Battema, John - Between The Axiom And The Sigh CD

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I know that John spent a lot of time thinking about this album and recording a lot of things that did NOT go on this album and you can hear the result of that ‘quality control’ immediately.

'Between the Axiom and the Sigh' is the first new album from Ephemeral Sun keyboardist John Battema in 8 years. Inspired and influenced by sci-fi soundtracks from the late 70's/80's and the keyboard-heavy electronic/prog/rock of the 80's, it is a deep dive into a rich soundworld both familiar and alien.
Made using a wide variety of analog synths, digital keyboards and modular systems, every song is it's own miniature sonic ecosystem ranging from the driving urgency of 'The Intrepid' and the apocalyptic descent of 'Collapsing Star,' to the the quiet sentiment of 'When She Calls Me Home' and the drifting melancholic beauty of 'Once More Unto the Void.'
'Between the Axiom and the Sigh' is a rewarding listen for fans of progressive electronic music.”

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