Feder, Janet / Fred Frith - Ironic Universe CD + DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Janet is a great, great, classically trained guitarist who plays a unique, personal music, usually for solo and/or prepared solo guitar. She's been quietly working for a long time and this, her third release, recorded with the equally great, great (but better, better known) Fred Frith will bring her a lot more attention, which she fully deserves.
Having had a rare chance to see her perform in the East (she opened up for Boud Deun at one of their final shows in 1998), the fact that the public at large will be able to see what she's doing on the DVD will also really help get her music across, so let's hope that this is the breakthrough release she deserves.

“...strong and clear. Her musical vision is totally original”-Guitar Player Magazine

“...breathes new life into the acoustic guitar repertoire”-BBC

“Feder finds her own fascinating midpoint between avant-garde and primal picking”-Sunday London Times

"On these discs, Denver-based acoustic guitarist Janet Feder furthers her exploration on the instrument, and teams up with another of the world’s most respected guitarists, Mr. Fred Frith.
The addition of Fred’s mostly electric guitar work adds new scope and depth to her compositions, which are exceedingly rife with extended techniques, appurtenances attached to the strings, and virtuosic finger picking.
A whole gamut of strange techniques, musical strategies, beautiful tunings and ambiences are employed; The outcome is sure bliss for fans of modern, instrumental music.
Part avant-garde, part classical, part folk, in fairly equal proportions, this approach has never before been attempted with such striking success.
The DVD portion is separated into 2 segments: Janet’s videos were beautifully shot and edited by Hollywood film-maker David Quinn, in a professional studio as she played live. Each track is presented in a different setting to embellish the diverse performances.
Fred’s video is one, longish improvised session from a recent concert in Boulder, Colorado, also professionally filmed and edited by Quinn. Fred abandoned his electric guitar in lieu of his Taylor acoustic for the event, bringing his playing into a new realm, while still managing to put his many toys (bowls, chains, brushes, dowls etc.) to good use.”
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