Blue Ship - The Executioner's Lover 2 x CDs

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"AltrOck is glad to announce the release of “The Executioner’s Lover”, the first album of the Scottish ensemble, The Blue Ship.

As they define themselves “The Blue Ship is a fluctuating and amorphous musical organism, born out of the blood and toil of wrecked dreams and the hope… which some might call ‘unkillable’”. Too atonal for pop, too catchy for the avant-guarde, too vulgar for the classical elite, too highbrow for punks, too intelligent for idiots, too idiotic for intellectuals, the Blue Ship defies classification, belief and YOU.

The band consists of
Paul Napier (Vocals/Guitar/Piano)
Ross Fleming (Accordion)
Simon Cottrell (Bass)
Aaron McGregor (Violin)
Daniel Paterson (Violin)
Stuart Brown (Percussion)
Robert Henderson (Trumpet)

The style of the band, clearly inspired by chamber music, makes this work a sort of theatrical representation that reminds Kurt Weil’s “The threepenny Opera“ and the cabaret scenes of those years. The continuous melodic variations and, above all, the expressive vocal interpretation of the singer are the most evident affinities with it.

The music is mainly, but not only, acoustic (strings, especially violin, over all).

The result of this work is an adventurous listening in which avant-garde, contemporary classic music and eclectic rock meet in a very original blend."
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