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The second and final of the 'second wave' line-up of 5uus (basically Dave Kerman, Bob Drake and Sanjay Kumar + guests). This is considered by many people to be their best period and I would probably agree.

"Second installment from monster band 5UU's, featuring rock complexity, extraordinary production (by bassist and singer Bob Drake) and high energy precision mixed with eccentric song-writing. People that work this hard are becoming an endangered species. Extraordinary."-Chris Cutler

"Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.
“Taking in the forest atmosphere” became the inspiration for A Hawk and A Hacksaw’s newest album. Their forest bath of choice is the Valle De Oro National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. This new album features ten original compositions by Heather Trost and Jeremy Barnes....

"At this point it is pretty secure to say that A.C.T had established their own personal way to express their ideas.Their QUEEN-meet-ABBA-meet-DREAM THEATER style is fairly grounded on extremely dense and technical musicianship, which surprisingly contains numerous incredible, striking melodies. Elements of Classical Music, Heavy Metal, Rock Opera and cheesy Pop are combined with generosity and intelligence with most of the tracks being pretty short, but sometimes they are tightly connected to form...

Daevid Allen - gliss guitar & vocals
Gilli Smyth - space whisper / vocals
Kawabata Makoto - guitar & voice
Atsushi Tsyuama - bass, whistle & vocals
Josh Pollock - guitar & megaphone voice
Hiroshi Higashi & Cotton Casino - synthesizer & voice

“Absolutely superb listening to be had on 'Live In Tokyo'. Gig was recorded at the Doors Club in in Tokyo, Japan sometime in April, 2004.
Tunes that more than make this disc a keeper are first two minute-long wacky cuts "Gnome 11

"Without a doubt, this is one of the holy grails of the Japanese early seventies lysergic psych scene, together with Speed Glue & Shinki, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers and People/Ceremony.
Privately released in a tiny edition on the Oz Records label way back in 1973, the original artifact was and is till this day the only legitimate recording on vinyl to feature the Rallizes and Acid Seven, in addition to a side each from Minami Masato and the legendary Taj Mahal Travellers.
New double-CD ...

Yes, after something like 40 years, Acqua Fragile return and it's genuinely them; I've heard this and fans of their original albums, as well as 70s Rock Progressivo Italiano will not be disappointed!

"A brand new album by Italian Progressive Rock legends Acqua Fragile. Along with compatriots PFM (for whom Bernard Lanzetti’s stunning vocal prowess graced several classic albums), Acqua Fragile were true progressive rock pioneers in the 1970s.
A New Chant features original members Piero Canavera.

Having earned renown with Miles Davis (including contributions to the landmark Kind Of Blue in 1959), by 1965 Julian "Cannonball" Adderley was well established as one of America's leading jazz saxophonists and composers.
Originally broadcast on WABC-FM's "Portraits In Jazz", this superb set from The Half Note on February 5, 1965 also features his brother (and long-term collaborator) Nat on cornet, future fusion supremo Joe Zawinul on piano, and the brilliant Charles Lloyd on tenor sax.”

This is a collection of most of the 1984 album “Glass Tube”, which was After Dinner’s first album + some other stuff, plus 30’ of live material by this Japanese new music rock band, who predated the current huge interest in all things "Japan".
Characterized by leader Haco's vocals, this is subtly detailed, almost pastel, progressive Japanese music; they don’t sound like ANYBODY else!

“Can't say I've heard anything quite like this. Truly awesome in its presentation, it's hard not to want to...

Neil Campell – classical and electric guitars, keyboards
Marty Snape – acoustic guitars, keyboards, electronics
Roger Gardiner – bass
Viktor Nordberg – drums
Perri Alleyne-Hughes – vocals on 8 & 9
Ian Cantwell & Mark Jones – vocals on 11

“Imagine if the world was almost destroyed and there were just a few survivors left. With the goal of building a new positive world from the wreckage of the past what sort of music would surviving musicians make?
After the Flood is a

Morgan Ågren is one of the great drummers of our time. Best known for his work with Mats/Morgan Band, he's also a fine composer and musical thinker.

