Satoh, Masahiko / Soundbreakers - Amalgamation CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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1971 psych/weirdo/jazz-rock Japanese classic rarity featuring Shungo Sawada (acoustic guitar), Masaoki Terakawa (bass), Louis Haynes (drums), Kimio Mizutani (guitar), Hiro Yanagida (organ), D.D. Dickson (trombone), Jochen Stadt (trombone), Jackie Heimann (trumpet), Peter Davis (trumpet), Sabu Toyozumi (drums), Masahiko Satoh (organ, percussion), Hideaki Sakurai (percussion, drums, vocals), Mototeru Takagi (saxophone, clarinet, woodwind), Kayoko Ishu (scat).

"Face 1 is both groovy, tense, insanely varied...well, it would be prudent to call this "trippy". Someone was having a fair deal of fun in the studio putting that track! There's about 20 great musical ideas exhibited in that magnum opus of a track. And, of the two tracks on this album, that's the "in- sound" of the pair. Face 2 is a blend of free jazz improvization, traditional vocals, tribal percussion, tribal chants and cinematic organ interplay. It's the more peculiar of the two tracks, but I prefer the first a fair bit more. My hope is, one day, this album will truly gets it's due."-RYM

"Number seven on the Japrocksampler Top 50, available again for the first time in over a decade!"

"This preposterous piece of psychedelic avant-jazz sounds like the work of aliens, each with only one foot in our universe. Propelled by cacophonous brassy blasts, volleys of machine-gunning, ecstatically 'Light Fantastic' rhythms and moments of Teo Macero-style 'Mixing Concrète' (during which the whole track becomes consumed by waves of new sound); the result is the most singular mash-up of inappropriate sounds any listener is ever likely to hear. Over two side-long tracks, shaman Masahiko Satoh sends us through a sonic mind-field, baffling our senses and our sense of gravity. Located at the centre of Amalgamation's giddy sessions was the frantic Detroit drumming of hard-bop legend Louis Hayes, whose role it was to play the bubbling ever unfolding fundament on which Masahiko Satoh's whole trip proceeded, as though the rhythm section were a magic carpet magically pulled out from under the feet of the other performers. Over this rhythmic shaking, Satoh scattered Hammond organ around and ring-modulated* his Fender Rhodes piano solos (*Roland built three especially for the record), added lead guitar from 'super session' legend Kimio Mizutani, trumpets and sax from Mototeru Takagi, scat singing from Kayoko Itoh, and strings from the Wehnne Strings Consort."-Japanrocksampler
  • LabelDrone Syndicate
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