Constantine - In Memory Of A Summer Day CD

This is the second album by a Chicago retro acid-folky, whose excellent first album was referred to as “… an acid folk, psychedelic gem that resonates with an early seventies vibe and features a collection of tunes that are memorable, beautifully arranged and played with a passion and beauty that seeps deep within.” This new one is its equal!
This is mostly acoustic based, dreamy folk-psych with gentle male/female singing, acoustic guitars, flutes, Mellotron, piano, tabla, mandolin, sitar, bass and drums.
“Day Of Light, the first album by Chicago musician Constantine, released as a private edition in 2015, took the underground psych-folk scene by storm and it's now a cult album between psychedelic aficionados. In Memory Of A Summer Day is another psychedelic folk-rock gem filled with pastoral tales of adventure, beauty, and sorrow. Recommended for fans of Mark Fry, Shide & Acorn, Trader Horne, Donovan. Come sit beside the riverbank and try to recall the happy summer days...”
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