New Arrivals

New Arrivals
“Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack playing songs from the canon of Duke Ellington is as natural as the break of day. But the gris-gris king interprets Ellington in a way unlike anyone else. "Mood Indigo," arranged for Dr. John's six-man New Orleans group, takes on a fresh, heartfelt immediacy with the good doctor's vocals and piano locked into a relaxed groove. He sings another slice of essential Ellingtonia, "Do Nothing 'til You Hear from Me," with a lighthearted nonchalance that epitomizes the worthiest New...

“From Boston, but light years away from the excesses of the notorious Bosstown sound , Ill Wind are revered as one of America s best late 60s underground bands.
Mixing taut acid rock with gorgeous ballads, and featuring outstanding guitar interplay and the beautiful vocals of Connie Devanney, Flashes is rightly regarded as one of the key artefacts of US psychedelia.
Originally issued in the summer of 1968, and much bootlegged since, Sunbeam is delighted to announce its first proper reissue...

"An excellent set of fuzz guitar-propelled psych / hard rock... nothing short of great"-The Acid Archives

"This tremendous, dynamic album sits proudly atop the heavy psych heap. Savage riffs, throaty vocals, heavy and precise drumming, badass lyrics, woozy studio effects -- all are present and correct."-Endless Trip

“A reissue of Dragonfly's self-titled album, originally issued in October 1968. This deranged blend of acid rock and proto-metal is widely regarded as one of the heaviest...

Go on! You know you can hear Mark E singing the title before you hear a note of this! "A-NEW. FAKS. A-MER-JA!"

This was the final studio release by The Fall. Opinions varied then and now that everyone knows that this was the final studio release by The Fall, even more so. As always!

“The Fall's New Facts Emerge opens with a track that sounds a bit like a mean-spirited parody of the Fall, as an incomprehensible Mark E. Smith spouts gibberish over some random noise hovering in the...

2013 six track CD EP. The words “Mark E. Smith sounds agitated” should lift the hearts of all Fall fans...

“A curious EP, why a quick 6(7) song EP at this point... "Remainderers"? Leftovers? Redux? Hard to imagine that Mark E. Smith had any extra ideas left off the previous album, which seemed padded with "jam" tracks and was weak with more developed songs. I actually liked the jam/improv tracks better than the more fleshed out songs on Re-Mit. Mark E. Smith seemed rather less inspired his last...

“As the '60s drew to a close in a hail of blood and lead, jazz gradually began to close its doors. What had blossomed in the '50s and '60s as young men struggled to raise a music out of the whorehouses of New Orleans and into the concert halls turned into something less and more than it had been.
Musicians like Archie Shepp no longer looked to the future or to what they might borrow from classical forms. Instead, they looked back to the cotton fields, the slave market, and the slum to find their...

One of the most essential and quintessential West Coast (meaning San Francisco) psych bands of the 60s, this is an excellent quality early/prime period release. The sound is quite excellent for what these are and the age that these are - a bit hissy...

"This is a beautifully packaged and thoughtfully programmed compilation of recent live recordings of songs across the span of Jethro Tull's sizeable catalog. Their origins as a blues band with folk leanings made them a welcome alternative to the power...

This isn’t from Cab’s most famous period, which was 8-10 years earler, but Cab was justifiably proud of his band, which was always filled with great musicians, and he continued making great jive and swing as long as he had his regular big band (until the late 40s).

“The Jazztory label's two-volume history covering the more obscure side of Cab Calloway's Orchestra during the 1930s and early '40s concludes with Jiveformation Please, a 50-track collection spanning 1938 to 1941.

Exciting and excitable music from the mid 50s, featuring Johnny’s incredible rawk yelping and some fine guitaring!