Since the mid 2000s, one of his interests have been to combine the intense jazz/rock stylings of the Mats/Morgan's earlier work with more contemporary technology, stylings and sounds (think 'beats' and 'electronica'); while those words might scare some folks reading this away, if you liked the sound of "Thanks For Flying With Us" and "[schack tati]"..

“No, it's not rock, or jazz, blues or funk, or classical. It's...all of them...sort of. I first bought this album in 1976, without having heard a note or read anything about it. I mean, if Jan Akkerman composed and played on it, why would I hesitate? Right? On first listen, I didn't quite know what to make of it. It felt like had just watched some foreign film with a plot that was obviously deeper than what appeared on the surface. The performances were superb and nothing struck me as being predictable....

"One look at that space-age cover art and you know already you're in for a treat! Mexico's Al Universo was formed by Jorge Reyes, who recorded this album of spacey, largely electronic prog rock in 1976 (released in 1979) with Jorge Reyes (Chac Mool fame). Rock with some classical influence, plus blues and jazz; a special sounding progressive rock is the result.
Viajero del Espacio (trans. "Space Traveler") is an extraterrestrial odyssey performed in Spanish that serves up a cosmic cocktail of...

This is a high-quality pirate edition of two never-reissued, very obscure Krautrock rarities, with ties to Can.

"His first two LPs from 1974 and 1976 on one CD, complete and with all original jacket artwork and lyrics. Now performs as Alex...

“Playbax Method
stage one:
certain rhythm tracks copied from mastertape of new york gong lp are cut into various multiples of bar lengths and spliced into loops which are then replayed onto playbax master into organised sequences/loop contructs:
stage two:
construct suggest fresh themes and treatments”

One of Daevid's better 1980's albums (this) was designed with a rich skien of background tapes over which he played live guitar.
I saw the tour he did based around the...

“Double CD of live acoustic gigs with Didier and the all female band; This is in fact a recording of Daevid Allen's Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet during the band's European tour, released under Allen's name only.
These CDs are drawn from two concerts: Daevid's first major gigs in London at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill Gate and in France at Toulon, which was also Daevid's first encounter with Didier Malherbe (Bloomdido Bad de Grasse) since the heady Gong days of '74/'75.
Some of these...

This is a solo album from the period when Daevid was living in Australia and working solo. It was designed around Daevid's guitar and voice and some taped accompaniment from guests; it's also one of the earliest Voiceprint releases...

This is both of two albums that joined Daevid with multi-instrumentalist Kramer.
I saw one of their shows and they worked really great together. Kramer put a little bit of edge into Daevid's whimsy, but it was also really clear that both musicians really liked each others' work, despite the apparent differences in style and approach.
Both of these collaborations are some of the best of Daevid's 90s work, I think.

“This is a luvly cd of Daevid playin gliss guitar, Gilli doin her space whispurrs and Harry ambientizin :} Seriously tho, this a beaut---music to float away with. The CD has snippets of field recordings from the bush in Oz, fused with gliss and whispers. If you liked or heard 22 Meanings, this is fer you. Wonderful music to get off to.”

“Five magnificent tracks, recorded at various times between 1976-98. The two part/two track title cut is a twenty-five minute gem that employs wonderfully....

"Geri Allen's earlier 2006 album, Zodiac Suite: Revisited, a fine effort recorded under the banner of the Mary Lou Williams Collective, celebrated the legendary pianist by rescuing one of her major works from obscurity. On Timeless Portraits and Dreams Allen widens her scope, as she is wont to do, to bridge jazz, spirituals, and classical music. She performs lyrical solo pieces and jazz classics, demonstrates the art of the trio with Miles Davis alumni Ron Carter and Jimmy Cobb, backs the exceptional...

