Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make a Better You (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Justly famous, often great, sometimes lacklaster, 1971 psych/freak Jap-rock classic with Chito Kawachi (drums), Hiro Yanagida (keyboards), Kimio Mizutani (guitar), Kosuke Ichihara (saxophone, flute), Masaoki Terakawa (bass), Naomi Kawahara (percussion), Takao Naoi (guitar), Toshiaki Yokota (saxophone, flute), Akira Fuse (vocals).

"A Japanese psych rock gem that is worth seeking out. The album has A LOT of variation, goes into separate parts of rocking psych, avant-jazz and classical-sounding stuff. Some of it is highly energetic and rocking, while at the same time there are some peaceful orchestrated passages. Very prominent presence of flutes and saxophones. Unique sounding stuff and ahead of its time."-Lurch/RYM

"Commencing with singer Akira Fuse's goggle-eyed one-day-old-baby innocence, Love Live Life + 1's album opener 'The Question Mark' escorts us through an eighteen-minute free-rock R&B adventure like nothing before or since. Clanking harsher than even the title track of Funkadelic's Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow, and twice as long; cosmic as the Cosmic Joker's Galactic Supermarket, and gnarly as John McLaughlin's out-there-a-minute axe excursions on Miles's 'Right Off'' or his own Devotion solo LP, do these guys fight for their right to party! The mellower second side includes the insanely brilliant eight-minute epic 'Shadows Of My Mind', in which Akira Fuse sings like some drunken Italian baritone, while atonal swooping strings and crazy brass support/undermine him; then it's off into a juggernaut bass-heavy clatter-thon with duel-axe outrage of the highest level. And how about that title track whose catchy bastard licks unashamedly rip Sly's 'I Want To Take You Higher', but still have you singing along with Fuse? The record closes brilliantly with the demented 'Facts About It All', which opens like Fuse laying a grunting 6/8 James Brown/Eric Burdon ballad on us. But no, this miniature R&B opera says in 2 minutes and 56 seconds what prog bands took a whole side to say. All hail visionary genius Ikuzo Orita for uniting his fave guitarist Kimio Mizutani with the errant free-jazz Gibson 335 of Takao Naoi, whose brittle spittle pops permanent wheelies around these slippery rhythm tracks. Also hail Orita for recognizing the genius of these songs of sax player Kei Ichihara, for trusting Akira Fuse's professionalism and open-mindedness, and for seeing this 33-minute-long classic to its unlikely conclusion."-Japanrocksampler
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LOTS of fun here! A long jam on one side of the original album is a heavy rock piece with good changes ,that at one point finds a Japanese "tripper" contemplating on "human being".....and having a freak out over it! "I AM human.....WHAT is being!!???" it's a bit kitchy ....but great in a whole other way too. First time me and my friends heard this we were just floored by it and laughing and having a good time. This one is a fun album that I've come back to many times,....and some of these items are "one listen" deals. This one's a keeper.
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