Pocket Size Stockholm - Immortality

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Peter Pedersen-guitar, compositions
Leo Linberg-Hammond B3 organ
Kristan Brink-saxes
Simon Svard-guitar
Fredrik Olsson-guitar
Lars Ekman-bass
Fredrik Björing-drums

Fourth album from this Swedish progressive/jazz-rock band, with all songs bar one recorded in front of an audience for that extra ‘kick’ you get from a live recording when everything is clicking good and you will be impressed both by how much they ARE clicking!
Very loose and improvised/jammy around small bits of musical concepts and riffs, but with a great flow to all the music. The three guitarists all have distinct styles so it isn’t all just ‘guitar’ and the organ and sax all get a lot of room to shine too. Everyone does, actually!
  • LabelMill Hill
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