Altrock Chamber Quartet - Sonata Islands Goes RIO

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This is a chamber quartet of violin, cello, bass clarinet/clarinet and flute/piccolo (a pianist appears on one track) with transcriptions mostly by Giovanni Venosta (of Musci/Venosta) of music by 'classic' rock in opposition figures such as Thinking Plague, Univers Zero and Fred Frith, as well as contemporary/RIO-influenced Italian composers (from Yugen, among others): Massimo Giuntoli, Francesco Zago, Emilio Galante, Tiziano Popoli and Stefano Zorzanello.

"Bound to become a milestone in the story of Rock in Opposition, this cd documents the evolution and different voices of the movement: Frith, Zorzanello, Popoli, Giuntoli, Univers Zero, Yugen. The quartet (flute, clarinet, cello and violin) guided by Emilio Galante is amazingly tight and brilliant, and shows endless sound resources. The real essence of 'alt-rock'.

References: Julverne, Univers Zero, Aranis"
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