FuFluns - Spaventapasseri CD

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Simone Cecchini / voice, acoustic guitar
Alfio Costa / Hammond organ, mellotron m400sm, minimoog, Rhodes piano, grand piano and synthesizers
Guglielmo Mariotti / bass, 12 string acoustic guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
Stefano Piazzi / electric and 6 string acoustic guitar
Marco Freddi / drums, percussion

“Formed in May 2009 and boasting current and ex members of notable modern Italian progressive groups such as Il Bacio della Medusa, Taproban, DAAL, The Watch and Prowlers, Fufluns (named after the Etruscan God of nature, health and growth in all things) is led by Medusa frontman Simone Cecchini, and the group perform melodic song-based Italian pieces in a lightly symphonic prog manner fused with gentle traces of the Italian canzone d'autore (singer-songwriter) storytelling tradition and plenty of that pure RPI fire worked in as well. Instrumental passages are frequent, but the tune itself is always the most important facet, and it makes for an interesting and beautifully played debut work full of character and charm.... It boasts strong tunes with easy to enjoy melodies, is sung with great confidence and passion, and the restrained instrumental sophistication around the songs is frequently exquisite. This is a fine debut album, so let's hope Fufluns becomes an ongoing project and we get a second album from them in the near future!”-progarchives
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