Still a fine album, but the band was reeling from the blow of Duane Allman’s death so soon after the success of Live At The Fillmore East....

“A tribute to the dearly departed Duane, Eat a Peach rambles through two albums, running through a side of new songs, recorded post-Duane, spending a full album on live cuts from the Fillmore East sessions, then offering a round of studio tracks Duane completed before his death. On the first side, they do suggest the mellowness of the Dickey Betts-led...

"File under "Yes." When this version of the band couldn't obtain rights to the name, they put their album out under their combined names, but it's still Yes by any other name. Jon Anderson's tenor wails through spacy lyrics, Rick Wakeman constructs cathedrals of synthesized sound, Steve Howe rips high-pitched guitar leads, and Bill Bruford makes his drums sound like timpani..."-AllMusic

"Laurie Anderson's third proper studio album, coming over five years after 1984's Mister Heartbreak (1986's Home of the Brave was a film soundtrack), is a near-total departure from anything she had done before or, indeed, anything she did after...

This is alternatives and outtakes, etc from around the time of their the first album.

“Andromeda was a psychedelic/progressive rock trio formed by singer-guitarist John Cann (also known as John Du Cann), formerly of the psychedelic garage band the Attack, Mick Hawksworth (bass, vocals), and Ian McClane (drums, vocals).
The group performed in various London venues including Middle Earth and the Marquee Club. Cann's guitar was the dominant instrument, leading listeners through classically...

"Another extraordinary release by Sardinian virtuoso Paolo Angeli, this time featuring compositions by Fred Frith and Bjork – all played solo in real time (though when you hear it, it’s hard to believe it) on his highly customised and extended, electrified, giant Sardinian folk guitar. A tour de force of technique and at the same time highly musical; and there is so much going on here at any given time that it is difficult to relate what your ears tell you to just one Frankenstein instrument. Dense...

"This disc will play in stereo on a CD player and with film and 5.1 surround sound (or stereo) on a DVD player or computer. The music, as always, is prodigious, sounding like a small band, but played by one person in real time (as the film attests). In this format, you can also see the instrument close-to - a highly rebuilt and extended giant Sardinian guitar - with many sympathetic and extra strings, motor driven hurdy gurdy wheels, whirling strings, springs and other appendages, played, like a cello...

Takumi Fukushima – violin, voice
Paolo Angeli – prepared Sardinian guitar, voice
Excellent album of duos; some a bit wild, others, very intimate and - dare I say - beautiful? Remember, Monk wrote a song called "Ugly Beauty"... After the demise of Volapük, I was wondering when I would hear Takumi again and I am happy to hear her here with Paolo who makes an excellent musical partner for her.

"This is Paulo Angeli’s fifth release, this time with ex-After Dinner, ex Volupuk violinist and....

This is a high-quality pirate edition of this never-reissued, very obscure Krautrock rarity.

"From 1971. A very strange 'paycheck' project for Conny Plank and Achim Reichel's Gorilla Musik production company. Wonderland-esque German rock with...

Completely charming album that should appeal to folks who love the more acoustic-based 'avant/progressive-yet-tuneful' stylings of L'Ensemble Raye, Feliu i Joan-Albert, 3 Mice, etc. This has definite Italian as well as South American folk influences...

"After releasing many albums on his own Discus label, Martin Archer finally got a well-deserved chance to introduce his work to a slightly larger audience with Angel High Wires, released by La Cooka Ratcha. This project is a collaboration with poet...

The 3rd album from the band that I consider to be possibly the finest Italian progressive rock band of the 1970's, & certainly a band in the top tier of all early 1970's progressive bands worldwide! Area combined jazz/rock/stolen ethnic music (mostly f...

This is uproarious Bulgarian wedding band music, ala Ivo Papposav, performed by Yasko & his crack outfit of alto sax, accordion, keyboards & drums.
If you've never heard Bulgarian wedding music, at its best, it sounds like polkas in insane, always changing time signatures, performed at speed-core tempo. This stuff simply must be heard to be believed! Terrific fun and unconditionally recommended.

