Opus 1 - Opus 1 (expanded)

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Somewhat surprisingly, Yugoslavia had a pretty good progressive rock scene in the 70s, perhaps second only to Czechoslovakia or certainly third after Poland in terms of Eastern bloc countries!

As my pal Ken notes, possibly because the repressive regimes of the Soviet bloc made it so hard for music from outside of the bloc to be heard, it meant that their sound was always several years behind what was happening in Western Europe in terms of the sounds of the bands.

What this means, is that the best years of progressive rock came about five years later in Yugoslavia than in England, and that the influence of psychedelia lasted longer into the 70s.

This excellent, really obscure and forgotten 'one and done' Yugoslavian band is a case in point. A keyboard trio with a dedicated vocalist, this quartet was led by organist Miodrag Okrugic and also featured bass and drums.

This is great, keyboard-dominated heavy progressive, with excellent vocals by Dusan Prelevic. You can hear obvious ties to bands like The Nice, Procol Harum and, most obviously, early Atomic Rooster. Really great if you dig that sound.
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