J.E.T. - Fede Speranza Carita (expanded / mini-lp sleeve)

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J.E.T. were an Italian ‘one and done’ high dollar rarity that often left listeners disappointed after finding (and paying for) one! Why? Because it isn’t a symphonic prog album, instead it’s a progressive hard rock album very much reflecting the good UK progressive hard rock albums of those times (especially Uriah Heep).
If you approach it with the understanding that this is what it is, you’ll really enjoy it.

"This is another one of those early (1972) hidden gems from Italy. For me the vocals are the best attribute of this band. Strong vocals in the Italian tradition with some very aggressive guitar at times. Organ, bass and drums all play a key roll in what they were trying to accomplish.
"Fede, Speranza,Carita" is kind of cool the way it opens with organ, samples then spoken words. Guitar after 1 1/2 minutes as bass, drums and organ all follow. Vocals before 2 1/2 minutes. I like the instrumental interlude that follows, although the vocals are so good when they return after 5 minutes. Bass, drums and guitar are all outstanding ! Piano 6 1/2 minutes in with vocals returning after 8 minutes. "Il Prete E Il Peccatore" opens with some loud and raw guitar. Drums and organ join in as the tempo shifts. A calm as vocals arrive after 2 minutes. Nice bass before 3 1/2 minutes as vocals get passionate. Sounds like mellotron, or string synths a minute later. The organ is fantastic, then the tempo picks up with piano. Vocals are back ! "Ce Chi Non Ha" is mostly acoustic guitar, fragile vocals and those string synths? before the sound get fuller before 2 1/2 minutes in thankfully.
"Sinfonia Per Un Re" is much better as we get some explosive guitar and organ to open. Vocals a minute in. It calms down with some cello 1 1/2 minutes in. Love the organ that follows. Vocals are back before 5 1/2 minutes. Guitar and organ that follow are absolute highlights ! Vocals are back after 7 minutes. "Sfogo" is uptempo with piano as vocals join in. Great sound. Nice drumming as well. The organ comes ripping in before 2 minutes. The vocal style on this one is a lot of fun. "Gloria Glioria" is more commercial sounding. It's catchy with some synth strings? This one is all about the vocals. "Guarda Col Tuoi Occhi" features acoustic guitar and vocals to opens as it's fairly mellow. It starts to get more passionate and we get some raw guitar 2 minutes in. Some backing vocals too in this one.
I like this one a lot, especially the vocals, guitar and organ. Some variety here as well."-ProgArchives
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