Milesi, Piero / Daniel Bacalov - La Camera Astratta vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Our second release by Piero Milesi, this is a soundtrack to a ‘video opera’ from 1987, in collaboration with composer Daniel Bacalov.
We are very happy to have a vinyl version of this electronic release made available, in collaboration with Soave Records and Daniel Bacalov, for its 30th anniversary!!

“La Camera Astratta is the result of the amazing collaboration between Piero Milesi e Daniel Bacalov with the experimental theatre-performance of the Studio Azzurro and Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. An idea of immersion in a dimension devoid of gravity, the desire concerning a soft, ethereal, articulated and perfectly interpenetrated reality. It's an evocative ambient sound, with rhythmic cadence, soft and repetitive, full of airiness; the music expresses the scenic aims and investigates and reproduces their sensations, marking the engendering of silences and melting moments of higher performing tension. The general architecture reaches a balanced combination between the whispering power of the voices, the electronic modulations, the rhythmic inserts and the aquatic and biological samples; each of those elements analyze the narrative intention of an almost microcosmic-embryonic exploration of the inner space-body. A creative music work of which the stylistic form proves persuasive for its possible fabulous nocturnal suggestions and for its vibrational quality that concerns psychophysical involvement; a calm meditative experience that invites us to quietness and to the fading union of something that was previously split and broken within us.”
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