“A contemporary of Elvis Presley in the Memphis scene of the mid-'50s, Johnny Burnette played a similar brand of fiery, spare wildman rockabilly.
With his brother Dorsey (on bass) and guitarist Paul Burlison forming his Rock 'n' Roll Trio, he recorded a clutch of singles for Decca in 1956 and 1957 that achieved nothing more than regional success.
Featuring the...

“It seems common now for 'older' bands to re-record their hits, either to allow them to be licensed out and released without having to obtain expensive licenses from the original record label the songs were recorded under.
These re-recordings of old Focus tunes by the current lineup is both energetic and entertaining, whether it's the frantic guitar/flute riffing of the classic Hocus Pocus, the cod-medieval organ riffing of Focus 1 or the slightly funky Sylvia.
The main bone contention is the...

“Recorded live on April 21 and 22, 1987 at CBGB's in New York, this is much more than a live best-of album by the "other" star to emerge from Television. Richard Lloyd has always stood -- undeservedly -- in the shadow of Tom Verlaine, sort of a Gene Clark to Verlaine's Roger McGuinn, and for reasons difficult to fathom, his solo career has never taken off.
Lloyd's and David Leonard's guitar playing is in absolutely top form here, and his voice makes a fine instrument, at least on-stage, whether he's..

“Taking some time off from Yes, Wakeman recorded this album for Cirque Surreal, a travelling circus show that played in cities around the UK that year. Featuring his touring band, it is a mixture of instrumentals and songs featuring the vocals of Chrissie Hammond.”

“When "Return to the Center of the Earth" first came out, it put Rick back in my mind and I wanted to catch up on some of his music. At that time, I saw on AllMusic that Rick had released hundreds of albums...

“Live compilation for one of the 20th Century's most important & influential musicians. Recorded between 1961 & 1965 during several truly memorable European concerts made between 1961 & 1965. The classic performances feature Coltrane in company with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison & Elvin Jones. On three tracks the legendary Eric Dolphy joins the most famous quartet. Includes 'Naima', 'Impressions' & two contrasting & extended performances of the evergreen 'My Favorite Things', plus an awesome 48-minute...

"A sitar-kissed cruise through the gentler side of psychedelia, this flawless gem combines beautiful melodies, thoughtful lyrics and immaculate instrumentation to hypnotic effect. Originally released only in Norway, where it sold in minute numbers in 1...

“Under the direction of Jeff Sanford, the Cartoon Jazz Band has been delighting audiences since 2002. Raymond Scott's music is a part of our DNA, bought in 1941 by Warner Bros. And used to underscore the antics of Daffy and Bugs and more. This music has been covered by numerous tribute bands, and used again and again in commercials, TV shows and modern cartoons, thereby exposing generation after generation to his quirky sensibilities. However, there are few big bands operating today that use Scott's...

OK! It’s not really 100% complete (see below), but there’s a wealth of great stuff and rarities here.

“The title of this boxed set is quite misleading, because Hawkins was a member of Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra for ten years from 1924, and recorded extensively with that outfit. At a conservative estimate, there are some 80 recordings which should have qualified for inclusion, yet not one appears (although his recordings with Fletcher's brother Horace do). Ignoring for a moment the disparity...

The ONJazz is the French National Jazz Orchestra – which varies in size, but is always a big band - who have a revolving cast of artistic directors.
Since they have a revolving cast of directors, the only thing that you can count on is that they will present great players playing frighteningly good, stunningly complex music of electric jazz. That’s a pretty good and safe bet for going in blind, even if you don’t know them.

“With his second program entitled Rituals, the first repertoire of...

The ONJazz is the French National Jazz Orchestra – which varies in size, but is always a big band - who have a revolving cast of artistic directors.
Since they have a revolving cast of directors, the only thing that you can count on is that they will present great players playing frighteningly good, stunningly complex music of electric jazz. That’s a pretty good and safe bet for going in blind, even if you don’t know them.

“For its 30th anniversary, the Orchester National de Jazz has...

