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This Heat's amazingly good first album, first released in 1979, and consisting of several years worth of creative and hard work, distilled down into 40-some minutes of gripping music. At a time when, except for punk, there wasn't much happening in creative music, This Heat showed that there was another path. Remastered by the group in 2005.

"This Heat, the band, emerged in early 1976 on the leading edge of what became the new wave, but they were always apart, more scary and more subtle.
Known as the most left-field, and at the same time most hard-edged, band in all of England, their concerts attracted experimental, punk and new wave audiences alike. Just a handful of performances made them the band everyone had to see, and every journalist had to interview. And the more we knew, the more enigmatic they became.
The band worked day-in, day-out for years in their own, now legendary, studio in Brixton (Cold Storage - sited in an old industrial meat refrigerator), or they were away somewhere touring abroad. In this hothouse environment, their material evolved and grew, and became increasingly intense; on the one hand more cuttingly simple, on the other more layered and more dense...there are musical innovations here that anticipate genres that would take another 15 years to reappear."
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