Frith, Fred - Field Days (The Amanda Loops)

"14 pieces originally written for dance and other practical situations, here reassigned and reconstructed for choreographer Amanda Miller and the Nederland Dans Theater. These are loop-based, textural, mood pieces, and invocations of spaces and landscapes, with some fine steel guitar playing. Mostly this is Fred multi-instrumenting, with pianist Daan Vanderwalle, percussionist Willie Wynant, saxophonist Lotte Anker, the Arte Sax and Arditti Quartets, Kiku Day (playing occasional shakuhachi), and violinist/nykelharpist Karla Kihlstedt. Hit from the show: Desert Sundown. Field Days is an exploration of the past--in this case Fred's past as a composer of music for dance. Using music originally composed for choreographer Amanda Miller, and working with her and long-time studio collaborator Myles Boisen, Fred created a vast number of loops of all shapes and sizes, and used them as the setting for additional material that was also largely drawn from pre-existing recordings of other works. Fred then added bottleneck guitar to some of the pieces to provide a certain sonic continuity."
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