Reve General - Howl CD

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Long-time Waysiders are aware of the great, under-acknowledged work of Guigou Chenevier, both as bandleader, composer and drummer, for his great work with such ensembles as Etron Fou Leloublan, Volapuk and a string of fine solo works under his own name.

Reve General is his latest project, which includes 75% of Volapuk + the band Metamorphosis.

Notice that the line-up is two violins, two cellos, two guitars and drums, which is, obviously, a very unique sound. AND it was recorded live, which makes it doubly impressive, especially as a debut.

If you loved Volapuk, you'll love this. It's really as simple as that; this is a great one and it is highly recommended.

Takumi Fukushima (violin, vocals), Guillaume Saurel (cello, vocals), Christoph Pajer (violin, vocals), Jan Kavan (cello), Richard Deutsch (guitar, vocals, mixing), Martin Alacam (guitar) and Guigou Chenevier (drums).
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