The ONJazz is the French National Jazz Orchestra – which varies in size, but is always a big band - who have a revolving cast of artistic directors.
Since they have a revolving cast of directors, the only thing that you can count on is that they will present great players playing frighteningly good, stunningly complex music of electric jazz. That’s a pretty good and safe bet for going in blind, even if you don’t know them.

“A work as impressive as it is majestic.”-Jazz News...

“For their large and growing fan base, the imminent arrival of a new album, particularly one that wasn’t actually expected is something joyfully anticipated but… and let’s say it… our hearts are broken because of the unexpected and tragic passing of David Longdon. Web and print media has seen a torrent of grief, expressed in many ways, telling many stories of this amazing man who was taken from us all too soon. Much has been said, and no doubt will be said… but I feel the best tribute I can give is to...

Tony Malaby - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Ben Monder - Guitar
Michael Formanek - Double Bass
Tom Rainey - Drums

Great, swinging, moderately ‘out’ jazz, with everyone playing their brains out and Monder playing much more aggressively then he often does!

An excellent live recording including a full length version of their ‘novelty hit’ ‘Autobahn’ as well as live versions of tracks from Kraftwerk 2 and Ralf & Florian.

NOTE: All copies have top seam splits. It's not terrible, but it's there!

"The group's first new studio album in eight years. Caravan is one of the darlings of the progressive rock and the 'Canterbury scene', formed in 1968 and blending rock, jazz, folk and classical influences into a warm and distinctive sound. Their previous 14 studio albums and numerous live recordings have seen them attract a large and faithful following and the band toured regularly until the restrictions of the...

"Ozric Tentacles still inhabit that part of the sonic landscape where Gong rub shoulders with Jean-Michel Jarre." The Arts Desk

“Travelling The Great Circle is the new 80-page Hardback Book, offering for the first time, an in-depth view into one of the Ozric Tentacles most intensely creative spells. Containing the first four official studio albums, along with two bonus discs featuring ‘Demos & Rarities’ & ‘Live Underslunky’, all remastered by Ed Wynne, & live at the Fridge, Brixton, 1991 on DVD...

Previously-unreleased recordings from live sessions at the Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium, recorded in 1974, 1979, and 1981. One (generous) side apiece by

[1974] COUM [pre-Throbbing Gristle : Genesis P-Orridge, Paul Woodrow, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Joseph L/R Rose) and Logos Ensemble (Godfried-Willem Raes, Moniek Darge, Luc Houtkamp, and others]

[1974] Feminist Improvising Group [Georgie Born: cello, bass guitar; Lindsay Cooper: bassoon, oboe, sax, flute; Maggie Nichols: voice, piano; Sally.

One of the stone classics of Krautrock and Kosmiche Musik, reissued for the very first time on CD and on vinyl from the original analog masters!

The Cosmic Jokers grew out of the marathon, LSD-rich sessions instigated by Rolf-Urich Kaiser (Kosmiche Musik/Cosmic Couriers) and Timothy Leary that also produced Ash Ra Tempel's "Seven Up".
What this is, essentially, is a 'kraut-rock super session', with Jurgen Dollase, Harald Gosskopf, Manuel Gotsching, Klaus Schulze and Dieter Dierks. So, a...

Great first album by this very cutting-edge NYC jazz/noise/out band consisting of leader Johnny Butler (saxes, electronics), Ryan Snow (trombone), Adam Caine (guitar), Rus Wimbish (bass), Jason Nazary (drums). Excellently recorded by Colin Marston, this captures all the energy and the drive and the squall. Highly recommended!

"Scurvy is a New York-based group lead by composer and saxophonist Johnny Butler. Formed in 2007, Scurvy combines elements of progressive rock, math metal, noise, fusion...

A project focused on improvisation & electronic work. Improvisations are made with electroacoustic devices by the duo K.K. Roll & clarinet & X. Charles.

