Woof Records - Woof 7 Inches (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Woof was Tim Hodgkinson's label. This release is a pretty big deal, if only for the inclusion of the really, really great "I Do, I Do...I Don’t, I Don’t" EP by Tim and Bill Gilonis, which has been unavailable for over 20 years, was a miserable grotty pressing to begin with, and was Tim's very first post-Cow recordings and the roots of The Work. Not to mention the inclusion of Houdini, one of The Work's greatest...uh...works!

"This CD comprises all four 7” releases by the British underground label Woof Records plus extra tracks by The Work and The Lowest Note. All tracks were originally released on vinyl between 1980 and 1985, but most have never before been issued on CD.
This disk features a who's who of the London art-rock scene from those years (Bill Gilonis, Mick Hobbs, Tim Hodgkinson, Rick Wilson, Andy Bole, Trefor Goronwy to name a few), plus the Belgian expressionist singer, Catherine Jauniaux.”
GILONIS / HODGKINSON - "I Do, I Do...I Don't, I Don't" (e.p.)
THE WORK - "I Hate America" (7") + "Houdini" (from Recommended Records Sampler)
THE LOWEST NOTE - "Lowest Note on the Organ" (7") + "Piggy Bank" (7")
BILLY REBEL ANDY BOLE - 2 From "Ramshackle Pier"
THE LOWEST NOTE - "Naiwabi" (live recording from Ton-Zeit-Ton Festival, Basel, 1985)
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