Zwarg, Itibere - Intuitivo

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“Itiberê Zwarg is a composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and he has been Hermeto Pascoal's bass player since mid 1970's.
He has his own group and releases, and he very recently released Intuitivo, with 14 new compositions, exploring all the secrets that he learned apprenticing with ‘The Wizard’, in the field of harmony, rhythms, melody and, of course, creativity.
Although, most of the music is composed, Itiberê has learned his lessons with Hermeto and gives great liberty to his musicians to explore the framework he sets out to their best abilities.
Itiberê plays bass, piano and tuba, and is joined by three other musicians playing lots of differt kinds of flutes and saxes plus, piano, drums, bass, guitar, and etc etc etc.
This is typical Universal Music of the kind invented / pioneered by Hermeto, and Itiberê is the greatest of Hermeto's apprentices. Like the wizard, he combines fun with very challenging music. This CD is just great.”
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