They are often compared to King Crimson, but I think they only resemble KC in terms of obvious inspiration, but I don’t think they mostly sound like them.
This premier official reissue, taken from master tapes, includes a 15’ live bonus track of the group live in 1976.

"'Odyssee' is the one and only album from....