Subtilior - Absence Upon A Ground

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Subtilior is led by the leader of Areknames, who are one of the very best contemporary Italian progressive rock groups. With Subtilior, he is still working in progressive rock, but he's shifted his focus here strongly towards avant progressive. The 'references' say Art Zoyd and Univers Zero, but this is more classical than UZ and less strident than AZ and might actually represent a comfortable meeting ground for progressive rock fans to taste something a bit further out (in a similar sense to what Yugen do). Nice instrumentation: piano, Hammond organ, violin, reeds, cello, guitar, bass, drums.

"Subtilior’s deus ex machina is Michele Epifani, band leader and keyboard player from Areknames. In Absence Upon A Ground, Epifani dresses the part of the composer above all: deeply influenced by classical contemporary music, he finds both an expressive and intricate way to build up an unquiet mood, with rapid changes of sonic scenario. Remarkable arrangements, with electric and acoustic instruments (among the others, Fasoli and Cipollone as guests from Yugen). Darkly fascinating.
References: Art Zoyd, Univers Zero"
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