Frith, Fred - Accidental (Mega Blowout Sale)

A good performance of music for dance, all performed by Fred (via extensive overdubbing).

"Any new record from Fred Frith, one of the world's leading avant rock guitarists and composers, is a major event. Accidental was commissioned by a British choreographer who lives in Amsterdam, Paul Selwyn Norton, for a dance piece made with the Batsheva Company in Tel Aviv.
For Fred it's a return to basics, a series of deeply contrasting moods achieved with the simplest of means. Throughout the CD, noises of rusty metal, electronic detritus, bits of random radio, improvised cut-up vocals and messed up percussion, suggest an unpredictable and hostile landscape.
Fred describes the motivations behind Accidental: "I'm fascinated by accidents. When I do solo improvisations I think of myself as being in continuous dialogue with the unexpected, and its always dynamic. Do I ignore this, do I embrace it, do I integrate it, do I keep my distance? When making this music I was constantly using random elements like radio tuning and trying to frame them in metric or harmonic structures.’"

“11 new pieces originally composed and recorded for choreographer Paul Selwyn Norton with big guitar, violin, voice, pedals, radios, keyboards, extraneous noises and voices off put together as rhythms, large chords, squeals, harmony .. where accidents are more than welcome. This is Fred with the stops out and the musical intelligence set at want it.”-Chris Cutler
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