''Yasko Argirov, master of clarinet, is a living legend in Bulgaria, but his fame, because...

"Formed 2005 when husband / wife folk duo of Tim and Julie Cole began recording with longtime friend and maverick experimental electronic composer Martin Archer, working with lyrics provided by Keith Jafrate. Work on the band's album has taken over...

Dagmar Krause-vocals Chris Cutler-drums, electronics Fred Frith-guitars, keyboards, violin, etc.

This was the 3rd and final album by the successor band to Henry Cow. I'm not really sure why (short playing length? the press had gone onto other things to champion? it wasn't released stateside, unlike the first two?) but this one slipped under the radar of a lot of folks, compared to their 1st two.
It's a very bleak, but also a very solid work. And very clever and sly in its own way - who...

Dagmar Krause-vocals
Chris Cutler-drums, electronics
Fred Frith-guitars, keyboards, violin, etc.
This was the 2nd and possibly most successful of the three albums by this immediate offshoot of Henry Cow, as it was recorded AS an Art Bears album (their 1st had been recorded as a Henry Cow album, but half the band objected, so it came out as being by Art Bears).
It’s also their best known album as it was released in the States by The Residents' Ralph label, in the early 80's and at the

“Astral Navigations" is seriously underrated cornerstone album of vintage (1971) psychedelia and acid folk (although this definition is vague, silly and not sufficient).
This album features 2 different bands - "Lightyears Away" (melodic acid folk) and hard rocking "Thundermother". Both bands and this particular album emerged from Musics From Holyground.
Astral Navigations" was a brainchild of larger than life Mike Levon, who produced, recorded and released all albums, and who composed many songs..

This is their first recordings, originally released on cassette and ONLY sold at gigs in 1988/1989 + two previously unreleased tracks from the same era.
Very early ambient dub rave, and probably their furthest out / spaciest stuff. At its most ‘clubby’ it sounds like Chrome Hoof taking itself seriously ,and at its most out, it sounds like a cross between Rainbow Dome Music and Ashra.

“The mysterious ambient-dub and tribal house unit known as Astralasia fits in with other British electro...

Y’know? Given the right luck an breaks, they could have been contenders.....

“The Attack (thanks to an ever growing legion of collectors dedicated to the vibrant sound of mid- to late-'60s Swinging London) have a far larger fan base now than they ever did during their existence. Indeed their unique brand of guitar-heavy, mod-rock qualifies them as one of the finest examples of (the over used term) freakbeat.
The founders Richard Shirman (the only original member to stay with the group...

This tiny label release documents Kevin's shows in California in 1993, 1998 and 2000. The sound ranges from decent (2 tracks) to very good (all the others) and most tracks include a full band, which is interesting to hear, as he has tended to go solo in the last decade or more.
I don't know that Kevin and the band rehearsed a ton together, but it's obvious that they know the tunes and play them with a lot of verve if somewhat loosely. Not one of his essential releases, but a surprisingly good live...

Kevin Ayers / lead vocals, rhythm guitar (5), co-producer
Peter "Ollie" Halsall / guitar, lead vocals (7), voices, producer
Poli Palmer / Fairlight programming
Pat Crumly / flute, saxophone

“This 1986 album represents a bit of a recovery from his previous album (1983's Diamond Jack and the Queen of Pain). Kevin was back in the driver's seat, and the album is stronger than that predecessor.
The album still sits squarely in the 1980s, and is a product of a more...

Their second album. It isn't quite as great as their first because you can't improve upon perfection, but it's still damn great.

"Conventional wisdom has it that all the B-52's' subsequent releases are highly inferior to their debut. While Wild Planet is not the rarefied wonder their first platter is, it's still darn good. The songs here are generally faster, tighter, and punchier than previously, though production values are not as wonderfully quirky and detailed; fewer songs here are as...

