Zwarg, Itibere - Identidade

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In 1999 Itibere Zwarg, Hermto Pascoal’s long-time bass player, founded the Itibere Orquestra Famiília, a very large ensemble that was formed in his workshops for young musicians. A decade later, 8 musicians remained, and the group were re-named as Itiberê Zwarg & Grupo, who have recorded this, his latest CD.

Each of the 8 musicians plays at least 2 instruments, that allows Itibere to expand his composing skills to a larger number of instrumentals than you would normally expect from a 'mid-sized' combo. Instrumentation includes bass, piano, keyboards, sanfona, drums, percussion, violin, trumpet, voice, and most play saxes and flutes. The music is as adventurous, complex and wonderful as Hermto’s, however, the wider variety of instruments brings new color and orchestral possibilities. This is just an outstanding album!
  • UPC7898945569224
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