Paul Dunmall (saxophones)
Paul Rogers (6-string bass)
Tony Bianco (drums)

"A superbly recorded slice of free improvisation from three of the leading exponents of creative music. Recorded at the Jackson lane venue in Highgate, London during a wonderful free improv event organised by the music specialist record shop Sound 323. Seperated into three sections, the performance begins with a performance of Tony Biancos Drone style drumming, followed by Paul Rogers and Paul Dunmall’s exquisite..

Previously completely unknown to me, this is nice, very Italian sounding jazz/rock of its time! Comparable to Perigeo or Napoli Centrale, with more acoustic piano.

“Sourced from the original master tapes and housed in a deluxe gatefold cover. Edition of 500 copies. The Milan based imprint Dialog, returns with the first ever vinyl reissue of Spirale's lone 1974 self-titled LP. Resting at a fascinating juncture between progressive and free jazz, it was years ahead of its time when it first...

Robert's 2007 album finds him on a new, very hip indie label, getting really good pre-release press and with a large cast of musical helpers: Alessandro Fedrigo - Guitar (Bass), Alfonso Santimone - Keyboards, Piano, Annie Whitehead - Horn (Baritone)...

Frédéric L’Epée – guitars, synth, chorus
Laurent James – guitars, chorus
Nico Gomez – bass, chorus
Volodia Brice – drums
Ayşe Cansu Tanrikulu – vocals (1, 5, 6, 9, 12)

French composer and guitarist Frédéric L'Épée formed his first serious band, Shylock, while in his teens and waxed two now highly collectible albums with that formation in the mid 70s; moving on to the guitar-centric combo Philharmonie, who existed

“Each year on October 9th, Abdullah Ibrahim performs a solo piano concert at the Hirzinger Hall in South Germany in order to celebrate his birthday. Due to lockdown restrictions last year, this traditional birthday concert was replaced with the opportunity to record a solo piano performance.
Hirzinger Hall, in Riedering, South East Germany, is famous for it's incredible acoustics, and Ibrahim's solitary performance lends itself perfectly to the space, The recording crew was sparse, the audience...

“Bill Fay has always sung about attempting to understand the most universal questions: those of nature, spirituality, humanity. His songs are "calming hymns for another chaotic time", he says.
Originally released in 2010 by David Tibet (Current 93), Still Some Light was released as a double CD, made up of 70's album demos (Disc One) and 2009 home recordings (Disc Two). Reimagined with new artwork, Dead Oceans is pleased to present Still Some Light Pt. 1, collecting Fay's archival recordings from...

Generous and informative package of the Dutch band's early 70s music.
Tracks 1-1 to 1-16 are singles tracks. Tracks 1-17 to 1-21 are taken from the album Present From Nancy.Tracks 2-1 and 2-2 are taken from the album To The Highest Bidder. Tracks 2-3 to 2-5 are taken from the album Pudding And Gisteren. Tracks 2-6 to 2-8 are taken from the album Iskander. Tracks 2-9 to 2-11 are taken from the album Spiral Staircase.

Jam-packed compilation, tracking Robert's work and including enough rarities/unreleased tracks that even the fan who owns everything will still want this.

"‘Different Every Time (Benign Dictatorships) ’ is a new compilation of the works of Robert Wyatt curated by Robert and biographer Marcus O’Dair. ‘Benign Dictatorships’ brings together the best of Robert’s collaborations and guest appearances, or, as Robert has it, ‘benign dictatorships,’ including some very special oddities and rarities...

Originally released on Rough Trade, this was Robert's first completely solo album; all words and music as well as all instruments were by him. It's also my favorite of all his albums (and I like them all).

"The themes running through the album are of cultural narcissim, snobbery and alienation - issues that are close to Robert's heart and an integral part of his music."

"Originally released in 1975, it highlights Wyatt’s interests in township arrangements and ensemble playing. The result is a set of songs that startles with its rhythmic instinct and shape-shifting composition."

