Metaphor - The Pearl

Jim Anderson - bass
John Mabry - vocals
Greg Miller - drums
Malcolm Smith - guitar
Marc Spooner - keyboards

Old school style progressive rock, influenced most obviously by Gentle Giant and Genesis. Solidly in the style and nicely done.

“Metaphor's 4th release, The Pearl, is full of unexpected twists and turns, changing time signatures, interesting and thought-provoking lyrical excursions, and unusual arrangements. Superb musicianship and creative, quirky compositions make The Pearl a must-have for fans of progressive music!

“Metaphor shows the unique creativity of Gentle Giant, exploring extraordinarily inventive territory..." - Progression

“Epic, fantastic, surreal, enchanting..." - MovimentiProg

"Magnificent and variation-rich symphonic prog rock" - Gothenburg ArtrockSociety)
  • LabelTrope Audio
  • UPC888295852609
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