Bittova, Iva / Dorothea Kellerova - Bartok : 44 Duos For Violins and Voices

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“This recording, first published more than 2 decades ago and not distributed internationally, features Bartok's work for two violins performed by two violinists and singers with deep background in Eastern European Folk Tradition.”

It’s great to see this charming and semi-straight classical and semi-personalized oddball release resurface two decades after we imported a tiny amount from the Czech Republic! Bela Bartok's 44 Duos For Violin, + a few added improvisations that fit in really well by these two!

“Music experts who follow the endlessly surprising musical output of violin improviser and innovator Iva Bittova would agree that one of her most sophisticated recordings has been her treatment of Bela Bartok's 44 Duets for two violins. Obviously, Bittova, who usually makes music on her own, needed a partner for this album. Her choice was a former colleague Dorothea Kellerova - they both studied violin with the same professor.
Only few people were aware that even back then Kellerova had her own band, with the strange name "Quakvarteto", which over the years has grown into 6-member setup. They love to move between musical styles with a witty smile, mixing piano and violin with woodwind, tuba and vocals. They recently released a new album - an adaptation of Children's Songs by Chick Corea.

Dorothea still remembers when she heard one of the first of Iva Bittova's concerts.
"That would be around 1984, when she still played with Pavel Fajt. I was both shocked and fascinated by her music. Also, during her performance I heard one of Chick Corea's Children's Songs. She made her own arrangement: she sung the left hand part, while she played on her violin the right hand part."-Radio Prague International
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