Zaboitzeff, Thierry - Multiple Distortions: Archives 2005-2016

"The music of Thierry Zaboitzeff cannot be neatly fitted into any existing musical category. On and off one might be tempted by a few bars which indicate a category but soon enough such certainty is shattered.
If Zaboitzeff is in the mood to sound like a child immersed in games, he will. But if he wishes to create a monster through his music, he can and will do so just as well. His music ranges from light and airy to deep and heavy, it is as diverse as life itself. The music accommodates the personality of the musician as well as it accommodates its audience.
It may seem repetitive but his type of music never pales or becomes dull, one wants to hear it over and over again - to start at its beginning once the last sound has faded.
One should take the trouble to look for the inner resonance, for the images the music evokes.
They are of a vast, impressive, even massive quality."
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