Slapp Happy - Sort Of (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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The much wanted & anticipated reissue of Slapp Happy's extremely rare debut from 1972 by Peter Blegvad, Dagmar Krause & Anthony Moore, recorded at Wumme (Faust's studio) with backing by some of Faust (Gunther Wusthoff, Werner "Zappi" Diermaier and Jean-Herve Peron).
The band's charming naiveté was never as pronounced as here. And if hearing these formative recordings wasn't enough, you even get the non lp b-side (Jumping Jonah) of their single as well! Subtle, unlike anything else (especially anything else being done in 1972!) and highly recommended.

"Left-wing intellectual film critic Uwe Nettelbeck, who had good connections to Polydor, had set up his own studio in rural Wumme, disrupting the mainstream with pioneering sounds by the likes of Faust, inventively engineered by the "boffin's boffin", Kurt Graupner. By the time Anthony Moore, one of Nettelbeck's charges, approached his third album in 1972, Polydor's accounting department was fast losing patience with all that experimentalism. So Nettelbeck suggested to Moore that he might write some straight songs (relatively speaking), which in turn prompted Moore to invite his old school friend Peter Blegvad over to Hamburg to form the band Slapp Happy. Dagmar Krause, a young singer from Hamburg and Moore's girlfriend, joined them both on their trip to Wumme to record what was to become Sort Of, using Faust as a backing band."
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