Nakatani, Tatsuya / Shane Parish - Interactivity

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SHANE PARISH – nylon string acoustic guitar

Tatsuya Nakatani is an avant-garde percussionist and composer, active internationally since the 1990's; Nakatani tours extensively, performing over 150 concerts a year. He teaches master classes and lectures at universities and music conservatories around the world.
Originally from Japan, he makes his home in the desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Nakatani creates his distinctive music centered around his adapted bowed gong, in consort with his hand-carved Kobo Bow and supported by an array of drums, cymbals, and singing bowls. Within this contemporary work, one can still recognize the dramatic pacing, formal elegance and space (‘ma') felt in traditional Japanese music.
Shane Parish is a guitarist from Asheville, North Carolina, who is known for his work fronting the electric and aggressive, avant-technical duo Ahleuchatistas, who mix influences of jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde, and experimental to create a unique sound and who have toured internationally and have released 8 albums. Additionally, he is simultaneously known for his dexterous, finger-style acoustic guitar work, informed by Americana masters such as Fahey and Basho but also reflecting his own wide range of musical interests as well as his continuing study of folksongs from all over the world.
Interactivity is the second album by the duo. The master percussionist and guitarist have been collaborating for nearly a decade, performing improvised duets in Parish’s hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, whenever Nakatani’s annual world tour brought him through the Appalachian Mountain town. Both musicians are lifers, committed to advancing their respective crafts, and the passage of time has allowed their musical growth to push their collaboration to new heights and possibilities.
Interactivity was recorded in performance at Static Age in late spring, 2018 and finds both players at the top of their game in a live setting, featuring telepathic communication, deep listening, texture, and explosive energy.

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