Witch 'n' Monk - Witch 'n' Monk

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“Blending Latin American flutes, electronics, complex vocal lines with a touch of Frank Zappa lyricism and a radical punk aesthetic, the duo of Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra crafts a dramatically bizarre vocal music from another dimension! Intertwining dark/light, feminine/masculine, composed/improvised and punk/romantic, dreamlike improvisations are sampled, manipulated and reinvented through the lens of contemporary music and pop. You have never heard anything quite like Witch ’n’ Monk!”
Gidon Carmel: Drums
Heidi Heidelberg: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin
Sebastian Rochford: Drums
Nicolas Stocker: Drums
Mauricio Velasierra: Flutes (Quenas, Mozenos, Gaitas And Sikus Pipes), Charango, Vocals
  • LabelTzadik
  • UPC702397781721
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