“Pitched at the dawn of the American hardcore scene, Bad Brains hit all the fuses at 1000mph and owing to which, had already been banned from numerous clubs in their native Washington D.C. Their appearance at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco in 1982 presented a dub edge although Right Brigade, Destroy Babylon and Big Takeover would ultimately sew the familiar destructive passions of punk together in the set.
There was nothing out there to stop Bad Brains ripping up the rule book of a venomous youth...

Duck Baker is a highly regarded fingerstyle guitarist who is well versed in all the traditions one would expect from a 'fingerstyle guitarist'. But he's also a knowledgeable fan of and performer of free music styles and this is his first-ever release in that idiom. This guy is a master.

"I have played free jazz for over forty years and made records for over thirty, so it might seem strange that this is my recording debut in this style. A few bits and pieces have come out here and there; tracks...

New, digi-pack issue made from the tapes, of this well known group's debut album that isn't the one they are famous for, but is still a good one, for what it is.

"That is a plain warning for everyone out there that this 1970 debut by...

"“Transiberiana” is the first studio album with entirely brand-new songs from Italian progressive rock legend Banco del Mutuo Soccorso since 1994. Formed back in 1969 under the influence from British greats like Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis, ELP and Jethro Tull, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso integrated jazz, folk, classical elements into their sound and created much revered classics like “Darwin!” (1972), “Lo Sono Nato Libero” (1973), which belong to the finest 70’s prog albums of all times as well as “Banco”...

“This new facsimile vinyl edition of “A Curious Feeling” has been remixed from the original master tapes by Nick Davis and Tony Banks. The result is in a more dynamic sounding album, with the vinyl cut prepared at Abbey Road studios.”

“Tony Banks’ first solo album borrowed faint elements of Genesis' early progressive sound, making his debut release the strongest in his catalog. Solid keyboard movements lend themselves to mystic, fantasy-like excursions found in tracks such as "From the Undertow...

"This classic album was first released in June 1983 by Charisma Records and four months prior to the release of the album "Genesis" and began life as a series of home demos and was completed at Genesis' The Farm studio.
"The Fugitive" featured contributions from Daryl Stuermer on guitars, Mo Foster on bass and drummers Steve Gadd, Tony Beard and Andy Duncan and for the first time Tony Banks sang lead vocals on all of the songs.
"The Fugitive" spawned the singles 'This is Love' and ...

Note: While they last, these are autographed copies!

I know that John spent a lot of time thinking about this album and recording a lot of things that did NOT go on this album and you can hear the result of that ‘quality control’ immediately.

'Between the Axiom and the Sigh' is the first new album from Ephemeral Sun keyboardist John Battema in 8 years. Inspired and influenced by sci-fi soundtracks from the late 70's/80's and the keyboard-heavy electronic/prog/rock of the 80's, it..

"Franco Battiato was an Italian pop singer who for a span in the 70s made a string of very experimental albums that fit very roughly in the vein of groups such as Opus Avantra or Pierrot Lunaire.
Battiato on all of these titles (and beyond) set out to create completely new musical forms, and evolved from strange pop and rock realms to systemic and minamalist music before returning to pop music."-Expose/Mike McLatchey.

"Battiato's music can jump from neo classical to Italian progressive rock (somewhere between Sensations Fix and Le Orme) to space rock like Gong and on to bizarre tape collages with narration. It all adds up to a fascinating and innovative album with more humanity than you'd expect from this type of experimentation."-Expose/Mike McLatchey.

For me, this is one of his best.

"Sulle Corde Di Aries was Battiato's third release and showed his fascination for electronic, minimalist and systemic musics. As such, it is quite similar to Pollution except much more electronic based and with a more definitive style. There are also a lot of modern classical strains coming through here and a great spacey feel again reminding me of Sensations Fix or Gong at times. A simply fascinating album."-Expose/Mike McLatchey.