Stratus Luna - Stratus Luna CD

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Ricardo Santhiago – guitars / lap steel
Gustavo Santhiago – keyboard / flute
Gabriel Golfetti - bass
Giovanni Lenti - drums

This is a very good instrumental progressive rock release by a very young band (aged between 17-21 years old).

“Our influences range from 70's prog, to classical Hindustani, modern jazz and Brazilian music. While our instrumental sound is complex, it is very accessible.”

“For fans of Gong, Camel, Nektar, Canterbury Sound, Pink Floyd, Grobschnitt, Ash Ra Tempel, Mike Oldfield, Goblin, Ozric Tentacles, Dewa Budjana.”

“Absolutely floored by the debut album of the Brazilian teenage band STRATUS LUNA. Their oldest member is only 21! Faultless playing with lots of dynamics and boldness, their music drinks from various aspects of the overarching progressive rock genre, embracing psychedelic, jazz rock, symphonic rock, and ethnic elements – touching on all styles and seamlessly shifting from one to another as if it’s one organic whole. Vintage keyboards serve as the canvas for some masterfully executed compositions, full of moving ideas while keeping the listener’s interest. Challenging any possible expectations, and ultimately awakening riveting and uplifting sentiments though their way of digesting the musical ideas, these kids have a tremendously bright future ahead of them. Highest recommendation..."-Joel Barrios, Sonic Perspective
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