Palestine, Charlemagne - Strumming Music

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A classic of early American minimalism; this belongs in any collection of people who enjoy that style.

"One of the earliest, almost forgotten pioneers of minimalism, along with La Monte Young & Terry Riley, This reissues a very rare Shandar lp of very personalized piano music. "Unchanging as his music appears to be from the outside, it is constantly renewing it's structure as a natural process."

"...really there are no words that can describe how important this CD could become to you. Palestine, in a feat of almost supernatural endurance, repeats only two notes (?) the whole piece, but alters their sound using the pedals and his attack/rhythm, sustaining an hour long drone that changes perpetually, and beautifully. You may never get past the first thirty minutes - how often do you get to listen to anything for longer than that? - but once you get to twenty minutes you'll be ready to testify that you've only ever listened to one kind of music all your life - strumming music."-Paul Crossley
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