Five Storey Ensemble - Not That City

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Rational Diet were a chamber rock/RIO-styled band from Belarus, who released 3 very well liked albums on the AltrOck label. They seem to have imploded somewhat nastily, with the result being two bands arising from the ashes: Five-Storey Ensemble and Archestra.

This is the debut release by Five-Storey Ensemble and the sound very much builds on and continues the work of Rational Diet. The group is a nonet and includes flute, accordion, keyboards, bassoon, oboe, guitar, violin, clarinet, double bass, percussion. Really, this is quite extra-ordinary and stunning. You like Aranis, Julverne, Rational Diet, Univers Zero, etc? Highly recommended!

"After Rational Diet’s experience, Five Storey Ensemble is born! Several members of the band from Belarus – they shocked the avant-prog world with At Work and On Phenomena and Existences – take part to the project. In an extended line-up, the style of Vitaly Appow and Olga Podgaiskaya, among the main RD composers, is well recognizable. So Not That City is the natural prosecution of a well established course, yet now more spontaneous, melodic, aching: the listener will be surprised by these sound alchemies, able to crystallize the moment, making it magic."

Here is a very striking live rehearsal, so you can see how good they are!

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