Dure-Mere - Sangre

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This is a bargain price for an hour of music by a noisy-yet-charming and oh-so-French (meant completely seriously and in a positive way) trio consisting of:
Maximiliano D'Ambrosio : Bandonéon, Charango, "Mr Mgoo" (DIY Synths), keyboards, compositions
Damien Mehdi Issaad : Drums
Yoan "Jako" Jacquot / Guitar, voice
There's some wonderful tunes on the bandoneon, and the guitar alternates between adding counter melodies or a bit of skronk and great rhythmic propolsion. Maybe comparable to a cross between 2/3rds DAAU and 1/3rd duo Ahleuchatistas. This is inexpensive and charming; I loved it. Highly recommended. Nicely colorful and weird sleeve!
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