Kaiser, Henry / Ed Pettersen - We Call All Times Soon

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“Featuring Henry Kaiser and Ed Pettersen on guitars. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been checking out a variety of guitarists, both live and on record, realizing how different each and every one of them are and how incredible they can be. Check out this list: Nels Cline, Joe Morris, John Schott and Will Bernard (live at either Stone’s), Nicola Hein & Nico Soffiato (here at DMG) and Derek Bailey, Ben Monder (on Dan Weiss ' new CD), Mary Halvorson & Alexander Noice (on CD’s). Each guitarist sounds unique and brings something new to whatever situation they are involved in. West Coast guitarist Henry Kaiser is one of the most diverse, ambitious and prolific musicians we know of, having released some two dozen discs in the past few years: a few solo discs and numerous discs with varying music partners. Mr Kaiser has a way of discovering under-recognized guitarists from around the world and then reaching out to collaborate with many of them. I knew almost nothing about Ed Pettersen, a Long Island born guitarist who now lives in Nashville and is a successful (Grammy nominated) songwriter. The only recordings I had heard previously with Mr. Pettersen’s playing were a record with Giuseppi Logan and an ESP concept record called ‘Happening’. When Mr. Kaiser first mentioned this disc to me (last month), he said it is amongst his most challenging duo offerings. He wasn’t kidding. Although, the first thing we hear what sounds like acoustic guitar, there are several layers going on simultaneously. Mr. Pettersen plays slide guitar, not in a blues-like way, but bending or sliding his notes one at a time. Both guitars play brittle, intense, sweeping, swirls and fractures. The effect is often most disorienting, yet there is a good deal of common ground or a bent sort-of bond which is difficult to describe. The music here is actually beyond or in between categories, drawing from free, jazz and folk musics, but not just any one genre style. I hear bits of the blues amongst the more noisy improvisations. It sounds as if there are several ghosts wandering around with some intense eruptions which are difficult to predict yet makes some sense in ways I can’t quite explain. Most self=produced CD’s by Mr. Kaiser are upwards of 70 to 80 minutes long. This is is just over 40 minutes yet feels long enough to have created a new world which is mesmerizing and just long enough to transport us somewhere else. Only for the brave of heart and sound of mind, otherwise you will end up in that quicksand you have been trying to avoid.”-Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
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