Aria Primitiva - Sleep No More

Thierry Zaboitzeff - bass, cello, vocals, sampler, programming
Nadia Ratsimandresy – Ondes Martenot, keyboards
Cécile Thévenot – keyboards, sampler

Aria Primitiva is the new ensemble formed by Thierry Zaboitzeff, the long time co-leader of Art Zoyd.
They call it “electro symphonic art rock”, which it is! It’s also worth saying that the use of the Ondes gives this music a very unique sound, to say the least, but one that still has a lot of musical ties to Art Zoyd.

“As an imaginary crossroads where dense and challenging personal routes meet, Aria Primitiva aggregates trends, aesthetics and references. They have created a unique vocabulary taking the listener into a succession of imagery paths with wisely crafted bends because, in here, nothing remains quiet for long...”
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