Frith, Fred - Middle Of The Moment (Mega Blowout Sale)

"This is a retrospective compendium of Fred's work over the last 17 years, with a lot of new material, perfectly put together and exceptionally listenable start to finish- an enlightening journey. It's my favourite of Fred's works in recent times. Close composition for electric and acoustic resources, tapework, concrete constructions, songs, sound effects and noise-art improvisations."
Guests included:
Iva Bittova, Tom Cora, Jean Derome, Haco, Tim Hodgkinson, Lars Hollmer, Rene Lussier, Bob Ostertag, Zeena Parkins and John Zorn.

"Field recordings of traditional singing and drumming, the jaunty accordion and violin music of a travelling circus troupe, the sounds of trucks, trains, wells, winds, flies, fire, thunder, camels, goats and a jackal are woven into a multi layered, subtly shifting cinematic aural journey. This is Fred's poetic soundtrack CD accompanying the Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel documentary film of the same name. Middle of the Moment is a poetic evocation of nomadism; The filmmakers travelled with the Tuereg people in the Sahara desert, and also experienced the exotic wanderings of Cirque 0, an avant garde circus troupe.
Fred says, “I 'travelled’ through this material, formed my impressions, and created a ‘sound-movie’ from them, using a process analogous to that of editing a film. I’ve never been interested in making a typical film soundtrack record... My idea is more to create a parallel narrative, free to draw on music that wasn’t in the film but was part of the process of making it.''"
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