Allen, Daevid - The Death Of Rock and Other Entrances CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This compact disc contains the full version of the 'Death Of Rock' EP, issued on Shangai Records in 1982. The other four tracks are all previously unreleased material."

"A charming poetic hodgepodge this, allowing the Gong shaman Daevid Allen to revel in his whimsical yet witty bardic persona. Disparately drawing on the Beats, Robert Wyatt, Genesis P Orridge and Faust [!], the result is a gorgeous homage - and obituary- to poetry and music. Realised with the help of [Mark] Kramer on piano, William S Burroughs via sampled voice and Elizabeth Middleton adding female voice and occasional piano, Allen concocts and mixes the elements masterfully together. The Burroughs featured track 'You Never Existed At All' is the highlight of this mini-album; Allen continuing the project that Burroughs and Gysin began: creating forms and textures from cut up samples of recorded, then manipulated voice tracks. It's both eerie and mesmerizing, and somehow manages to utilize the seemingly oppositional styles of ambient and industrial. Clever."
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