Cutler, Chris - There and Back Again Volume 2: On Memory (Mega Blowout Sale)

"Like its companion ‘Twice around the Earth', ‘There and Back Again’ is derived from a selection of the 365 location recordings made for Cutler’s daily Resonance FM radio programme ‘Out of the Blue Radio’ (2004-2005). It takes extracts from 44 of these environmental recordings to explore - amongst other things - the way memory works, and how the experience of passing time is constructed. That’s subtext. More important, it should make enjoyably complex listening: surprising, serendipitous, mundane but alien - the commonplace transfigured. There and Back Again offers an agglomeration of inadvertent sounds, made haphazardly by the world - and some of its inhabitants, that were never meant to survive, and were certainly not meant to be listened to repeatedly. And yet... Since about a quarter of the locations, though not the extracts are the same as those on ‘Twice’, reading across the two CDs adds another dimension of listening to the memory puzzle that these fleeting but permanent works explore."-Chris Cutler
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