Reichel, Achim - AR5: Autovision (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Producer, composer and musician from Hamburg (Germany), Achim Reichel is a key figure in the explosion of krautrock. Reichel was first a founder member of "The Rattles" at the beginning of the 60's. In 1968 he formed the "Wonderland band" with the drummer Frank Dostal. Late 60's he launched his first solo musical project called A.R and the machines. Musically it provides a supreme sonic musical voyage turned to cycled psychedelic guitar playing with lot of echoes and delay. The first album was published in 1971 in collaboration with Frank Dostal. The album presents an ambitious collection of spacey rock jams featuring a lot of electronic effects and arrangements. This album prefigures "acid" trips of krautrock guitar / minimal electronic explorers like Manuel Gottsching. The guitar freakouts and the weird imagination of the first effort continue to prevail. Reichel decided to abandon the project after 5 studio albums. Today A.R and the machines remains a high class standard of hypnotic space-echo guitar inventions."

Despite their being quite popular at the time, and despite Achim's long history in music, being a big name in the "Beat-era" with The Rattles and then later being a early pioneer of the Krautrock sound, most of his great albums from the 70s have not been reissued and he is mostly a forgotten figure, even in 'out music' circles.

This is a high-quality pirate edition of this never-reissued title by A.R. & Machines, originally from 1974 and the last one of his albums released in the 'cosmic style'.
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