Syndone - Melapesante (expanded / remastered / mini-lp sleeve)

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This is an expanded (one bonus song), remastered, deluxe-sleeve, re-edition of Syndone's 2010 third album, and their come-back, as their first two albums were both issued in the early 1990s!

The group as featured here is
Nik Comoglio : piano, Hammond, Moog, keyboards
Federico Marchesano : electric bass & double bass
Francesco Pinetti : vibraphone, symphonic timpani
Paolo Rigotto : drums, percussion
Riccardo Ruggeri : vocals

"Italian band Syndone is the project and creative vehicle of composer and keyboardist Nik Comoglio. Formed in 1990 and disbanded three years later, following the production and release of the albums "Spleen" in 1992 and "Inca" in 1993. 17 years later Syndone is once more a going concern, and the first chapter in this band's second lease on life arrived late in 2010.

While not quite meriting a pure perfection grade from me, Syndone's comeback album is an inventive, high quality production through and through, of the kind that should warm the hearts and souls of even the most jaded symphonic art rock fans. In particular those who generally enjoy typical Italian lead vocals and the extensive use of traditional classical symphonic instruments. A strong production and one likely to be regarded as among the best albums of the genre released in 2010."-progarchives
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