Gutman, Pascal - Ed Rehm (Mega Blowout Sale)

Excellent, completely unknown French stick player who has put together an excellent, ECM-ish, mellow, jazz/rock album with a band that includes Alexis Drossos-saxophones, Jean-Marie Gerintes-percussion, harmonica, musicial saw, Jean-Philippe Rykiel-keyboards and Stephane Deschamps-piano. Good playing from everyone; the accent is not on the leader, but on the ensemble. Take a chance and discover something great!!

“The music reflects of the cultural crossroads that his country embodies. Jazz and blues from the west meet strong classical and folk traditions, with a North African wind blowing across the Mediterranean, dusting the music with unexpected harmonies, and English rock artists washing in from the north, (the main keyboard is a Yamaha CP80, so present in Peter Gabriel's music, for example).”-Stick Enterprizes
  • LabelTrois Quatorze
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