After Ruth, Robert basically retired from music for a few years. When he did get started again, it was on the Rough Trade label, releasing a number of singles that were all rather political in tone, if not directly in nature. These are those singles...

The first 'post-accident' album by Robert is a classic of great songs, great voice, and emotional depth. With excellent performances from Hugh Hopper, Gary Windo, Richard Sinclair, Laurie Allen, Mongezi Feza.

The first 'post-accident' album by Robert is a classic of great songs, great voice, and emotional depth. With excellent performances from Hugh Hopper, Gary Windo, Richard Sinclair, Laurie Allen, Mongezi Feza.

“This is the first volume of the Curved Air Rarities Series. This live album is an hour long version of the song “Propositions” with over a dozen of the improvisations which usually followed now cut together. This album is a must for fans of the band and improvisational music. This album has been painstakingly compiled and produced by Robert Norton.”

“A very interesting idea. In 1970, then Curved Air guitarist/synthesist Francis Monkman wrote Propositions with a long improvised section....

A fantastic archival collection of all previously unreleased early studio and rehearsal (and a few live) recordings featuring the musicians we know as Supersister, but mostly not yet sounding like Supersister; for example, Pinknal Sally sounds shockingly like 1967 Pink Floyd, other than the flute break.
It’s disappointing that the package comes with no info - it makes sense that that is so, since it was released with a book, but since they DID sell it separately, and should have given us a little....

First the bad news: The sound here ranges from bootleg (1969) to pretty good bootleg (1972), so if you are looking for ‘sonics’, you need to look elsewhere, as this is a bit of a disappointment in that are. Having said that, this, captures the original band in ripping form, especially the 1972 stuff, which at times, comes not too far from resembling the intensity of a bluesier 1971-72 Guru Guru.

“An essential rock artefact tracing The Groundhogs from their pre - ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’ blues..

“As the clever title indicates, this six track EP features recordings that were "left over" from the Garden Of The Moon sessions. But it also features some new remixes of older, previously released material.
Only two of the six tracks will be of genuine interest for most fans, as they were not available elsewhere (until the release of the 2CD special edition version of Garden Of The Moon). These two songs are Leaving Stardust and This Is Not America. The latter is a cover of a David Bowie song...

Lana Lane - lead & harmony vocals
Peer Verschuren - guitars
Erik Norlander - keyboards, bass guitar, producer
Ernst Van Ee - drums

“Their previous Lady Macbeth album broke with the band's long standing tradition of opening and closing each album with an instrumental, and on the present album they jump straight into a rocking opening song, suitably entitled Into The Fire. However, somewhat in line with the old tradition, the album is wrapped up with a nearly eight minute long...

John Hébert - bass
Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet
Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Fred Hersch - piano
Ches Smith - drums & percussion

A unique & somewhat surprising assemblage of great talent pay homage to the great composer Charles Mingus while also very much remaining original. A winner (and I am not normally a fan of Mingus tributes).

“Composer and bassist Charles Mingus’s legendary status is undeniable. Tributes to his genius tend to come up short because there isn’t a way to

“Right from the start, it was not meant to be a one-off side project but the beginning of something truly unique and exciting. Their first live album 'Gizmodrome Live', builds on the foundation laid by the band's debut album and allows for even more unpredictable outbursts of creative energy. It perfectly captures their commitment to this band and the pioneering collaboration.
The fervent genius of Stewart Copeland on drums, guitars and vocals, the incredible bass and vocals of Mark King as well...

1. Radio Live Stream [previously unreleased]
2. Trum [aka On Air With Guests]
3. Schack Tati
4. Trends and Other Diseases
5. Thanks For Flying With Us
6. Live with Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra

“Grammy Award winning musical legends Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren are celebrating 40 years of musical companionship this year. “40th Anniversary Box Set” is a 6 CD box featuring a brand new album, accompanied by remastered versions of their previous albums, now also with bonus..